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What dreams of a bird flying into a house through a window: interpretation by the dream books

What dreams of a bird that has flown into the house: the interpretation of famous dream books

If a bird flies into a house, it is often associated with the illness or death of a relative. But many dream books are not so categorical.

The interpretation of sleep depends on many circumstances and details: the type and color of the birds, the reaction of the dreamer, the events that occurred subsequently. In many cases, such dreams foreshadow positive news, and for women they often mean a quick, long-awaited pregnancy.

If in a dream the bird flew into the house, it can mean both good and bad news. In ancient times, birds were always considered a sign of death, both in dreams and in reality.

They foreshadowed the demise of a family member and symbolized the relationship with deceased relatives.

But the dream books have another interpretation. Often such a plot is associated with the appearance of a new person in the family — the birth of a child, marriage, etc.

What dreams of a bird flying into a house through a window: interpretation by the dream books

Many dream books interpret this plot as an unkind sign. Bird flies into the house foreshadows tears and sorrows.

An unfavorable sign is the beating of a bird in the window. If the glass is damaged at this moment — this indicates a strong shock soon.

But there is a completely different interpretation for young people — a dream indicates insecurity and complexes that torment them from the inside.

Other options for a negative interpretation of sleep:

  1. one. A predator (hawk and owl) got into the woman’s apartment, — This may indicate the presence of a rival in a relationship that can destroy them.
  2. 2 The cuckoo flew into the house — sleep promises loneliness. It is necessary to revise their life principles and expand the circle of communication in order not to be left alone.
  3. 3 The bird flew into the house and sat on the head — this foreshadows the dead man. Perhaps we are talking about the imminent demise of the dreamer.

What dreams of a bird flying into a house through a window: interpretation by the dream books

A bird is a good sign for women planning pregnancy. A swallow flew through the window — soon there will be a child.

The bird has sat down on his hand — family relations will improve, the losing streak will end.

If events occur in good weather, and the bird causes emotion, then it promises to meet new people.

If a predator knocks, the dreamer promises a quick climb up the career ladder.

What dreams of a bird flying into a house through a window: interpretation by the dream books

Comparing the various interpretations, you can accurately understand the dream.

A poultry flown into a dwelling means the death of a relative. She points to the possibility of getting pregnant soon for women who dream of a child.

Good luck will accompany the person who had a chance to stroke the chick in a dream.

The bird can reflect the excitement of the dreamer in reality for the health and well-being of loved ones. She testifies that his life is full of anxiety.

It is not necessary to lose composure, it is much easier to cope with difficulties with a clear mind.

See how the bird flew into the room — to survive in a short time a stressful situation. There is the possibility of unpleasant and tragic events.

A bird that has flown into the window can mean a quick illness of relatives. If she flies around the room — perhaps a very serious disease requiring long-term treatment.

Miller’s famous dream book says that the bird will mark the possible experiences of parents because of children. For a young girl, she foreshadows the imminent appearance of fans.

A woman who has a beloved — close marriage.

Hearing a trill of a nightingale in a dream — to find a solution to a complex problem. Men dream of a bird as a symbol of success in women.

Freud considers the plot from the point of view of subconscious desires, which manifest themselves in a dream:

  1. one. Bird flying through the window indicates the presence of hidden sexual fantasies in men. She tells women about their stiffness.
  2. 2 Small bird means that lustful thoughts prevail in a person.
  3. 3 Chicken discovered at home, warns that the dreamer will have to experience the malice of others because of wrong actions.

The famous astrologer saw in birds a symbol of change. Treatment of sleep details:

  1. one. Large birds — the fall of the meteorite and the destruction of some cities.
  2. 2 Little chick — the accession of peace on the planet.
  3. 3 Wild crying of birds in a dream — the sleeper will have to work under the authority of a strict leader.

A rooster in a dream spoke of possible quarrels, and rare beautiful birds spoke of impending misfortune. To reduce its likelihood, it is necessary to concentrate on the present and future plans, to forget about the past.

