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What dreams of a basement in Miller, Zedkiel, Maya’s dream books

Treatment of dreams with a basement — lit, dark

To find out what the basement dreams about, you need to recreate the dream picture. The image of the basement personifies something deep.

Perhaps the dreamer is trying to hide his fears or resentment towards someone. Dream interpretation argues that the type of basement will depend on the interpretation of sleep.

The view of the basement personifies the inner world of the dreamer. Before you begin to pick up the interpretation, remember how this room looked.

General interpretation

If the dreamer is in the basement, it is worth being careful, otherwise he risks losing his honor and reputation. If the dream happened to get into the subway — you need to be on your guard: perhaps the dreamer will try to engage in a risky situation.

In night dreams, I had to go down to the basement — remember how it looked and what you needed to do there.

  • In the basement down for food — you have to get acquainted with a good-natured man.
  • If the basement was repaired — it is necessary to prepare for physical effort.
  • In the dream, you are trying to escape in the basement — you can get out of a difficult situation.
  • In the night you dream lost in the basement — it is worth preparing for long journeys.
  • It was possible to rake the basement after the destruction — for the dreamer will open other people’s secrets.

What dreams of a basement in Miller, Zedkiel, Maya's dream books

In the dream, I happened to be in the wine cellar, and there was a complete mess going on — this indicates that the dreamer is trying to hide some secret from everyone. If the containers are arranged in order and there is complete cleanliness — this shows the dreamer as a responsible person, but he tries to hide it from the public.

In the dream, I had to flee to the bomb shelter — this suggests that the dreamer is afraid of condemnation of others. If the bunker had to hide from military situations, the dreamer would be able to avoid unnecessary problems in the work team.

If you had to sit in the basement during training sessions — the dreamer is afraid of losing his lover. If in a dream you had to see a basement for vegetables, this predicts a great material profit for the dreamer. Such an interpretation would be correct if the vegetables were appetizing.

If in the cellar there were spoiled vegetables — it is worth preparing for heavy wastes.

Other interpretations

If the dreamer is in the gloomy dungeon of the castle, you should pay attention to the torches. If the dungeon is lit — a sleeping person will be able to understand why close people were offended by it.

And if the dungeon was dark, the dreamer would not be able to understand the reason for their disappointment.

If you in night visions have fallen into the catacombs, such an image warns the dreamer that he will have to temporarily abandon his convictions and morality. If a dream fails to find a way out of the basement, the dreamer is worried about what he has done and cannot stop thinking about it.

If the young man helped to find the door, the male dreamer will have excellent support from the male.

If the basement in a dream was with rats, and they were chasing the dreamer, his enemies would again begin to act actively. If he manages to fend off them — the dreamer will be able to fend off any actions by ill-wishers.

But if the rodents did not frighten him — boldly take up any business, it will go uphill with you, and you will succeed without much effort.

In the dream, I had to sit in the basement for a long time — it is worth preparing for routine and monotonous work. If the dreamer just looked into the basement and immediately went out of there — you can solve the problem quickly and in cold blood.

If you are in the night visions threw a person into the basement — it warns you that this person dissolves gossip about you. It is necessary to limit him from his world and stop contacting him, or try to achieve a minimal connection.

They killed a rodent in the basement — it is possible to get rid of an envious person. Being locked in a cellar — you are very dependent on the opinion of your colleague.

What dreams of a basement in Miller, Zedkiel, Maya's dream books

Dream Miller

As this dream book says, a basement is a sign that personifies the dreamer’s emotions. If you were in a dream in a frozen basement — you are confused between the options provided.

It is worth gaining faith in yourself, to become the master of your own life. If you dreamed of a basement full of alcohol and food, you will receive a material profit, but the method of obtaining it will be questionable.

For a young girl, the image of the cellar does not bear anything good — it is worth preparing for quarrels with a loved one or a serious illness.

Dream Teacher

I dreamed of a basement with a large cellar — it is worth preparing for the fact that you have to part with your loved one. Also, such a dream is interpreted in the following way: the girl will unsuccessfully marry a man who has previously been married.

For a girl, a full cellar with food and alcohol means that she will receive a marriage proposal, but you should not immediately agree to it — perhaps this person is not the one you need and will not bring anything good into your life.

What dreams of a basement in Miller, Zedkiel, Maya's dream books

Dreaming maya

A good sign is an image where the dreamer is locked in the basement — it means that you are in a ridiculous situation from which you cannot find a way out, but you should not be upset — soon there will be a person who will help you solve your problems. This dream book offers to put a cup of coffee in the basement or in the cellar, so as not to miss this person.

A bad sign is a dream, where you get out of the basement — it is worth preparing for the fact that your reputation will deteriorate badly due to unforeseen circumstances. Dream interpretation offers to grab something from the basement to avoid this awkward situation.

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