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What dreams of a boy who likes basic values ​​and dream books

Dreamed a boy who likes — what does it mean

A boy is a man, younger than 12 years old, before the onset of age-related hormonal transformations. Accordingly, the boys appear in the dreams of very young girls with romantic feelings.

We will try to make out what the boy dreams about, which he likes by dream books.

What dreams of a boy who likes basic values ​​and dream books

Feeling sympathy or even falling in love is always wonderful, although it does not always meet with understanding from adults. People are able to fall in love with people of the opposite sex from about 5 years old.

Children’s love is usually painted with bright and clean colors. Usually boys admit to being in love.

But times are changing, girls are now allowed to fall in love with boys.

What dreams of a boy who likes basic values ​​and dream books

Basic Values

A boy who likes is not a guy at all. It is fun to play with a boy, it is pleasant to look at him, he is handsome, kind and unusually cute.

  • Young girls are pleased to see a boy who likes in a dream. Childish love does not imply sexual torment, hormonal surges, this simple, strong and even feeling, unfortunately, unattainable in adulthood. A boy who likes dreams in simple joys is the main and basic meaning.
  • The famous story about Peter Pena — a boy who did not want to grow up and is friends with girls, who grow up and mature, has quite ancient complexes under him. Some men prefer to linger in carefree childhood as long as possible. This may appear in dreams. If a man you like suddenly becomes a charming boy, many mistakenly believe such a dream is a sign of nepotism. You think that a boy who looks like a beloved man is your common son. Most often, it is not. A dream indicates infantilism of a man. If you decide on a family, you will have to become a universal mother and with affection to look at the children’s pranks of her husband.
  • If you are an adult woman, and you dream of a boy that you liked as a child, you dream of returning to childish simple and sincere relationships, friendship, sincere affection, childish brightness of feelings, openness. From the point of view of psychology, emotional regression, infantilism and attempts to return to childhood are characteristic of severe stress, depression. Unfortunately, nobody likes adult people just like that, just for the fact of their existence. Adult relationships are harder, fuller, require additional obligations and responsibilities. There is enough sympathy in children’s relationships. Admire the boy that you liked as a child, in a dream, but do not try to build adult relationships according to children’s schemes.
  • A dream in which a little boy that you like turns into a demanding and whimpering infant suggests that you are in a troubled relationship. This is a relationship in which the partner is trying to take the position of a child and requires tremendous sacrifices on your part simply because he is a nice little one and treats you very gently.
  • Plump nice boy — to wealth and prosperity.
  • Slender boy — to a quarrel, which will be provoked by his whims and high expectations.
  • Blond — to calm fun. Please yourself, go to the trampoline center or to the climbing wall. Chance to meet interesting people.
  • Brunette — to meet with friends, pleasant communication.
  • A pretty boy gives you flowers — you have become the object of someone’s timid sympathy. Your charm is the envy of many people. Expect promotion at work or unexpected praise from authorities.
  • You dream that you are riding on a merry-go-round with a boy from your childhood — everything is fine, but life moves along the groove. You lack diversity. Come up with something unusual. Try a new cuisine, go to a Mexican or Korean restaurant, take a movie ticket for an unknown movie, visit an unknown theater.

What dreams of a boy who likes basic values ​​and dream books

Interpretations of authorities

  • Freud’s dream interpretation interprets memories of childhood love as a hint of difficulty in current relationships. If the boy after a dream is sweet and charming, everything will work out in real life, if you make some effort. If a child is rude, fights, runs away, you run after him and try to reconcile, in real life it will be difficult to make contact.
  • A female dream book treats a boy who likes the unconscious dream of motherhood. Most likely, you are not yet quite ready for decisive changes, but consider this possibility with curiosity.
  • Dream Vanga interprets a boy who likes the dream of an ideal relationship. Be careful if the child shows aggression, selects and spoils things, runs away. The boy who gives you flowers, sweets, shares toys, builds something together with you is a sign of future material well-being and prosperity.
  • A Chinese dream book always treats boys in their sleep as a blessing and a sign of complete happiness for the whole family.

What dreams of a boy who likes basic values ​​and dream books


To dream of a boy who likes is generally an auspicious sign for women, focused on family values. The family will have peace, order, prosperity, your life will be calm and interesting, you will travel to beautiful places, admire nature.

If you are lucky, your family will build a wonderful separate house, spacious enough and comfortable for everyone. But if you dream of a capricious, angry, whimpering child — all is not so radiant.

It may be worth looking after another partner for the realization of dreams.

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