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What dreams of a dead man as a living

What dreams of a dead man as a living

All people are afraid of losing their loved ones. But this fear is intensified by the thought that the departed may return.

No, in life there is no such thing that a decayed body appears in the middle of the night, such plots are the lot of horror films. However, the deceased visit the living.

It happens in a dream.

Such dreams are not always pleasant and cause nostalgia for irretrievably departed relatives and friends. Most often, dead people during their visit in the dreams of living, try to convey any information.

Now we shall understand in more detail what the dead person dreams of as living.

Dreams foretelling trouble

The souls of dead people have information that is inaccessible by the living. They can tell what is waiting for a person in the future, what he should be afraid of and what plans should be abandoned.

They can predict events such as death or illness.

  • The late man dreamed of a pleasant sight and holds a fish in his hands.. There is nothing good in such a dream. The fact is that the fish seen in a dream is a precursor of the disease. If it is in the hands of the deceased, then we can talk about the development of a serious pathology, which should be immediately treated.
  • The deceased appeared to red clothes, but does not touch the person who saw him in the dream. This dream may be a harbinger of the imminent death of someone close. Most often a relative or closest friend. In such a dream, it is possible to find out exactly who we are talking about. If you gather your strength and ask the deceased what he is doing here, you can get a clear answer. Most often, it will contain the name of someone.
  • Dead person calls with him. Neither the astrologers nor the eminent magicians can yet say with certainty what this dream means. What is clear is that it does not bode well for anything. The deceased can only call “to the next world”, he is not present anywhere else. It is possible that this portends a disease or a possible death, but looks more like a warning. Of course, you can not agree to the invitation of the deceased.
  • The departed appears in disfigured form, tries to hurt, breaks everything around him, makes a howl and growl. It sounds strange, but it is one of the most innocuous options for the appearance of the dead. He lacks commemoration, he suffers. Such a dream is a clear sign that the deceased is in hell. In such a situation it is worth going to church and serving there a dirge.

What dreams of a dead man as a living

These dreams should not be taken to heart, but you can’t leave without attention too. Sometimes visits warn of possible danger.

Positive dreams

There are far fewer good signs in such dreams than bad ones. It is not surprising, because the deceased comes from the otherworldly, distorted world, carrying cold and darkness.

But the departed can watch us, evaluate our actions and thoughts. They can praise us or scold, it all depends on the lifetime relationship with the deceased person.

If the deceased has a debt before living, he will try to return it, being even beyond the last line. This is such a kind of energetic bundle, which does not allow the soul to find complete rest.

The actions of the spirit largely depend on the nature of the debt left on earth.

  • If you once saved the life of a deceased person, he will now warn against mortal danger and disease. Such warnings have greater accuracy, so if the dead person said to go to the hospital for an examination, then you must go.
  • The deceased did not pay his debt during his lifetime? So now he will suggest where you can earn. This can be either an indication of a new place of work, or occasional valuable finds, such as a wallet on the street. It happens, however, that deceased-debtors also warn against diseases and possible death, but less often.
  • If the deceased ever deceived a man, causing him any damage, now he will surely help a person in legal matters. Mages do not know why they choose this way of payment in such situations, but the fact remains.

There is such an option that the deceased, who sincerely loved a person during his life, does not stop his participation in his fate after death. In this case, we are not talking about debt or other dependence, everything happens for free.

The manifestation of attention can serve as a warning, and praise for success or good deeds. It all depends on the degree of closeness of the relationship between the deceased and the living person.

What dreams of a dead man as a living

The dead never live in dreams just like that, without a goal. Acquaintance with the dream book should not be the only source of information for the analysis of what happened. It is worth considering the relationship with the once-living person, your mutual obligations with him.

Be that as it may, but without attention such signs can not be left!

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