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What dreams of a dead child: interpretation of the dream

Many interpreters believe that seeing a dead child in a dream is a sign that a person is striving to translate what he has planned and implement plans and ideas. In most cases, the dream has a negative interpretation and indicates that it will not be possible to achieve the desired goal or for this you will have to overcome many obstacles. But some sources interpret this sign in a positive way, foreshadowing the health and well-being of the dreamer’s children.

Such a vision may not have any meaning at all and is a reflection of subconscious anxieties in the event that it dreamed of a man or woman who is preparing to become parents.

A dream about a dead baby does not foreshadow any unpleasant events in reality. If the child is unfamiliar to the dreamer, this image symbolizes plans and projects in the future: the sleeper will not be able to realize them for some reason.

It is necessary to reconsider their views on the future life and leave hopeless cases.

If the kid has a dream before the start of any event, most likely, the dreamer’s plans will be destroyed due to certain circumstances. He will have to make a quick decision to correct the situation.

According to another interpretation, the dream reflects the inner fears of a person. If he is not sure of his actions and does not know whether he can complete the work he has begun, there is a chance that a dead stranger baby will appear to him.

A dying child dreams that some plans and hopes will come true, but not immediately. A dream in which the sleeper experiences strong emotions at the sight of the suffering of the baby, and then rejoices after unsuccessful attempts to revive the baby, means that he will have to face troubles that will prevent the realization of his plans.

The sleeper will lose hope of achieving what he wants, but at the last moment, when everything seems hopeless, he will be able to turn the tide and reach his goal. The dream indicates that the difficulties only seem insurmountable, so do not give up your own plans.

A dream is interpreted in the same way, where there is an own child or toddler of friends / relatives, which does not exist in reality. Such dreams do not pose a serious threat.

To dream of the body of a dead baby and mourn him — fortunately in real life.

The sex of the child affects the interpretation of the dream:

  • Girl. Symbolizes the creative ability of the dreamer and the implementation of his plans. Sleeper will face the fact that competitors will cross the road. To hear in a dream how a dead girl is talking — to changes in personal life. To give birth in a dream to a dead girl — the forerunner of a speedy illness, life difficulties and loneliness.
  • Boy. The little dead boy symbolizes stagnation in work affairs. It is worth listening to what the child says: his words will relate to the prospects in the professional field.

A lot of dead children in a dream means that a person will make a large number of mistakes.

What dreams of a dead child: interpretation of the dream

Much more unpleasant is a dream in which the familiar baby has dreamed. Miss Hasse, a well-known interpreter of dreams, believed that a child who dies in night-dreams is in danger in real life.

Injury, serious illness and serious life difficulties in adult children are possible. The greater the age of the child, the more serious the consequences.

If you dreamed about your own baby, you should pay more attention to his health and protect you from dangers. Adult children who appeared in such a dream need the support and understanding of their parents.

The plot, where his own child dies, symbolizes the big trouble. The dreamer will not be able to cope with the situation without the help of other people.

Seeing our own child alive, who died a long time ago, means that the dreamer could not come to terms with this loss. He is in deep sorrow and does not know how to live.

If the dreamer sees his own children dead in infancy, although in real life they are already adults, this is a sign that for many years he has kept some information from others around him that does not give him peace of mind.

What dreams of a dead child: interpretation of the dream

The treatment of a dream about a dead child depends on whether it is he who has dreamed — a woman or a man. What matters is whether they have their own children or they are waiting for the baby.

Possible options, who could have had a dream:

  • A woman who is a mother. See how a stranger gave birth to a dead baby — to trouble in real life, which will not be associated with their own children. The deceased stranger child is a signal that you need to pay attention to your baby.
  • To future parents. A dead newborn is a symbol of the experiences of a woman or man preparing to become parents, so you should not give it special meaning. But some interpreters claim that a dead baby in the blood is a positive sign for a pregnant woman: this means that close people will help her to bring up the baby.
  • A childless woman. If a woman who cannot conceive has a difficult childbirth and a stillborn child, this foreshadows a long-awaited pregnancy in the near future.
  • Girl For a young girl to give birth to a dead baby and carry it in her arms means that in reality she is unable to part with her past, which prevents her from being happy. It is worth thinking about how to live, and stop thinking about what once hurt.

What dreams of a dead child: interpretation of the dream

Tears in the eyes of a deceased baby foreshadow a disease that will be frivolous. The disease will not cause much harm to the dreamer, but he should pay attention to his psyche, as he can go to a nervous breakdown and fall into depression.

A crying and crying dead baby is a sign that soon the dreamer will overtake the disease. The hanged child symbolizes the troubles during the week that will happen at work and in the family, and the sleeper will not be able to change the situation.

The treatment of sleep depends on where exactly the dreamer observed the dead baby:

  • On hands. If the sleeper sees that he is holding his own dead baby, this means that he is applying too harsh methods of waking up.
  • In a coffin. The baby lies in a coffin, the size of which is great for him — all plans will come true, but for this to be overcome many obstacles. If the color of the coffin is red, this means the successful completion of the work begun.
  • In the wasteland or in the middle of the field. Such a dream promises to hear from loved ones.
  • In water. The sunken child symbolizes the dreamer himself, and the water — the obstacles that await him on the path of life. The sleeper will not be able to cope with problems and will become depressed.
  • In a stomach. A child who dies in the womb means that the dreamer has lost sight of something important.

Seeing a dead baby in your own home is a symbol of disagreement with relatives and close people. Minor conflicts can seriously affect the relationship, so it is important to immediately understand the situation.

In an esoteric dream book, a dead child is treated positively: it is a sign of liberation from the past and the emergence of new perspectives.

The dream symbolizes that a new stage begins in the life of the sleeper.

If a dead child calls a dreamer, and the next one follows him — troubles and misfortunes will fall on the head of the sleeper, he will face diseases and even, possibly, death. If the dreamer refuses to accompany the baby — this is a hint that negative incidents can be avoided.

The deceased child offers food — it is worth checking your health, as there may be a serious illness. If the child has died, and then the sleeper has seen him come alive, unexpected events will soon occur.

Dream interpretation does not give specific interpretations about what the late bore the child in a dream.

Interpretation in other dream books:

Dream interpretationTreatment
UkrainianParents who dreamed that their friends had a dead child, should expect problems with their own children.
MillerAccording to the dream book, the baby who dies from a serious illness in a dream suggests to the dreamer that he fears the upcoming difficulties for nothing. If the child eventually dies, the sleeper is expected to be disappointed in the future. A kid who died in reality, but dreams of being alive, foreshadows a big scandal in the family
MeridianIf a person dreams of a dead child, it means that the sleeper wants changes in his own life. If he sees a dead baby whom he knows in real life, he should be careful. The miraculous resurrection suggests that the hopes for the realization of the plans will be destroyed
WandererA child who died in the mother’s belly before birth is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer has lost sight of some details and does not attach importance to certain circumstances that may hinder the implementation of his plans.
EnglishTo see dead strangers children — to the well-being of their own
TsvetkovaA dead child means that a period of loneliness has come in the life of the dreamer. If the sleeper himself kills the child, he should spend the money more efficiently.

According to Zhou Gong’s dream book, if a dead child has dreamed alive, the dreamer is expecting deliverance from a long illness.

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