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What dreams kiss — interpretation of dream books

What is the dream dreaming dream

To determine what the kiss dreams about, remember the plot of your dream and read the interpretations that I have prepared in this article. They contain forecasts of popular dream books, which I use myself regularly to be prepared for upcoming events.

Psychological dream book

Our subconscious often sends us warning signals through dreams. And the authors of the psychological dream book know how to correctly interpret these signals.

What dreams kiss - interpretation of dream books

Here are their predictions:

  1. Seeing kissing children — you will find peace and quiet in every area of ​​life. Problems will disappear, and well-being will fill work, family and everything else that is so important to you.
  2. Kissing mom in a dream — you have good potential to create your own business and become an entrepreneur. You can realize yourself, benefit the world and become a successful person who does not need anything.
  3. Kissing a brother or sister — to the many pleasures that you will receive from life. You will fall into the flow of happiness and abundance, so you will receive bonuses from fate almost daily, and forget about the troubles for a long time.
  4. Kiss your lover / sweetheart — someone will try to draw you into a secret romance. But try to avoid the temptation, because the payoff will be too high. For example, a married man will take care of you, and his wife will ruin your life later.
  5. Kissing an unfamiliar woman — you will be very tempted to commit some unsightly act that can seriously ruin your reputation. You should avoid this so as not to hurt yourself.
  6. Kissing with the enemy — your relationship will escalate, but in the near future you will reconcile with a friend with whom you have been quarreling for a long time, not daring to take the first step. Comrade will call you first and go for a rapprochement.
  7. Kissing a husband or wife — you have a wonderful relationship, in which there is not only passion, but also real spiritual intimacy. Perhaps you are destined to each other, the real «second half».

Dream Miller

Miller’s interpretations are popular for their versatility.

What dreams kiss - interpretation of dream books

Read and select the appropriate:

  1. If in a dream a man kissed your hands, then in real life, fate will very soon give you a chance to get rich. It is important to notice this opportunity and not to miss it, otherwise the next time you will have to wait a very long time.
  2. A friend of her husband molested with kisses — in reality you have to seriously disappoint in this man. He will betray and commit a serious offense, harm your family.
  3. Seeing as a husband kisses another woman — to adultery. Perhaps you have long suspected your spouse of infidelity, and the subconscious with the help of sleep confirms your guesswork. And he probably has several mistresses.
  4. Kissing with her boyfriend — such a dream promises a marriage proposal that will come from the chosen one as soon as possible. He is ready to take the relationship to a more serious level and express his intentions.
  5. Kissing children — you fuss too much, waste energy and spray on multiple targets instead of choosing one. Stop, take a breather and concentrate on the most important.
  6. If a mom kisses you in a dream, then in reality you can always count on the help and support of relatives. They will never leave you in a difficult situation, devoted to you. They can be trusted.
  7. Kissing animals — this dream of a woman foreshadows a romance with a young man who will trust her completely, will not be jealous and controlled. A dream for a married woman promises a romance on the side, full of passion and bright emotions. But the man will have to give up on his darling, and even before the wedding.
  8. Kissing a stranger — to unforeseen and very large expenses. We’ll have to spend the whole jug and stay without savings. But to avoid spending does not work in any way.

Esoteric dream book

Dream interpretation with the most mystical and mysterious predictions for those who believe in magic and higher powers.

What dreams kiss - interpretation of dream books

  1. Kissing a person of the opposite sex with you — you will easily win love and authority among those around you. Your charm will increase, people will begin to see in you a charismatic, interesting and very attractive person.
  2. Kissing a stranger — you will find some valuable thing or get an expensive gift. It will happen completely unexpectedly and at that moment when it will seem to you that nothing good can happen to you in this life.
  3. The man kisses passionate dreams as a warning. A woman whose attention you so desperately seek will refuse you reciprocity. Do not waste time — pay attention to a more worthy candidate.
  4. During the illness, kisses dream of a speedy recovery.
  5. A young girl kisses dreams of meeting a young man, whom she will greatly enjoy. The feelings will be mutual, and a dizzying romance will start. But she needs to be careful, because the chosen one is not nearly as simple as it seems.
  6. A mature woman kisses in a dream promise the fulfillment of some old, long-forgotten desire. The dream will suddenly come true, which probably will not bring any joy, but will only bring disappointment.

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  • Universal interpretation of sleep with kisses does not exist. Prediction depends on who you kissed, how this person looked, how you are connected in real life.
  • That is why you need to remember, and it is better to record your dream immediately after awakening, so that you do not miss anything and make the most correct interpretation.
  • Most often, kisses talk about some changes in the relationship with a particular person from your real life.

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