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What dreams of a child’s stirring in a dream, pregnancy

Dreamed the child’s stirring — the features of interpretation

What dreams of a baby moving in the stomach, pregnancy. To learn about this, you need to read the dream book.

General interpretation of sleep

In the distant past, pregnancy and baby shocks in the stomach during a dream were explained without any options. This is for the future conception of the child.

Newer dream books have varied explanations of such visions. They depend on the gender of the dreamer (men can also dream of this), his age. There are additional circumstances that will affect the interpretation of sleep.

More accurate information can be obtained by reading the dream books.

Interpretations about the movement in the child’s belly

What dreams of a child's stirring in a dream, pregnancy

Who is the dreamer? It matters to explain dreams.

  1. Beggar — to a luxurious life.
  2. A wealthy person — promises bankruptcy.
  3. Young spouse — the rupture of family relations.
  4. Unmarried guy — to marry.
  5. Lonely girl — humiliation, scandal.
  6. Married lady — to the fun, self-love.
  7. Older women — to death.
  8. For the male, it is broadcasting a major change in life.

Feel the stirring in your womb

  1. Pregnant signals the upcoming successful delivery.
  2. A married woman signals about the fear of an unplanned pregnancy.
  3. Free young lady this means problems in personal relationships. Necessity to maintain its decency status.
  4. Such sensations for a virgin portend serious life changes. Chance to change your place of residence, move to another country.
  5. Tells you about the occurrence of pores to become a mother. We need to seriously think about the conception of the baby.
  6. Overwhelmed the sadness with this vision — to the disease.
  7. The movement in the stomach suggests that you need more attention, support from relatives and friends. Nayawa you will find a successful completion of all your plans.

Felt a stir not at home

  1. Touching a moving belly spouses — the goals set will bring dividends in a short time.
  2. Stroking the belly of a girlfriend, and feel the movement of the baby — the problems of relationships with friends.
  3. If you did this to your daughter or sister, who really exist, they need your help.

Interpretation of various dream books about pregnancy

Dream astromeridian

  • Night vision of this kind for a non-pregnant woman is prophetic. Soon all this will happen in real life.
  • This promises pregnant women financial well-being. All your business will go up the hill.
  • For a man, this is an auspicious sign. To translate into reality his plans and ideas.
  • Seeing your girlfriend in this position means that the green light is open to your general plans. It is time to act decisively.
  • Pregnancy girlfriend (she is awake in this position) promises her successful delivery. If in reality she does not expect a child — to the likelihood of falling into a difficult situation. Warn her about this and provide the necessary support.

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

What does pregnancy mean?

  • Fallacy and deceit (for a virgin).
  • Pride, joy (for a woman).
  • Set new goals (for men).

What dreams of a child's stirring in a dream, pregnancy

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

Explanation of dreams about pregnancy.

  • Female sex — in reality it will soon happen too.
  • Men — the desire to have children from their beloved.

Sonic of the white magician Y. Longo

  • The man saw a dream of his own half — broadcasting income and excellent results at work. Feel free to put your plans into action.
  • If the spouse really is in this position — sleep may not be such an explanation for you.
  • Vision for a woman of her own pregnancy predicts the birth of a baby.
  • For girls, this is a reminder of the time to become a mother.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Seeing a pregnant male is broadcasting growth in material terms.
  • Lie down next to a pregnant woman — to the desired events.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • For a girl, pregnancy is false and cunning.
  • Women — fun, making the goal a reality.
  • A man to be pregnant is adultery, ailment, misfortune.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

  • For an innocent girl — shame and trouble.
  • For a woman — an unhappy married life.

Modern dream book

  • You have an interesting position personally — the time has come when you can realize your plans.
  • The girl predicts a joyful romantic relationship.
  • Older women promise indisposition.

Bible dream book azar

Pregnancy — a burden, anxiety.

Esoteric dream book

Pregnancy is its own — to damage, outsiders — to lend money.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

  • See yourself in a position — to plan risky goals.
  • To meet another such woman promises grief.
  • The girl is broadcasting prosperous love.

Winter Dream about pregnancy

  • To see the daughter in such a position — to squabbling, strife.
  • Myself — health problems.
  • An external woman — to material well-being.

Ukrainian dream book

  • In a dream, seeing a pregnant woman is chagrin.
  • To see yourself in this position is to doubtful intentions.
  • For the girl — slyness.
  • Elderly — death.

What dreams of a child's stirring in a dream, pregnancy

Summer dream

Pregnancy of another woman — sorrows in the matrimonial life.

Autumn dream

Such night visions broadcast their desired pregnancy.

Dream interpretation sonniq. ru

  • Feel pregnant in a dream — in real life you will meet a man with whom you will have a wonderful relationship.
  • For a man, such a dream signals trouble in dealing with the female sex. Undesirable results are possible.

Chinese dream book

Visions of a pregnant woman and movement of a child can foreshadow problems in relationships with friends, the likelihood of losing a relative.

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