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What dreams kissing on dream-books and basic interpretations

What does it mean to kiss in a dream for men and for women

Kissing in a dream is a sign of tender romantic feeling or irrepressible curiosity. You yourself are the creator of your dream, and if with the most tender sympathy, the matter does not go beyond romantic kisses, this is an indicator of extreme timidity.

Maybe a dream shows that the object of sympathy is not able to awaken sensuality in you, your relationship is too tender and subtle to disturb them with carnal passions. In a dream, anything can happen, kisses are possible with completely unexpected people and in strange situations.

Consider why dream of kissing in a dream on dream books.

What dreams kissing on dream-books and basic interpretations

Basic Values

A kiss in a dream means the possibility of a sudden convergence and is considered not as a prediction, but as a hypothetical possibility. At the same time you can check your own reaction, as you like it.

  • Kissing a thing or object means that you are dreaming about this item and would like to purchase it, but for some reason you do not. Try to get what you want, better legally. You will receive not only pleasure, but also a great amulet. Even if it is a dinosaur from Lego.
  • Kissing with a husband or a regular boyfriend rarely dreams. Why, if you and in real life have the opportunity to kiss a loved one, as many as you like. If you dream of a kiss with your husband, it means that you miss him, you do not have enough warmth and affection. There may be difficulties in the relationship.
  • To dream of others kissing is envy, an opportunity for adventure. Beware, innocent entertainment, which you will start with boredom, will turn into a powerful avalanche that will completely absorb you and will begin to control your actions.
  • You are kissed by a person whose motives are not quite clear to you. Maybe he is trying to get close to you out of mercenary motives or pursuing career goals. In a dream, you are joking and letting yourself kiss, amused. Such a dream should be taken as a warning and a warning of danger.
  • A kiss with a stranger, a stranger — to a curious surprise.
  • Exciting kissing with a distant acquaintance, colleague, security guard means that you desperately miss and are ready to come up with adventures on your head. Try to prevent a breakdown and arrange adventures for yourself on your own — go on vacation, go to the climbing wall, go hiking, go to the trampoline park. Cinema or theater in this case is not suitable — you need to throw out emotions, and not to gain new ones.
  • A passionate kiss with a friend — perhaps you are really close in spirit. This is not a reason to immediately turn friendships into sexual ones or, on the contrary, to run away from intercourse. Female hormones are unstable and fluctuate depending on many factors. You should not take a slight hesitation for homosexual inclinations. Kiss with a friend or girlfriend on the cheek — to profit.
  • Kissing with a former husband or boyfriend in a dream means that at the moment you have not found a worthy replacement and sometimes old feelings can disturb you. Something was left unsaid, unfinished. You do not have to definitely bring everything to the end, express your thoughts or, on the contrary, rush into the arms. If the decision is made and it is hard, just shake with crying and move on. Everyone has ghosts of the past, but not all of them must come back.
  • A rapprochement in a dream with a man you like promises a terrific romance in reality. Not necessarily with the same person.
  • If you dream, you gently kiss the mirror and flirt with your own reflection — this shows a high level of narcissism. Perhaps you really like yourself and you no longer need anyone. If this suits you, then why not? but in reality, this behavior is not very comfortable, because people around you require reciprocity and are not ready to give you the same love as you would like, without a reciprocal reciprocal reaction.

What dreams kissing on dream-books and basic interpretations

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Interpretation Veles claims that a kiss with a dead man promises joy and receiving an inheritance profit. A kiss with a member of your gender means that you run into intrigue. Be wary of new «casual» dating.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation promises a pleasant and exciting acquaintance for women, but it should be wary of money hunters. For men, sleep serves as a reminder that he is missed and needs his support.
  • The dream interpretation of the Wanderer calls for fear of betrayal, infidelity. There may be a dizzying and unlucky affair with a local celebrity who or she will completely turn your head.
  • Dream Lofa considers kisses in a dream, as a desire to arouse feelings. If you watch the tender embrace and kisses of other people — you pay too much attention to outsiders at the expense of your own life. Such a dream should be considered as a signal to go about your business, your own life. It seems to you that there is nothing interesting in your life precisely because of close attention to others. Return the center of attention to yourself because you are waiting for a fascinating and romantic adventure.
  • The apostolic dream book promises good prospects for the future.
  • Dream Miller pays attention to kisses in the dark and prejudges the dreamers in advance for future lewdness and immoral behavior. Miller claims that if you dream of a kiss with a man whose face you do not see, it means that you are the source of depravity. In the past century, it was bad, in our time it is rather a compliment. Consider that Miller calls you sexy.
  • Dream Vanga says that kissing in a dream to reconciliation, the resolution of strife, the conclusion of good deals, working together.

What dreams kissing on dream-books and basic interpretations


Kissing in a dream, seeing how other people kiss — a sign of sensuality that is lacking in reality. If there are enough kisses in life, the dream shows that you would like more, try something new. Perhaps the relationship is not enough sincere feelings.

In any case, kissing in a dream means to money, entertainment, interesting and curious adventures, small, but pleasant events.

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