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What dreams of a broken mirror: interpretation by dream books

What dreams of a broken mirror: how do dream interpreters psychologists and prophets interpret the event?

Broken mirror in the minds of many people is associated with the happened and the upcoming troubles and failures. This opinion leaves its mark on the expectation of negative interpretations associated with the destruction of mirror objects: trellis, pier glass and glasses.

But the actual interpretation by seers and soothsayers does not always coincide with the expectations of the dreamers.

The reasons for the discrepancies lie both in the details of the dreams and in the personality of the interpreters: each of them has its own methods and approaches to linking reality and the future based on night visions. If Wang had an inner vision, then psychologists Miller and Freud based their conclusions on the knowledge of human nature, and Ph.D. Tsvetkov, fascinated by astrology and occultism, makes conclusions using natural research and palmistry.

If a broken mirror is being dreamed of, it is a warning of imminent changes, perhaps of the arrival of failures and the onset of a difficult period for a person. To find out exactly what the upcoming changes are connected with, it is necessary to recall in the smallest details the plot of the event that took place in the dream and take into account your own emotional state during the period of vision.

Comparing the details, you can get a certain semantic image, and then ask for help to the collection of interpretations. Interpretation of night dreams occurs in two directions:

Negative Painted DreamsPositively colored dreams
  • A broken mirror is a symbol of life crisis, spiritual decline and moral devastation. Attention should be paid to relations with the outside world.
  • For women, this may mean infidelity partner.
  • Family people having dreams about a broken mirror is a signal to take immediate action to resolve mutual disagreements.
  • The absence of surprise from the spoiled mirror indicates that the dreamer considers himself a gifted person.
  • If there was a feeling of irritation, then in reality the sleeper has a good sense of humor.
  • Standing on a lot of fragments means that in the near future there will be a lucrative job offer.
  • Smash a large mirror into dust — to the beginning of the bright life period, getting rid of fatigue and bitterness

Different dream books offer only interpretations peculiar to them, so you should not try on the first available version. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the person’s own impressions, then the forecast will be closer to the actual events.

What dreams of a broken mirror: interpretation by dream books

The interpretation of important details of dreams:

  • a piercing accidentally broken by a sleeping man, in the reflection of which he smiles, means changes in the future — they will frighten first, then there will be a decent way out of this situation;
  • the mirror is cracked, but it reflects a sad face — the foreboding of disappointment and bitterness;
  • it was possible to hold fragments in their hands, and in them to observe a loved one — this means a period of quarrels and quarrels between close relatives;
  • to see that the toilet item hanging on the wall is broken, — the message to the proposal in reality is to occupy a highly paid position;
  • I dreamed that the mirror had fallen, and that the fragments of the sleeper found on the street, means that a worthy person is to meet you soon, the interconnection of two destinies.

An interesting case is when the dreamer had to see himself in the room of laughter and break the surfaces of the mirrors there. Also an unusual occupation in dreams will lead in reality to a comfortable life.

The table shows the interpretation of what the dream foreshadows depending on the degree of destruction of the mirror according to various dream books:

The degree of damage to the mirror and its conditionDream VangaInterpreter MillerFreight’s Dream InterpretationValues ​​according to Tsvetkov
Cracked surfaceExpect the sudden death of a close relativeAn unmarried woman promises fake friendships, unsuccessful marriageNot mentionedIn the mirror with a crack there is no reflection of the face — to the disease
Accidentally broken mirrorThe prophecy of grief, the foreboding of suffering and tearsWarning about the betrayal of a loved one, bad choice of a life partner, unhappy marriageYou do not need to invent troubles for yourself — you should calm down and compare all the little things of sleep with real life. The result is a minor change.Broken pocket mirror promises the girl the loss of innocence, marriage
Many broken mirrorsNot mentionedA woman’s vision of her reflection in the broken surfaces of a room of laughter is a sign of a happy and joyful life.The collapse of all hopeNot mentioned
Mirror shardsBroken into small pieces of a mirror — a positive sign that promises a good way out of a difficult situation and victory over the enemyTo see your own reflection in the wreckage — fast news, an unfamiliar face — to wait for trouble. Detect mirror debris in a woman’s powder box — an unexpected romantic or love adventure will occurHold the fragments in their hands — the dreamer will discover a shocking secret. See them — in reality, get broken dreams, betrayal of a loved oneBetrayal of a beloved man, separation from him for an indefinite time

In some cases, opinions seem to diverge. This fact is simply explained: the person should not be strictly tied to the predicted unpleasant events, but it is necessary to take into account the probability of their appearance on the life path and to avoid negative consequences.

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