The bird is treated as a good omen. A good sign is to catch her. Flying birds foreshadow prosperity and the disappearance of grief.

But the dead or wounded mean sadness or big trouble.

A favorable sign is considered a chick with a beautiful plumage. Woman dreaming promises a happy marriage.

If a bird is wild, then getting into a dwelling means great luck. Domestic individuals are treated as a warning of trouble and sorrow.

Clairvoyant considers such a dream a positive sign. From her point of view, the bird personifies freedom. But some plots can talk about future tragic events:

  1. one. Raven flying into the house is a sign of imminent disaster.
  2. 2 A flock of ravens talks about the impending conflict in the country, which is able to take away the lives of many people.
  3. 3 Predators indicate a lean year.

A good sign, if the bird has made a nest. It is a symbol of home comfort and a warm atmosphere in the family.

But the nesting of crows speaks of the imminent epidemic of the deadly disease.

Bright bird plumage means good luck in love. Predator personifies honors.

Wounding or killing her is a bad omen, this marks failure.

The interpretation of the plot depends on the species of birds:

DoveIf the reaction to the pigeon is negative — to the experience. The joy of his presence means a new acquaintance
TitIt is a symbol of the birth of a new life. If anxiety is observed — to unpleasant news and problems.
RavenTo negative events or detractors
ParrotGuests, surprises, pleasant pastime
Poultry (duck, chicken)To the annoying problems
Day predator (eagle, hawk, kite)To deception, barriers to life
Nocturnal predator (owl, owl)To a negative event
Crane storkTo changes in the field of love relationships
Swallow and SwiftTo the meeting of lovers, support of friends, pleasant guests
GullTo sea voyage
MagpieTo the appearance of a guest, an imposing woman

The color of the bird also matters:

WhiteTo good news
The blackTo a sad event
BlueTo insecurity or others
BlueTo events in which the dreamer expects a compromise
GrayTo well-being
YellowTo change the financial condition
RedTo the realization of sexual fantasies
MulticoloredTo emotional breakdown

A big bird means good news, especially if it is white. But there is another interpretation: the black large individual, according to Nostradamus, prevents the approaching danger.

A little chick can promise happiness if he knocks on the window.

To see a miniature birdie — to have a good time with friends.

To understand what the dream actually means, the dreamer’s behavior will help:

Feed in a dreamFor single people — to new acquaintances, finding reliable comrades
CatchTo success in the field of love

The interpretation of sleep is influenced by the actions of the bird:

AttacksGossip and conflicts are possible, the outcome of an unpleasant situation depends on the end of the dream. If the birds leave the battlefield — nothing to fear
Pecks grainIn real life, the dreamer waiting for good luck and carelessness
Starts pecking manIt speaks of various gossip.
Emptied headThe dreamer will have a big profit, unexpected luck, calm awaits him

From where the bird flew, depend on the interpretation options:

A placeValue
To the houseSleep is a reflection of real experiences associated with problems in the family or with close people.
To the roomThis is a negative augury, meaning a possible illness of someone from the family
To the apartmentSleep waiting for experiences, stress, the likelihood of a negative story

The plot in which the bird sits on the balcony is an unfavorable sign. He speaks of trouble or of deceased relatives.

A flock that flew out the window foreshadows only misfortune. Especially if the birds collide due to indiscriminate movement.

It is necessary to prepare for troubles that cannot be prevented; they will collapse suddenly.

A flock of birds warns of the danger of dealing with problems in solitude. Among those close to you are those who can support and wish to lend a helping hand.

Despite the unpleasant emotions associated with such a dream, his interpretation is most often positive. It is possible that in the nearest period of a person’s life, small setbacks will follow, but everything will be resolved safely.

If a dead bird in a dream is a predatory one, it will bring good luck, a victory over detractors. If she is stabbed — a dream warns of serious danger.

To kill a bird is a bad sign. This suggests that thoughtless actions will cause trouble and loss.

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