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What dreams of a black kitten to a woman or a man: interpretations of dream-books

If you dream of a black kitten, you should wait for trouble. They will come unexpectedly and for a long time leave a bitter sediment. The owner of the dream will be faced with betrayal, meanness and envy.

Problems can be created by a person who has never failed, but circumstances will turn out so that an unforeseen situation will push him to a rash act, he will offend. On how the kitten looked and behaved depends on the correct interpretation of this dream.

Very often a black kitten appears in dreams on the eve of troubles and conflicts. At this moment the tension accumulates, the sleeper realizes that the quiet period will end soon.

It is a symbol of internal anxiety and anticipation of trouble. Appearance and behavior of the animal affects the interpretation of the plot:

  • Shabby kitten — should wait for the disease.
  • Fluffy — the dreamer will be caught off guard, but he will adequately get out of the situation.
  • Moving — there will be petty efforts, a person will have to spend some time solving problems.
  • He is sitting quietly — do not rush things, troubles will be resolved.
  • Meows loudly — to quarrel or dispute on raised tones.
  • Plays — to gossip and rumors behind his back.
  • Hissing — unpleasant news will come soon.
  • Ran into the house — predicts quarrels and family efforts.

A scratching or biting kitten foreshadows injuries, injuries and risk situations.

If there are a few black babies in the house, big troubles are coming to the person. They will come simultaneously from different directions and will greatly spoil the nerves of the dreamer.

If the sleeper manages to quickly drive a small animal out of the room, in real life it will easily cope with problems without resorting to outside help.

A cub is dreaming with a cat that licks its baby — it’s worth preparing for an unpleasant meeting, after it rumors spread about cowardice or insolvency of the owner of sleep. A female with small kittens predicts minor troubles and problems in communicating with others.

What dreams of a black kitten to a woman or a man: interpretations of dream-books

A sleep in which a sleeper holds a black kitten in his arms is considered positive. But only if the cat cub does not scratch and bite.

When he pulls, he rubs against his leg and purrs, and the sleeper lifts him up in his arms, the dream should be interpreted as a betrayal of a loved one and an excessive gullibility of the dreamer.

If a man holds an animal in his arms, he does not feel himself dominant in the relationship, but wants other people to think so. A woman hugs a kitten — she dreams of becoming a mother, misses adult children, or simply worries about her child, who is ill or has become more independent. Skinny or shabby pet warns of illness.

If he clutched claws in clothes — to financial difficulties and debts.

What dreams of a black kitten to a woman or a man: interpretations of dream-books

The dream should be interpreted based on who dreamed a dream. For women, it means problems in relationships, men foreshadows the losses and interference of detractors.

More detailed interpretation:

Who dreamsValue of sleep
Young single girlSleep predicts the envy of her friends. She needs to look at them more closely and stop communicating with a friend who spreads rumors behind her back. If the kitten is fluffy and playful, she quickly recognizes an insidious "girlfriend"
Married womanA married woman should beware of the wiles of an evil and insidious rival. Her man is already eyeing the other and wants to draw his attention to himself. You should spend more time with your husband and yourself, taking care of attractiveness and good mood.
  • Seeing a kitten being born is an unkind sign. Expectant mothers should take care and pay heightened attention to their health. Sleep warns about miscarriage or the threat of disruption.
  • Stroking an animal means prosperous childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby.
  • If a pregnant woman plays with a kitten, her child will grow up to be a kind and decent person.
Young guySleep means little trouble and ridicule that will come from the girls. If the kitten behaves aggressively, you should expect dirty tricks from a friend. I had a dream about a playful animal — friends familiar with it will not play a trick, they will hurt and spoil the mood for a long time.
Married man
  • You should carefully look at the environment and break off business relations with a person who often criticizes and makes comments. Having guessed the moment, he will show a sneaky character and entice the right people to his side.
  • In family life is not all smooth. Worth more time to give his wife and share with her experiences. That she can tell the right decision.
  • If a man had such a dream, he wants to dominate the love relationship

What dreams of a black kitten to a woman or a man: interpretations of dream-books

The interpretation of sleep can be prompted by popular dream books:

Dream interpretationValue of sleep
MillerTo see a black kitten in the window means everyday problems, unpleasant guests and conflicts with family. Meet on the street miserable baby — to problems in communicating with children. I dreamed of killing an animal — in reality someone will help to cope with problems. Himself to kill him — to experience relief, avoiding a very unpleasant moment. If a cat cub has attacked the dreamer, he is threatened with reprisal and undermining his reputation. It turned out to chase him away — a person will be able to improve his opinion of himself.
FreudThe psychologist believed that the black kitten symbolizes internal fears and negative emotions associated with a resentment or anger. Feed him — get rid of unpleasant memories. Run off — let go of the insult. To iron — to anxiety. If a woman dreams of this animal, she loves to make trouble and sort things out in public. A man — he likes to command, but he lacks leadership qualities. When a kitten dreams of a pregnant woman, she will have to clarify the relationship with the father of the unborn child about his indifference
NostradamusIn his opinion, the black kitten is the embodiment of magical forces that are trying to seize the sleeping. If the animal has red eyes, the dreamer will spill his blood
HasseHe believes that such a dream warns of deception. Stroking and feeding an animal means getting ingratitude in response to its help. Being surrounded by black kittens — friends use the dreamer for their own purposes, friendship is insincere
David LoffYou should look at your intuition and not trust people who are not credible. It is believed that the black kitten in a dream is a symbol of witchcraft, and the person who sees him is interested in esoteric
MeneghettiSeeing fleas running around the animal, after experiencing trouble, gains valuable experience. If several kittens are fighting, in real life, a robbery or an attack on a person is possible. When the baby meows and cannot move, the dreamer feels helpless and unable to cope with the situation on his own.

A dream about a black kitten is also found in such dream-books:

  • Modern. Wet kitten means life difficulties. Dirty — gossip, fluffy — deception, painful — indisposition. To see a black baby with a white sternum means minor annoyances that are easy to overcome. Stumble upon the dead — to serious problems and stress. To witness the birth of black fluffy kittens — to profit and the onset of a safe period.
  • Family. The black kitten symbolizes detractors. Having driven it away, the dreamer will put them in place and protect himself from attack. To be scratched — to financial difficulties. Watching animal scuffles — worrying about property and wealth. For a man, a dream about a little black pet means an attempt on the honor of his wife. For the woman — family efforts and envy of girlfriends. If a pregnant woman dreamed that she was drowning a newborn animal, she would have a miscarriage.
  • Esoteric. This dream book believes that black cats — is a dark entity that lives in every person and comes out in the form of anger or premonition of trouble. If the sleeper has banished a baby cat, he has more good qualities than bad ones. Attacking an animal should be seen as a danger and a negative influence from envious people.
  • English. For a girl, a dream about a black kitten means a cunning lover or an envious girlfriend. For a woman — the appearance of a rival. A man, he predicts an insidious darling, deceiving him, showing qualities that she does not have.
  • French. Predicts disappointment in a loved one, meanness of friends and rudeness of strangers. Get such a kitten as a gift — to insults. Feed — to revenge and hatred from a good comrade.
  • Assyrian. A black kitten caught in a dream means the fulfillment of a cherished desire and acquaintance with a new friend. If the animal has crossed the road, it is better not to start things soon. Scratching or biting — to misfortune and disappointment.

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