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What dreams of a black car according to dream books and the basic meanings of dream interpretation

What does the black car in dreams mean — correct decoding

The black car, the hand, the coffin on wheels, which rolls through the hopelessly black city are the eternal characters of traditional children’s horror stories. These images are forever rooted in the subconscious and emerge in a dream in an ironic context, “they frighten us, but we are not afraid.”

In most cases, seeing a black car in a dream is a sign that you have come to a dangerous line, beyond which reality may well mix with horror stories, and it will not be funny anymore. Consider what the dream of a black car for dream.

What dreams of a black car according to dream books and the basic meanings of dream interpretation

Basic Values

The basic meaning of a black car in a dream is pretty good. Sleep means that you will use an administrative or official resource to achieve your business goals, and this will lead to success.

The secondary meaning of a dream is the fear of exposure, because in fact it cannot be done that way.

Black color in dreams usually means the darkest and most brutal realization of desires. Transport in a dream means a way to achieve goals, a career. The car — the desire for a quick and comfortable career with independent control.

Accordingly, a black car in a dream means the complex realization of all career dreams, the achievement of success, money and fame, but with a somewhat gloomy tinge that will prevent to enjoy success to the full.

For example, it will be possible to get a large construction contract and conduct it through our own company with maximum profit, but some of the funds can be obtained with real estate, which is not easy to implement due to construction deficiencies or the untimely commissioning of the object, some of the funds can be exported to Miami, but there full package of documents.

  • The larger the black car in your dream, the more serious and ambitious plans torment your soul. A huge bus-like jeep with a metal grid and a strong body kit means risky enterprises and even a light criminal flair.
  • If you dream that the black car is official, but you can go wherever you want and even with the driver, the dream gives you some concerns about the well-deserved position. The result of doubt will be increased self-affirmation.
  • A hijacked car means you will be bypassed for work. Check the legal paperwork, ownership, accounting reports. Order a third-party audit — it’s cheaper than getting the results of a state audit.
  • A breakdown on the highway, in a traffic jam, at a particularly uncomfortable place means serious and unexpected obstacles in the work, when everything would seem to have been decided and agreed. A breakdown right in front of a car service center — you can easily solve a problem if you can properly offer money.
  • To rent a black car in a dream is to pretend that you are not, to use your official position for personal purposes.
  • All actions in a black car in a dream will be a little too nervous, too gambling. Sleep shows a lot of fuss, haste, hassle, from which you can not refuse. Very much can depend on insignificant trifles, in particular, success and well-being. If you step aside for a second to enjoy your life, and not exhausting the race — 100 applicants will take your place, absolutely ready for anything to succeed.

What dreams of a black car according to dream books and the basic meanings of dream interpretation

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Dream Thelomena promises rapid achievement of goals. In this case, the situation will be quite acute with unpredictable interventions. The feeling of excitement, struggle and success will give you pleasure.
  • Dream Miller drew attention to the cost of a black car from a dream. Dear black car in a dream means success, although the road to it will not be easy. To buy a black car in a dream or to receive as a gift, for use — to a high position that must be justified.
  • A female dream book claims that a black car is a typically male dream. If he dreams of a woman, then a man is trying to take too much space in her life, crowding out her own interests. Perhaps you are used, taking advantage of your kindness and willingness to help. it seems to you that you have taken the rightful place of the navigator on the route. The reality may be much more unpleasant.

What dreams of a black car according to dream books and the basic meanings of dream interpretation


Indeed, the car — the fastest and most comfortable of the widely available transports. The black color of the car hints at the strict formality, the close merging of business with the authorities and the attendant success.

Probably, you are considering such an option of career advancement from a multitude of possible ones, and it seems attractive to you, although you also see the dark side perfectly well. Sleep promises you good luck and prosperity.

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