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What dreams of a bird in the hands of the dream and the main interpretations of the dream

What does the bird in the hands of the dream book mean — features of interpretation

The bird in the hands in the idioms of most nations is usually considered a petit bird, titmouse or sparrow, a creature in terms of usefulness and nutritional value of something between a pea and poppy seed. But in a dream happens in different ways.

Not all proverbs and sayings take into account the possible size of a bird.

A bird in its hands can be a fighting rooster, an ordinary chicken, a goose, a swan, a fabulous fire-bird or a hawk falcon. The general meaning remains the same — a bird in your hands in a dream displays what you exactly have, what you value, what you got because of great luck and you prefer not to let go.

Find out what dreams of a bird in the hands of the leading dream books.

What dreams of a bird in the hands of the dream and the main interpretations of the dream

Common meanings

  • The main importance of birds in general in the fabric of dreams, it is dreams, desires. Hold the bird in your hands, touch it, stroke it, feed it — touch your dream, have your wishes fulfilled. For this reason, the bird in the hands means the fulfillment of a dream, good luck. There is no single common meaning for the fulfillment of a dream, because someone dreams about family and children, someone about a holiday in Ibiza, someone wants to start their own successful business. By what kind of bird you have seen in your hands in a dream, you can sort out your own desires in part. Sometimes it is useful. But if you stroke a little bird trustingly sitting in the palm of your hand and then unexpectedly fold its neck, it shows your own inconsistency, willingness to give up your own dream, cruelty, first of all — towards yourself. You should wait with family building and especially with the birth of children. If you are ready to break your neck with your own happiness, then what about those around you? Do not condemn yourself to an unhappy marriage.
  • The fabulous firebird in the hands usually turns out to be a bright snag. You were aiming for a dream, went to it, overcoming obstacles and from afar admiring the bright light of the beautiful plumage, but when you got it in your hands, you usually make sure that you were chasing a wraith, a hologram or a skillfully made toy.
  • Car carrier in the hands — to receive important news. It is likely that the news is of particular importance to you. If in a dream you do not let the bird out of your hands, the news is best kept secret.
  • Seabird, gull, cormorant — bitter news from afar. The second meaning of seabirds is long-haul flights, complete freedom, work related to the sea and aviation.
  • Migratory birds in the season — an invitation to travel. Even if you can not afford to drive in Malibu, try to get at least to the suburbs or the nearest city. Choose places unfamiliar, in which you have not been.
  • Hummingbird, a small bright bird — to an expensive gift.
  • Parrot — you are lucky to find interesting people and, possibly, fellow travelers. Do not click the beak and do not believe too much the bikes that are being poisoned by new buddies. If you seem to be a good-natured burdock, you will surely be cheated.
  • Tit — you are a bad bargain and very upset, you want to replay the situation. Unfortunately, you can not replay, be content with what is at the moment.
  • Poultry in the hands most often means that your thoughts are focused on family and home comfort. You are not at all against the colossal state, but would prefer to get rich by trading pork, baking bread or selling rugs. Do not bother yourself to do what you love.
  • If a bird in a dream tries to harm you, to peck is not good. But the bird that shit you right in the palm, judge a serious success in terms of finance.
  • If the bird does not refuse food and eats with pleasure — this is one of the best signs of good luck. To feed the birds in a dream always means to make oneself happy.
  • Hold in the hands of chicks — your self-confidence can be very costly and bring trouble to others and loved ones — immediately and you — later.
  • Eggs in the hands — stupidity, haste. The interpretation is based on the fact that for carrying eggs it is more convenient to use a container, basket, package. To carry fragile rounded items in the hands is extremely inconvenient and risky.
  • Hold a penguin in your hands — you have a great sense of humor. If you talk respectfully with a penguin, it is likely that you spend a lot of time in the company of Linus Torvald’s fans.
  • Fictional or ridiculous bird, ostrich, pelican, flamingo — you are in a strange situation, but you have some pleasure from unusual circumstances, like Alice in Wonderland.

What dreams of a bird in the hands of the dream and the main interpretations of the dream

Interpretation of authoritative dream books

  • English dream book says that to see a bird, which itself sat on your hand, on a finger — to great luck. Sparrows, tits, small birds — to financial success. Falcons, gyrfalcons, trapping birds — to military feats, career growth. If a bird exchanges glances with you and does not mind communicating, it is to the help of a friend, to establish good friendly relations on the basis of mutual sympathy and curiosity.
  • Dream Miller believes that stroking a bird is a great success. But to kill the dreamed bird — to serious and large-scale disasters — hunger, hurricane, violence of elements.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers a person who throws a bird up from his hands, like getting rid of worries and old obligations. Letting the birds go free. Catching a wild bird and cage — look for new thoughts, trends, try to settle down with maximum convenience.

What dreams of a bird in the hands of the dream and the main interpretations of the dream


Most birds in a dream have positive values. Carefully holding the bird in your hands is an extremely positive sign. Having a living dream that has practical application, pleasing you in real life is a rare happiness.

Do not miss it. The bird in your hands for some time will be your talisman and will ensure the continuation of luck, a succession of luck. The only thing that can spoil the bright strip is boasting, a long chatty tongue luring envious people or unjustified cruelty.

Take care and carefully guard your happiness.

What dreams of a bird in the hands of the dream and the main interpretations of the dream

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