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What dreams of a dentist for dreaming Longo, Hasse

You had a dream about the most terrible doctor in the world — dentist

If you have sore teeth, then the appearance of this doctor in a dream can be expected, because you probably dream of meeting with him. But how to understand why this doctor dreams, if he appeared in your night vision for no reason?

How does the person’s dream book see in a white coat and medical mask, manipulations with your teeth, medical meticulousness or vice versa, negligence?

What dreams of a dentist for dreaming Longo, Hasse

General interpretation of this dental sleep

  • Seeing a dentist is often possible in a nightmare … But after catching your breath after it, calm down and sleep peacefully on. As a rule, such dreams do not bear unduly negative «semantic load», interpreters often see them as a good omen.
  • To get to the dental clinic — to noticeable changes in your life. And the interpretation of sleep depends on the feelings that you experienced. Yes, if nothing hurt you, and you looked in there just in case (for prevention), the changes will be positive; if you have suffered pain, life will shock you with something unpleasant.
  • If in a dream you were not going to the dentist, but someone from your acquaintances — “in real life” you think that this friend “happened suddenly” and you would like to check it carefully.
  • After a successful reception, you thanked the specialist, and even kissed him in the end? A dream says: reconciliation with a person with whom you have a “cold war” in a relationship is waiting for you.

What did the doctor do?

  • Did he examine you, voicing his diagnosis? What did he say? If you were optimistic, behaved professionally — soon your wallet will be replenished. If he said that your teeth are in a deplorable state, it is to the detriment.
  • He shouted at you, was rude? Sleep foreshadows problems at work, or family quarrels.
  • What dreams of a dentist who has safely cured your flux (boil)? Soon, luck will smile to you — grab this chance with both hands!
  • Drilled your rotten, aching tooth: so as not to be in a mess, think well about who you are secret, and do not be too frank with people who are almost strangers to you.
  • Did he drill a healthy tooth? An event will happen in your life that will divide it into “before” and “after”. Maybe you will have a firstborn, or you will move.
  • Did the dentist have blood on your hands during the treatment of your teeth? Sleep warns of illness. Check, if you feel unwell — the sooner you find the disease, the sooner you get rid of it.
  • He cleaned your teeth (and you well saw this procedure, say, in the mirror) — your “friends” can use you. Do not be too trusting, so that later you do not have to “lick” the spiritual wounds.
  • Have you inserted an artificial tooth? Soon, fate will test you for strength. If you set yourself a big goal right now, you will have to “turn on” all your assertiveness and endurance in order to achieve it.

Or maybe he did not accept you, or turned out to be a crook?

  • Your teeth ached terribly, but the villain-doctor refused to treat you? In real life, you will find disappointment.
  • In the dream, you pounded at the door of the dentist’s office, but you didn’t open it? Your subconscious speaks of problems that you have to deal with yourself because there is no strong hand of a friend or a loved one nearby. In general, this dream is about your helplessness.
  • He stripped you like a sticky, and the tooth is not cured? Dentist quack dreams of big «nerves», as well as anxiety.

In the dream, did you treat your teeth yourself?

What dreams of a dentist for dreaming Longo, Hasse

  • Seeing yourself as a dentist, and even conducting a reception is not a good dream. Someone from the home (or employee) will throw you a most unpleasant scandal.
  • But to see yourself as a doctor, for every movement of which the visitor observes — this is already a good dream. He promises a trip, and a pleasant one. Maybe it will even be a business trip that will bring you a lot of “profits”.
  • In a dream, you tried to remove a stone from a person’s teeth, and suddenly he comes back, and the stone is in place: “in real life” someone relies on you, and you are not sure that you can help.

And how do authors of popular dream writers see the appearance of a doctor?

At the end we collected excerpts from three very ambiguous books. One was written by a medium, the second by a white magician, and the third by a psychoanalyst.

Will these called-up, but such “multi-profile” interpreters of dreams converge?

Dream interpretation Hasse

  1. A dentist in a dream is a sign: you need to “reboot”, or more simply, rest.
  2. If during the treatment procedure you experienced hellish pain, the subconscious mind reminds you: it is better to treat the disease at the developmental stage, and not at the acute stage. And even better — do not save on prevention.
  3. Being a dentist in a dream: you will soon be lucky.

Dreamy longo

What dreams of a dentist for dreaming Longo, Hasse

  1. Did the dentist treat your teeth? Wait for a change in life. And they will be from the opera: a person plans, and God laughs at these plans.
  2. Did you “dream” of yourself as a dentist who removes bad teeth from your acquaintances, relatives? The dream says: in fact, you love them, even though they hurt them with ill-considered actions.
  3. Have you seen a dentist and feared him to horror? In real life, you have been tortured by a certain phobia.
  4. It hurt you, but you endured everything to the end? «Including» the same patience in real life, you will achieve a lot.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. According to this dream book, the dentist, to whom the dreamer has come to the reception, dreams as a manifestation of strong fear. It is possible that this fear of an intimate nature (for example, a man is afraid to be dishonored, thinking that his relatives will learn about his very savory tastes in bed).
  2. If in a dream the doctor is going to pull out a man’s teeth, the dream says that in reality this man is very afraid of losing his masculine strength.
  3. The same dream, but seen by a woman (the doctor will tear loose teeth), says something else: the lady “plays pranks”, getting carried away by self-satisfaction. And these games like her even more than the embrace of her lover.

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