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What dreams lice

What dreams of lice on the dream book

To find out why lice dream about, read this article. I picked up the interpretation of dream books, which can be trusted.

I use them myself when I want to analyze this or that dream and understand what fate prepares for me in the future.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

This is a unique treatise on dreams, which contains modern interpretations. They will help shed light on the future and better understand it.

What dreams lice

  1. Lice are an auspicious symbol. Especially if they dream in a difficult period of life. Such a dream suggests that soon you will forget about all your troubles and get the long-awaited success, money and love.
  2. If you felt lice crawling on your head, but did not see them, in reality you have to lose something very valuable for you. This may concern both personal life and work.
  3. Kill Lice — to the receipt of money in your account from an unexpected source. This is not a salary, but a nice bonus from fate. A higher power will thus reward you for good deeds in the past.
  4. See nits — to achieve goals. Such a dream indicates that you are confidently taking the intended path, despite the obstacles and difficulties. No one person or circumstance can lead you astray.
  5. See nits on your own head — to career success. You can expect promotions or salary increases. You can multiply the result if you take the initiative and take on a little more responsibilities than usual.

Dream interpretation Hasse

These interpretations will please all those who believe in astrology and understand that we are governed by higher powers.

What dreams lice

  1. See lice from someone on the head — to a dizzying success in business. You will fall into the flow of prosperity and abundance, so you will be able to strengthen your financial situation and achieve a position in the society you are striving for.
  2. Feeling insects on your head is an unfavorable sign. What you have conceived cannot be implemented as quickly as you would like. Be patient and get ready to wait a bit.
  3. Lice mixed with fleas dream of trouble in communicating with friends. They will not be the kind of people you can trust. You have a serious disappointment in close people who will have to go through.
  4. A lot of lice, which literally teems the head — to the black stripe in life. Your health, personal life, and finances will be at risk. Fate will send you many tests to test your strength and see how you are able to cope with problems.

Family Dream

The predictions of this dream book are relevant for people who honor traditions and family values. These are interpretations for conservatives who do not like to change something in their lives and strive for stability.

What dreams lice

  1. A lot of insects on someone else’s head dream to receive a large amount of money in your account. It is a symbol of profit and good profit, which you can get thanks to actions taken in the past.
  2. On your head lice dream of problems and failures in business. Adversity will touch and personal life. Therefore, it may seem to you that a global black stripe has come in life, from which there is no way out.
  3. Shaking the lice off your head — to the speedy solution of the problems that are in your life now. Favorable circumstances will arise, thanks to which you will easily cope with all the failures and enter a new, bright life stage.
  4. Catching lice — to make good money. Perhaps you will turn up trash for which well paid. Do not miss the opportunities that fate will send you and open to meet the new.
  5. Squeeze the lice — to the destruction of the usual way of life. You have a lot to change: habits, behavior, thoughts and actions. We’ll have to get out of the comfort zone for the sake of material benefits.

Dream of the ancient Slavs

Interpretations based on the experience and culture of the Slavic peoples:

  1. See lice in a dream — to wealth and abundance. Such a dream suggests that you have great prospects for material well-being. It will not be easy to do, but by putting even a minimum of effort, you will advance significantly.
  2. There are lice in your dream — to an expensive gift that you get. Someone from close will decide to please you and from the pure heart will present your gift. There were cases when people were given apartments and cars after such dreams.
  3. Multi-colored lice — a sign that says that you are accustomed to think negatively, and this can lead to big problems. With bad thoughts you attract trouble to yourself, like a magnet.
  4. Lice on the leg is an unfavorable sign. He says that your detractors will try to harm you. You need to keep your ears open to avoid problems that they can bring on you by their actions.
  5. Catching lice — you will have the opportunity to earn more money than you usually get for your work. Do not miss this chance and carefully listen to the voice of your intuition, which will indicate the opportunity.
  6. Lice crawling among snakes — to success in personal life. You will become very attractive to the opposite sex. Men will want to get you by all means, and you just have to choose the most worthy candidate for the role of life partner.

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  • Lice personify money and human work. Therefore, such a dream can give a forecast for events that will occur in the financial sphere of your life.
  • Remember what it was in a dream. Did you crush the lice or watched them, saw it on your head or someone else? Every little thing matters.
  • Sometimes a dream does not tell about specific events but indicates actions that you need to take. Pay attention to such interpretations too.

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