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What dreams of a carrot on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Simeon Prozorov

Why dreamed a carrot: the nuances of decoding by dream books

We often try to unravel the mystery of a dream, sometimes even in those cases when we dreamed of something completely familiar. There is nothing naive about this, since not a single object enters our subconscious mind just like that, in dreams everything has a sacred meaning.

To find out why a carrot is dreaming, you will need a dream book and some good memory, which allows you to recall more details of sleep.

General interpretation

In general, carrots in a dream are auspicious symbol. He promises to the person watching him in night vision dizzying success in many plans and happy times.

If a girl sees a dream with this vegetable, she can expect a worthy groom and prepare for a quick wedding with subsequent family replenishment.

If a guy had such a dream — he should prepare for a romantic adventure with a new acquaintance, and also catch luck by the tail — in the near future she will accompany him.

What dreams of a carrot on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Simeon Prozorov

A dreamer with a carrot, seen by a parent, foreshadows an improvement in the health of family members, building relationships with relatives, and family well-being. Unexpected success like snow will fall on the dreamer’s head, and will accompany him in any vital areas — from business to creativity.

Eating carrots in your night vision is a symbol that says that the dreams of the dreamer are waking thoughts about the person who is in love with him — their sympathy is mutual. But if the vegetable was bitter or green — the feelings are not mutual.

The plant, available on the vegetable, foreshadows the long-awaited recognition. If the carrot had solid streaks, the dreamer would have to take the first step to regain the lost relationship.

Interpretation on other details

Correctly solve the meaning of sleep will help the method of interpretation of the actions that were performed with carrots in the night vision:

  • To buy this vegetable is to a sudden but substantial profit, capable of raising the financial situation of the person who had a dream, to a new financial level. Profit will be received from an unknown influential person or win in the lottery.
  • Planting carrots in night vision is a good sign, which promises a person a successful start to a meaningful business, which the dreamer did not dare to begin for a long time. After such a dream you should not hesitate with the implementation of ideas, so as not to miss the winning moment.
  • The dream, in which, on the contrary, the carrot had to be dug out from the garden, has a no less kind interpretation: in a short time the dreamer will be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, to collect them. Time to receive well-deserved rewards.
  • To see the carrot in the night vision and collect it in any capacity is an omen that promises to receive a considerable sum of money. It may be possible to find a costly item or complete a case.
  • Eat a vegetable, sliced ​​rings — to a good acquaintance.
  • Serve her guests on the table — a dangerous, but tempting adventure.
  • Grated carrots, taken in the dream in food, foreshadows a family feast.

What dreams of a carrot on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Simeon Prozorov

Interpretation on other details

If you had a chance to observe a carrot bed in the night vision, it means that someone from the inner circle experiences a strong envy of the dreamer. If the vegetables are gathered from the beds, but are still located on the ground, calls on the person who saw him to think about his reputation among the working group.

Thin and sluggish root crops, oddly enough, symbolize a good man, in love with a dreamer, in reality. Large, thickened carrots, herald a romantic journey with a partner.

Another way of interpreting dreams is the state in which the carrot was seen.

  • Dirty roots dream of a lot of money;
  • Rotten — for fun and joy;

If a sleeping person is watching a rabbit eating carrots, he should expect an important notice from an influential person. Carrots stored in the basement foreshadows a party.

If the carrot in your dream was located on the table, such a symbol speaks of anxiety for loved ones. Fallen on the floor, the root vegetable promises a visit to distant relatives.

Carrots stored in the refrigerator, being in a dream, predict jealousy. And the roots that lie in the cabinets — a trip or a business trip.

What dreams of a carrot on the dream books of Freud, Miller, Simeon Prozorov

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

According to the interpretation that the dream-book developed by the famous psychoanalyst, carrots, is one of the obvious phallic symbols. Most often, the famous doctor associated this symbol with the suppression of desires, emotions.

A man who carefully chooses carrots in his dream, is picky in real life when it comes to choosing sexual partners, and also attaches an unreasonably high importance to his genital organ.

If a woman who chooses a carrot in a dream stops on a larger version, it means that in reality she is often engaged in self-satisfaction.

Buying carrots, according to this dream book, speaks of anxiety about intimate life. If a man in a dream saw this vegetable in a night vision, in real life he suppresses his temperament.

A woman who watches such a dream, in reality, despises men and negatively treats sex with them.

Dream Miller

Carrots, seen in a dream — a favorable symbol, foreshadowing the vital prosperity and health promotion. A woman who has dreamed of this root can expect an early but successful marriage.

She will have several children whose education and ability to enjoy life will be envied.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

Carrot attractive, appetizing appearance (bright, ripe, fresh), promises a bright streak in life. Stocking it — to the family wealth, comfort in everyday life.

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