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What dreams of a bird flown out the window?

What dreams of a bird flown out the window?

The image of the bird is multi-symbol. Identification of birds with the sun, freedom, messages, sky, wind, abundance, etc. can be found in various sources.

Birds are associated with many beliefs and will accept both pleasant and negative. Many people are afraid of flying birds in the house, because, trusting signs, this is associated with very unpleasant upcoming events. Not rarely do dreams occur with the participation of these representatives of the fauna.

Is it frightening the importance of a dream in which a bird flies through the window, like signs, will help to understand the dream books.

What dreams of a bird flown out the window?

Possible signs

In different interpreters the bird is the personification of different states and events:

  • Desire to reach height
  • Good
  • Happiness
  • Fear
  • News (both pleasant and sad)
  • To lead
  • Experiences
  • Danger
  • The guests
  • Connection with another world, etc.

Subtleties of sleep

There is an end-to-end interpretation of a dream in which a bird flew into a window, where a bird is generally perceived as a symbolic image, without taking into account its variety. However, the interpretation of dreams inherent attention to detail.

The more details and nuances the dreamer remembers, the more clearly the dream can be interpreted.

Which bird flew

  • Dove — with your joyful reaction to it — to an interesting acquaintance, with a negative reaction that has arisen — to experiences
  • Tit — to replenish the family, with their anxiety — to trouble
  • Raven or raven — to bad people or news
  • Parrot — for guests, pleasant pastime, gifts
  • Poultry (duck, goose, etc.) — to problems
  • Predatory day bird (kite, hawk, falcon, eagle, etc.) — to deception, difficult path to self-affirmation
  • A night bird of prey (owl, owl, owl, etc.) — to the unkind.
  • Crane, swan or stork — for good or bad events related to the love sphere, depending on the behavior of the birds and the accompanying situation
  • Exotic birds (phoenix, heat bird, flamingo, etc.) — to travel, adventures.

Bird color

Possible classification and depending on the color of the night guest:

  • White — to good news
  • Black — to the sad events, perceive them as the end of all bad and the beginning of the white band in life
  • Blue — to your uncertainty, be bolder and more insistent
  • Blue — to compromise
  • Gray — to well-being
  • Yellow — to financial events
  • Red — to the realization of sexual fantasies
  • Multicolored — to emotional frustration.

Dream about birds in a dream

Dream Miller. A dream in which a bird has flown through the window foreshadows a pleasant acquaintance.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. The author heralds the news from friends.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian. The range of interpretation of a dream about a bird that has flown into the window is wide enough for a given dream book.

Domestic bird species do not promise anything good, but foreshadow a serious illness, even death.

If the bird is not domestic, then in the near future you will be accompanied by fortune.

If the dream was seen by a woman who wants to give birth to a child, then in this case the bird brought the good news — the wish will come true soon.

What dreams of a bird flown out the window?

Dream interpretation Meneghetti. The author believes that soon you will become lucky, except if the bird is not home.

Domestic individuals flown out of the window are interpreted as sorrows and troubles.

Dream Interpretation Lofa. This dream book interprets a dream about a bird that has flown in through the window as an impending violation of the usual way of life and soon unexpected news.

Dream Medea. The sorceress predicts, after such a dream, acquaintance with a good person.

However, poultry dreams of bad news.

Dream interpretation Hasse. To see a dream like this is a disaster.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus. Dream interpretation promises major unpleasantness.

Dream Vanga. The clairvoyant saw in such a dream auspicious sign.

An exception is if the bird in the dream was black. In this case, unpleasant news ahead.

Freight’s dream interpretation. The psychologist interprets such a dream, as a guide to action, to liberate themselves in sexual terms.

Interpretations of dreams in which a bird flies through a window are rather contradictory and may even be opposite. The interpretation of the dream is affected by the details, such as: the type of bird, its size and color, your behavior.

If the read designation of sleep makes you anxious and fearful — try to perceive what is happening as inevitable and passable, do not wind yourself up over trifles and discard everything depressing from your head.

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