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What dreams of a dead man in a coffin: interpretation by dream books

During sleep, the brain produces the strangest images, over which you can then think long. Often a person dreams of one of the departed: a relative or just an acquaintance.

Such a dream does not bear positive associations, so after waking up the dreamer immediately thinks about what the seen can mean. In fact, many see the deceased in a dream. It is important to know that there are completely different interpretations.

The very significance of such visions is not very favorable, but these signs will come true or not, you need to check for the dream books.

When a dead man dreams of a coffin, this may portend the most diverse events in the life of the dreamer. It is important to remember what actions the sleeper performed on the deceased, who was in the coffin where the dream action took place.

What dreams of a dead man in a coffin: interpretation by dream books

A bad sign is the transfer of your belongings to the deceased, if he returns them, then it is not so bad, but if he takes them to the grave, then he needs to take care of his health, serious diseases can occur.

A good sign will be if these things are taken by the dead from among their close relatives, for example, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather. Most often through these things they want to take away some kind of suffering and misfortune.

Therefore, changes in life are expected to be very positive.

What dreams of a dead man in a coffin: interpretation by dream books

Strange as it may sound and did not look, but to have intimate contact with the deceased is a very good dream. The dreamer will now be lucky.

Special success and high achievements are expected with such a plot development, when a revived woman begins to seduce.

What dreams of a dead man in a coffin: interpretation by dream books

The funeral procession in a dream promises the most different events in real life. Changes are expected, but in which direction it depends on the environment in which the action takes place.

If it is a sunny, bright day, then nothing bad will happen. But if the situation is completely unfavorable, then positive changes should not be expected.

If you have to carry the coffin yourself, then the dreamer prepares a betrayal that will negatively affect the life of another person. Therefore, you need to think about the correctness of their actions and their consequences, weigh everything and choose another way.

Familiar people who are living in a coffin, portend only positive changes. This is especially favorable for the one who dreamed, he will live happily ever after. But for the dreamer, too, there is a benefit — this person in life will support and help in difficult times.

If there are difficulties, you need to contact him.

It is also worth looking at the coffin itself, if it is iron or upholstered in red fabric, then the dreamer is offended by something. Perhaps, it seems to be imperceptible, and the subconscious mind says the opposite, but somewhere an insult lurks, later it will grow into serious disagreements, so you should think about it.

The dream, where the sleeper himself is in the tomb, is extremely favorable. If in life there are problems or a black bar, then now you can get rid of all this.

A period of well-being will come. Well, if the dreamer rises from the grave. This means that now comes a new stage of life, a change of lifestyle.

Attention will focus on things that can make these changes. It is worth taking advantage of all these proposals, then success will definitely come.

Fateful meetings, dates and other pleasant developments are not excluded.

A dream can shake trust, where the sleeper makes a fall into the coffin or climbs there himself, then you need to check your surroundings. The trap can be set up by any person to whom it is beneficial, at least, in order to entertain his self-esteem.

So to eliminate the threat, you need to reduce communication and figure out who is the source of trouble.

An alien stranger lying in a coffin foreshadows good events. For example, guests are expected who have not been in the house for a long time, but they remain welcome, it can be close relatives or friends.

Or if you have long wanted to buy some thing, the purchase will happen much faster than expected.

If a dead man in a coffin is in a church, this means that the planned marriage will not be the most successful. If marriage is planned in the near future, it is worth thinking about what kind of person the future spouse is and whether he will bring unhappiness. Perhaps this is a sign just to postpone the date, increasing the period of reflection.

Events can occur that replace the attitude towards this person.

It may also be just a sign of the subconscious, which is not at all sure of the correctness of the choice made. It is quite difficult to deceive oneself, but in the everyday course of life there is no possibility to weigh everything for a long time, decisions are made without hesitation, in order not to commit self-deception, it is necessary to postpone the wedding.

If you can see in detail that the corpse is at home, then this foreshadows trouble. In the house there will be not only serious disagreements, but also aggressive actions.

And dream books converge in the cause of these events — excessive drunkenness of one of the living.

The treatment depends on the actions that were carried out by the dead: talked, came to life, rose from the grave, or simply opened his eyes. All these details need to be considered in order to correctly interpret the message.

