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What dreams of a cockroach in the dream and folk values

Why the cockroach dreamed — features of interpretation on dream books

To dream of a cockroach is an interesting and ambiguous symbol. The cockroach is a cunning and extremely difficult urban resident. In nature, there are more than 200 species of cockroaches, and they all bring some benefit.

But the most common are red and black, the most voracious and adaptable domestic cockroaches.

It seems that they are able to eat dust and drink dichlorvos, maintaining excellent health, excellent appetite and unchanging fecundity. The female red cockroach can simultaneously bear several hundred small and completely independent at the time of hatching, cockroaches. Cunning, the ability to survive in the most difficult conditions, to find food, preferably sweet — the main properties of these human satellites.

We will understand what the dream of a cockroach in dream books.

What dreams of a cockroach in the dream and folk values

Basic Values

  • The cockroach is a cunning guest, from those who looked for an hour, drink tea with gingerbread, so much so that in a week not to expose it. It is quite possible that such a distant relative of an old friend of your acquaintance is traveling to you. The best way to get rid of a cockroach away is not to meet with him. Take pictures and leave your own home. To the country, on a visit, on vacation, to the forest. No, you can not leave the keys to him — in your house there is sanitization. This interpretation applies only to distant guests. Red cockroaches can mean good guests that you yourself do not want to let go.
  • Black huge cockroach in a dream — to good news, wealth and prosperity. Many black cockroaches in a dream, it is believed, carry you a rich inheritance or return of old debt.
  • Many red cockroaches — for the holiday, feast, wedding, noisy fun.
  • Insects scatter in different directions — wait for small attacks of ill-wishers, evil rumors. It is possible that your money and savings run away. Strengthen cost control.
  • Insects run around the table and are not afraid of a person — you will become a big boss.
  • Flying or falling insects diving from the ceiling — wait for the attack of opponents and rivals. At work and in love, you suddenly have a lot of substitutes. Naughty young people who are ready to intercept your functions even tomorrow. Rage will not help the cause; look for another plan besides undisguised aggression.
  • To careerists, women and men, cockroaches in a dream promise promotion to a good position. The main thing is not to show too much understanding and intelligence.
  • White insects mean that you are deceived in something extremely significant, fundamental. Any white insects in a dream mean sabotage and deception. Perhaps, the promised increase will not come to you at all, but to the intern, whom you enthusiastically train and train. Maybe a gullible boy who catches your every word and immediately rushes to carry out any order is not as simple as it seems. Collect as much information as possible, act covertly. Analyze the results and you will be very surprised.

What dreams of a cockroach in the dream and folk values

What do cockroaches mean by authoritative sources

  • The people’s dream book assures that hordes of cockroaches mean wealth and luxury. Several cockroaches — interesting useful news, gifts, new clothes. The more cockroaches — there is more financial success and joy.
  • For a female dream book, a large black cockroach may turn out to be an enviable bridegroom or, on the contrary, a rich miser who is better not to get involved. The groom has a long mustache, far outstanding ahead. Greedy gentleman hides his mustache under him. If the mustache is short, a timid and indecisive fan will appear before you, but with good prospects. If you want, you can take such a groom to yourself.
  • An aggressive and biting insect is more likely to cause harm. Do not call guests and suitors if you have seen a biting beetle or a cockroach in a dream and do not believe the sweet words and promises.
  • Monique Vangi considers annoying insects bad thoughts and remorse of conscience of the dreamer. Wang promises vanity, useless and unnecessary trouble, which will remain without the slightest good and gratitude.
  • Dream Miller is favored to cockroaches in a dream and reasonably believes that they have nothing to do in the empty kitchen. This is a sign of prosperity and peaceful peaceful prosperity. Heaps of dead insects indicate unexpected changes. An attempt to bring annoying parasites — your hopes are not justified.
  • Catching and feeding in a dream a large insect means trying to reconcile with the domestic. Usually not too successful.
  • To kill insects with improvised objects, but they only become more — a common nightmare. It means that you have made difficult commitments and can not cope with their implementation.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation believes insects in a dream a sign of special sexual desires. Perhaps a perverted sexual attraction. Frigidity in women and the fear of impotence men. The poor quality of sexual intercourse in this case is replaced by quantity and promiscuity. If you are visited by thoughts to tell everyone about your sexual exploits, in order to attract new partners, try to hold on. Unfortunately, this trick does not work and is able to attract only people with low self-esteem, to mutual displeasure.

What dreams of a cockroach in the dream and folk values


To see cockroaches in a dream is an ambiguous signal, because even at its best, this insect harbors cunning, survival in an unfavorable environment, the ability to hide in the dark and hold a feast in the master’s kitchen. All this means a relatively comfortable and full life.

But if you want more, you need to change the environment, habitat, established habits.

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