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What dreams hug: interpretation of the dream

What does it mean to see a hug in a dream: interpretation by dream books

Hugs in a dream are one of the most controversial symbols in esoterics. To understand its meaning, it is necessary to recall the details of the dream and relate them to the events that occur in the real life of the sleeper. Favorable is a dream in which the dreamer hugged a loved one.

Such a plot promises success in affairs and happiness in personal life. Hugging a stranger — to new acquaintances or unexpected meeting with old acquaintances.

Embracing a dead man is a reflection of the dreamer’s deep affection for the past.

When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to remember with whom and under what circumstances the dreamer was hugging. The table discusses the interpretation of different scenes of night vision:

Who dreamsInterpretation
  • After a long separation, hugging a loved one is a sign that the marriage union of spouses will be strong and happy.
  • If the dreamer wants to comfort or calm her husband with her arms, then in real life he needs her support.
  • To feel sadness or melancholy in the arms of her husband — soon in the life of the dreamer unpleasant events will occur. It is necessary to wait out the period of troubles. After him, the sleeping life will change for the better.
  • If the spouse from the back gently embraces the shoulders, the sleeping one can be sure that in a difficult situation the relatives will offer her help.
  • The embrace of a spouse is a reflection of its reliability and devotion to the dreamer
  • To embrace and gently kiss your wife — to favorable changes. Joyful events will occur in the professional sphere and in the personal life of a person. An alternative interpretation promises to receive news from distant relatives or childhood friends.
  • If the wife embraces the sleeper with sadness, it means that the subconscious mind is trying to tell him that the beloved needs his care and attention. Spouses must spend more time together, otherwise there will be discord in their relationship.
Favorite person
  • Hugging a guy who loves secretly in reality is an auspicious sign. Soon the young man will show his sympathy or tell some news asleep.
  • Hugs of your favorite boyfriend / girlfriend — to have a good time with your sweetheart.
  • Lying in bed with a loved one in bed is an auspicious sign. Harmony and mutual understanding reign between real life lovers. They sincerely love each other and value their relationship.
  • If the face of a loved one in a dream suddenly becomes unclear or changes to an unfamiliar one, the dream promises a quarrel or separation.
Former sweetheart
  • The passionate embrace of a former boyfriend / girlfriend is a sign that the sleeper cannot forget his past relationship and subconsciously regrets the breakup.
  • If the former boyfriend strongly hugs the sleeping one by the waist or kisses him on the neck, the dream reflects the feeling of guilt, which for some reason the girl feels in front of her present young man.
  • For a guy, the embrace of an ex-girlfriend is a reflection of his resentment towards her. He still has not forgiven her the pain she has caused him in the past.
  • Sleep promises the emergence of new responsibilities at work, the fulfillment of which will require more dignity and zeal from the dreamer.
  • If there was a competitor or an enemy in the place of the boss, care should be taken when dealing with enemies. They may attempt to harm the sleeper’s reputation — no need to succumb to their provocations.
Familiar woman
  • The dream of a man foreshadows a passionate, but short affair. If he wants a serious relationship with a girl, he will have to prove to her his reliability and loyalty.
  • A girl dream promises to build relationships with colleagues and superiors
Unknown person
  • Hugging a stranger is a reflection of the dreamer’s need for a loved one whom she could confide in and count on his support. An alternative interpretation promises a change in life. Possible relocation, a trip on a business trip or a new job.
  • If a stranger tries to hug the dreamer from behind, a dream indicates that in real life the girl is too trusting, which people from her surroundings willingly use.
  • The firm, reliable embrace of a handsome stranger is a sign that the dreamer is surrounded by true friends and loving relatives, always ready to help him.

What dreams hug: interpretation of the dream

Dreams with a deceased person scare people and instill in them fear and anxiety for their future. However, a dream like this is not always an alarming sign.

The dead person appears in a dream in order to warn the dreamer about something or to warn him against danger.

Plots of night vision may be as follows:

  • Hugging your deceased relative or friend and feeling peace on your heart is a sign that people who are sleeping in difficult situations will be helped by people with whom the deceased was on good terms during his life.
  • To see the dead man alive and happily embrace him — to meet with a man who will make the sleeper happy and help him overcome all the difficulties in life.
  • Hugs with a dead person also point to the character traits that the deceased possessed during his lifetime. Perhaps the dreamer lacks these qualities at the moment.
  • For young people, such a dream speaks of their sincere regret for their mistakes. Dream interpretation indicates that it is impossible to change the past, but it is in the power of man not to repeat his mistakes in the present. It’s time to forgive yourself and get rid of guilt.
  • According to the Chinese dream book, crying in the arms of the deceased is a quarrel. The dreamer’s relationship with people from his inner circle will deteriorate. Straight talk and joint search for a compromise solution to the conflict will correct the situation.

What dreams hug: interpretation of the dream

In the esoteric, the child symbolizes helplessness, fickleness and excitement. The dream in which the dreamer hugged the child indicates that the person is in disharmony with himself.

The cause of this condition could be severe physical and emotional stress or stress experienced recently.

The interpretation of the plot of the dream:

  • If a child is embraced by a child in a dream, the dream promises to the sleeping person the support of the person from whom he least expects help. An alternative interpretation of sleep, in which the baby takes the initiative and firmly hugs the sleeper, foreshadows his success in business. Beginnings will be successfully implemented, if you make efforts and show determination.
  • Embracing your child is a reflection of the dreamer’s need for safety and emotional comfort. Dream interpretation advises to take a vacation and spend it in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Hugs with an unfamiliar boy — to find harmony with the outside world. An alternative interpretation indicates a person’s immaturity and his unwillingness to take responsibility.
  • For a married girl, a dream in which, embracing a child, she experiences joy and peace, promises the joy of motherhood.

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