When the dead man opens his eyes, he wants to remind of the past. If some situation does not get out of my head for a long time or is not solved, then in the near future it will be possible to figure it out.

These events will soon become simply unimportant. A completely different option is also possible: the past will return in the form of some of the already forgotten people.

Often the dead try to say something, if the speech is articulate, it needs to be remembered. It is not known whether these words are produced by the subconscious or they are sent from the other world, but if this is a request or advice, then they should be followed.

It is not good if there is a proposal to follow the grave together, this means the emergence of diseases, and not necessarily too serious, but long, it will be quite difficult to get rid of them.

A dead person may not quite come to life, not move, but some signs of life can be recognized. For example, strange noises are heard, and even shouts, the veil may begin to rise or descend to the feet. There are a lot of options for the development of events, but if they unfold in the house of the one who dreams of it, then trouble will come.

If the coffin is somewhere in an unknown place, then this foreshadows the imminent demise of someone from close relatives.

This is a favorable development. Such a dream foreshadows material gain.

Perhaps a quick promotion, salary increase or return of already forgotten debts.

If you believe most dream books, then it all comes down to profits. If a dead man in the coffin goes with the flow, then this is a favorable dream — a big cash jackpot is expected.

The deceased, being in a dream, pass on their karma. If the one who had a dream had a high financial position during his life, then we can expect a lot of wealth to come.

If the deceased lived in poverty, then there may be trouble in the material sphere.

It is necessary to restore the memory and movement of the deceased. If he is lying in a coffin and starts crying, then quarrels and scandals are expected. And if he looks straight at the dreamer for a long time, then it promises trouble.

Also, a dream symbolizes the inner emptiness of the sleeper.

Close relatives (parents, sister or brother) in a dream are a warning sign, because in the near future there is a danger to life. Distant relatives are dreaming of deteriorating weather conditions (rain).

If the deceased rises from the coffin in order to somehow curse or even strike, this suggests that there were some sins associated with him, it is worth remembering them. He wants to say that now you have to pay for your sins.

To avoid trouble, you need to not only think about your bad deeds, but also try to correct their consequences.

In the old days, people who saw coffins in their dreams began to worry about their crops and livestock, believing that the near future would be the most barren. If you interpret this situation in real life, then the value comes down to a prolonged financial crisis.

Even if the material condition is good, you should arm yourself with a notepad to record the movement of funds, as well as train yourself to spend less money.

If you dream of a lot of open coffins and they are all black, then extreme caution is needed, such incidents are possible during which you can suffer, and not only alone. Also, the dreamer can commit an ugly act in relation to the closest people.

If the coffin was very large and noticeably heavy, then that is good. Not only the financial situation will improve, but also the situation in the house.

It is bad if the coffin was smaller than usual. This threatens the loss of capital and even danger to life.

If a businessman saw such a dream, difficult times are expected in his business, if a family man, then a tense situation will come to his house, and if alone, then empty efforts should be avoided.

A wooden coffin means that in the future obstacles are expected that do not allow development and progress. Or else the dreamer will face a choice: career or quiet family life.

Any decision can be made, only something significant will have to be missed.

The coffin, made of metal, speaks of well-being and good prosperity, a pleasant atmosphere in the family, but there are two clarifications:

  • If the coffin is made of gold, then success is expected, which had to be achieved with great perseverance, but now everyone will notice a triumph.
  • If the coffin is zinc, then you need to pay attention to your health. There may be failures in bed.

Most dream books say that black coffins bring troubles and disappointments, but from Veles’ dream book you can find out that this is a good sign, as successful changes are coming and dizzying success.

If you dreamed of a red coffin, then there are several variants of interpretation, and the worst ones, even serious illnesses. We need to somehow sort out ourselves and understand what kind of event the subconscious is trying to warn.

If the hump is white, then it symbolizes the fulfillment of cherished desires, except that you have to believe in it with all optimism.

Dreams come true most often at night from Thursday to Friday.

