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What dreams of a broken nail?

What dreams of a broken nail?

The condition of the nails says about the overall health of the person. If the nails break or change shape, then pathological changes occur in the body.

What do the nails in the dream, what dreams of a broken nail? Consider the interpretation of various dream books.

What dreams of a broken nail?

The value of nails in dreams

The image of nails in a dream indicates the status of a person in society and his material support. Broken or out-of-shape nails symbolize problems in these areas of life. If you saw broken nails in your hands in your dream, the subconscious mind warns you of future challenges for work and finances.

Also, the probability of a disease associated with metabolic disorders in the body is not excluded.

To interpret a dream, it is necessary to recall in detail:

  • where the nails are broken — on the arms / legs;
  • what were the nails — long, short, dirty;
  • whose nails you saw in a dream — yours or others.

In the old dream-books the following interpretation is indicated: lack of mutual understanding with others, conflict with relatives. What are they talking about broken toenails?

This image warns of physical and moral exhaustion, loss of strength. If there are no problems with health, a broken nail can warn about an obstacle.

However, the obstacle will be easily removable, and you will cope with the problem yourself.

A bad omen is considered completely toe nail. This image warns of imminent financial collapse and even complete ruin.

In the old dream-books, a torn nail is considered a symbol of guilt: a person is afraid of responsibility for his actions.

If a nails just cracked, Ahead is hard work or a tedious journey. The Chinese dream book sees in the image of cracked nails the inability to remedy the situation.

What else does this dream mean? Broken nails can foreshadow the collapse of a dream that the dreamer has cherished for a long time. If a someone intentionally breaks your nails, you should expect minor troubles from relatives or friends.

If a the dreamer tears off a fingernail himself, Reconciliation with a relative will take place soon.

The happy symbol is image of regrown nails on the spot — you get an unexpected income, a large amount of money.

What does the dream in which you see mean? the nails of another person? Dream interpretation believe that the dreamer is waiting for obstacles on the way to the goal by outsiders. Also, this image warns about the likelihood of an accident due to the fault of another person.

To consider fragments of alien nails in a dream — The image is considered a harbinger of disclosing someone else’s secrets.

What dreams of a broken nail?

Dirty nails

Dirty nails warn about the dissolution of gossip to the dreamer. Also, a broken dirty nail can warn about the onset of the disease: monitor your health, take care of yourself.

Dirty nails can warn you not to get involved with people whose reputation is questionable. If you are invited to participate in a dubious transaction, refuse this offer.

Sometimes a broken dirty nail dreams before public humiliation. In some cases, this dream warns of an unpleasant situation, which will be difficult to cope with.

Long nails

Break a long nail in a dream — to break a long-term friendship or close relationship. If you do not stir up a conflict, the break in relations can be avoided.

Therefore, control your emotions.

If a long nail breaks under the root with blood, in the family someone is seriously ill. If break unnaturally long nails, the path to the dream will be filled with obstacles.

You will be able to achieve the cherished goal, applying diligence and perseverance.

If a broken nails cause pain and discomfort, and their corners are sharp, — there will be a major conflict in the family. Try to avoid abusive language to prevent breaking the relationship.

If you are desperate someone scratching and breaking nails, it means you are hurt by the sayings of other people. Try to calmly relate to opposite points of view, because they have the right to exist.

Or do not take to heart someone’s opinion.

What does broken nail for girl? This is an unfavorable sign: the envious and spiteful critics will have priority.

An annoying misunderstanding will knock out of the usual rut and take a lot of experiences.

What dreams of a broken nail?

What do they say about nails dream books

Universal Dream interprets this story as a sign of trouble. If you have conceived a business, it is better not to start implementing it: there is not enough strength and opportunity.

If the nails belong to an outsider, the plot promises conflicts with others.

Breaking your fingernails on your own — arrange a hard life for yourself, take on difficult projects. Fully plucked nail plates warn about the disease.

Modern dream book He considers the fallen nail foreshadowing the break of unnecessary relationships, from which the dreamer wants to get rid of. This applies to any relationship — personal or business. Dirty plates portend illness and financial loss.

Biting nails and breaking them is, to the disappointment of a good acquaintance.

Dream Miller considers the plot, depending on the fingers. Broken nail on the little finger of the right hand promises monetary losses, on the ring finger — a quarrel with relatives, on the middle — a long road, on the index finger — problems in personal relationships, on the thumb — trouble in business.

The fingers of the left hand make their own adjustments to the interpretation. The nail on the little finger promises an unexpected arrival of guests, on the ring finger — good news, on the average — a noble risk, on the index finger — respect, on the big one — an unexpected pleasant meeting.

Esoteric dream book gives a positive interpretation of this plot: the end of the losing streak. Ahead of the dreamer awaits a favorable stage of life, luck and luck.

All past and past trials can breathe freely.

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