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What dreams of a colored rainbow in the sky?

What dreams of a colored rainbow in the sky?

What dreams of a colored rainbow in the sky? Rainbow appears after thunderstorms and rain as a symbol of the end of the weather.

In most dream books, dream interpretation has a direct analogy with earthly events — the end of bad weather, adversity and disaster. However, you should carefully consider all the details of the dream — under what circumstances did you see a rainbow?

What dreams of a colored rainbow in the sky?

General interpretation

To see a rainbow in a dream — to happy changes in fate. If you have been haunted by failure, they will leave your life.

If you are pursued by a black stripe in life, it will end. You are entering a new life cycle marked by favorable events and the successful implementation of your plans. Remember what events accompanied the vision of a rainbow in a dream:

  • you saw a rainbow in the sky;
  • you saw two / three rainbows at once;
  • the vision disappeared or became barely perceptible;
  • the rainbow was over the trees or water;
  • you sat on a rainbow or walked along it.

Watch a heavenly phenomenon in a dream — You will have a bright life full of emotional colors and impressions. Enjoy a period of well-being, don’t worry about anything — everything will work out for you.

Twin rainbow or two next — you have to make a difficult choice between two variants of succession of events. Both options are safe for you, however, you should choose only one.

For lovers a heavenly phenomenon foreshadows great happiness. The union of two hearts is blessed by heaven and will be very fortunate.

Pregnant woman The heavenly phenomenon predicts the birth of an unusually happy and successful child who will be a reward for parents.

If the patient sees a rainbow in a dream, this heralds rapid healing and a long life until old age.

Barely visible rainbow away heralds the receipt of good news that will change the fate of the dreamer.

The appearance of the heavenly arc after the rain foretells a new love in the life of a dreamer or a new friend. If the rainbow loses color and dissolves in the sky, this indicates fear of loneliness.

Rainbow in an unexpected plot

Why dream of sitting on a rainbow? Sometimes fantastic scenes come to sleep, impossible in real life.

What do they mean?

  • Walk in the sky or sit on it in a dream — to the fulfillment of the cherished dream. What seemed difficult to achieve will easily be fulfilled. And without your participation.
  • Move in a dream towards a heavenly phenomenon — a sign of the blessing of heaven. You are under the auspices of higher powers, so feel free to carry out your plans. You will succeed.
  • Bright celestial arc directly overhead — to the implementation of all plans and unprecedented success. All innermost dreams come true.
  • Phenomenon of the celestial arc in a house or room — to family happiness and prosperity. Every day in your home will be filled with new joy.

What dreams of a colored rainbow in the sky?

Dream interpretation

Dream for the whole family shares the interpretation of the vision of the celestial arc by the days of the week:

  • on Wednesday night — to the successful resolution of official conflicts;
  • on Thursday night — to resolve family conflicts, the fulfillment of desire;
  • on Friday night — for a romantic adventure, receiving a gift;
  • on Sunday night — to reconciliation with friends, obtaining the protection of a strong man.

A vision of a heavenly sign in a dream foreshadows a change in life for the better. The appearance of a rainbow over your head — you are able to cope with any vital task with the help of higher forces.

Dream Vanga defines the vision of a rainbow as a sign from above. Heaven protects you, all undertakings will be successful.

If the rainbow in a dream goes out, it foreshadows a tiff with close people. Be sensitive to your family.

Also, the disappearance of the rainbow can predict close separation from your loved one.

Freud treats the vision of a celestial phenomenon as the activity of sexual life. You can enjoy a love affair that lasts a long time.

All the colors of love and happiness will be available to you.

Modern dream book sees in this plot vain anxieties and experiences. All your fears are far-fetched, and excitement is empty. For lovers, a rainbow is a symbol of unprecedented happiness in love.

For spouses, this symbol has the meaning of a happy family life in full understanding.

One should not associate the vision of the heavenly multi-colored arc with the symbol of sexual minorities and be frightened about this. Since ancient times, the symbol of the rainbow is associated with the heavenly forces that bring good and light into the life of man.

Ahead of you is waiting for a new stage of life, marked by success and well-being.

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