Dream books describe such dreams differently. Some promise only good, others — illnesses and unpleasant efforts. To thoroughly understand what the dead person dreamed of, it is necessary to study all the interpretations of the dream with the participation of the deceased person:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerMiller treats such a dream only from the negative side, coffins and funerals can not be harbingers of something good. The dreamer, in his opinion, waiting for only unpleasant events, accompanied by loss, nervous tension and constant scandals
WangiAccording to the clairvoyant, the problem is precisely in those people who dream of such events. They are by nature are traitors and through the images of sleep they want to somehow restore the good name when they are overcome by a feeling of guilt. But in life they forget about everything and continue to cause evil to other people and intrigue
NostardamusFor this famous Frenchman, the meaning of this dream comes down to enrichment. Possible monetary prosperity should quickly come to the sleeper. Particularly “lucrative” dreams are those where gold coffins stand or are covered with jewels and coins.
FreudBeing engaged in psychoanalysis for many years, Freud said that all these dreams are somehow related to sex life. For men, they foreshadow violations in this area, and women predict infertility. If one of the couple in love was chosen by a man lying in a coffin, then their relationship will end shortly.
LofaSuch images of the subconscious creates after much thought about death and attendance of mourning ceremonies. But if the dreamer has not attended such events for a long time, and he has not thought about death, then it is worthwhile to begin active self-development, since everything speaks of spiritual poverty.
GrishinaGrishina gives an explanation to the following development: the dreamer himself digs in a closed coffin, it is impossible to find out who is there. This indicates that there are some thoughts and events that you want to avoid, but it does not work. If you have to dig the grave, then the most intimate secret, on which a lot depends, will be revealed to everyone around
ShereminskoyIf the dreamer recognized one of his friends in the dead, then great success in life is expected. This is a success not only financially, but also in love. If such an image is seen by young people, then this indicates the upcoming wedding efforts. If the dream was seen by a married person, a large material profit is expected. The successful completion of long-standing cases promises to those who see themselves deceased
FrenchHere they study not so much the dead man as the coffin in which he lies. If a golden coffin is seen, then soon deserved success will come. If rough, almost rotten boards are used as the main material, then life will begin to change for the worse or poverty will come and the situation will be unbearably humiliating.
EnglishThis dream interpretation interprets the option of an open coffin, and from the negative side. To see such a dream is a very bad sign. The misfortunes and sorrows that will have to be encountered along the way cannot be changed or avoided. Have to put up and end the black bar
ChineseZhou-gong’s Chinese dream book tells of cases when a dead person comes to life. If at night I dreamed of such a plot, then you need to wait for the guests. When dreaming of a coffin in a large hall or on the street, it is a harbinger of peace and a happy life.
FamilyA coffin standing in the middle of a house in which a dead man lies, strewn with flowers, is to an unsuccessful marriage. If he himself is asleep in a coffin, then troubles, serious diseases and frequent quarrels await him. This can affect both family and work.
GypsyThe gipsy dream book looks at the coffins and the dead completely different. If you see a dead man in a dream, it foreshadows longevity. If, however, in his place be himself, then it certainly foreshadows good events and good health. Negative is the case when the dead person gives clear signs of life, then trouble can happen

There are other actions with the deceased in the dream that can be found in the dream books:

  • if an unmarried girl saw a man in a coffin, then a quick wedding is mistaken for her;
  • if a young man is lying, then the bridegroom will be of the same age;
  • if the deceased is dressed in a cheap battered suit, the husband will not be rich;
  • if a rich shroud or a beautiful coffin is visible, then the future husband will possess great wealth;
  • if a dead person walks at a celebration, then it foreshadows the dreamer’s soul;
  • if a fallen coffin dreams, or the deceased has flipped over with or dropped out of the coffin, this means that the dreamer will receive an unexpected inheritance;
  • when a married lady sees dreams with dead men, there is a secret admirer at a distance, with whom relations can develop into friendships or romantic ones over time;
  • when a dead man dreams of a man, then you need to turn to a close friend for help;
  • if a dead person comes in a dream, then life will be long and happy, and if you kiss her on the forehead — getting rid of long-term illnesses;
  • if from the side to observe how the coffin is carried through the cemetery, an interesting journey is expected, in which you can not only have a good time, but also make many new friends;
  • if the dreamer is sitting next to the deceased, then in the near future a long trip is expected, which will be very pleasant;
  • if the sleeper closes the coffin or puts nails in the lid, he will be able to independently increase his income, moreover in a short time.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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