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What dreams feet: interpretation of the dream

What are your legs dreaming: dream interpretation in dream books

The appearance of the legs in a dream can be correlated with the mental state of a person, they reflect his faith in himself and in his future. If in a dream they were healthy and well-groomed, the dream book points to new perspectives and opportunities; sick — a warning about the difficulties in life.

If the dreamer could not remember the details of the dream, then his interpretation should be based on the one whose legs he saw in the kingdom of Morpheus.

Men indicate that the sleeper is lonely and worried about the inability to share his thoughts and feelings with someone. Such a state can cause reckless acts.

In order to avoid negative consequences, the dreamer must learn to see in solitude an opportunity for self-development and spiritual growth. Beautiful slender female legs — the harbinger of a happy life, filled with joyful events, pleasant meetings and unexpected discoveries.

The interpretation of the dream depends on the sex of the sleeper.

What dreams feet: interpretation of the dream

If a girl in a dream admires her legs, then in real life, irrepressible vanity will push a person away from her who has sincere sympathy for her.

To dream hairy legs — to a relationship with a man who will be henpecked. All decisions in the pair will make the dreamer.

The beloved, in turn, will fully submit to her will and make a lot of effort in order to satisfy the slightest desire of his chosen one.

If in a dream a woman sees strong pumped male legs, then the dream book indicates that her chosen one is a faithful and reliable person whom she can fully trust. Beloved is for her a reliable support and support in life, next to him no difficulties are terrible.

What dreams feet: interpretation of the dream

The girl’s bare legs indicate that the sleeper is interested in an attractive young lady, but his feelings will not be mutual.

Long legs are the harbinger of receiving money. Through hard work and total dedication, the dreamer will achieve material well-being.

Bare feet — a sign that a man should devote more time to self-development and not engage in meaningless things. Achieve success in life and realize their plans will succeed, provided he is not afraid of difficulties and will be able to show strengths of character.

What dreams feet: interpretation of the dream

When interpreting a dream, it is important to remember which specific part of the leg has dreamed of a person:

Leg pieceInterpretation
  • To dream of your bare feet is a harbinger of romantic relationships; someone else’s feet — to monetary losses.
  • Foot injuries predict losses and failures. The sleeper will have to make a lot of effort to cope with deprivations and adequately get out of this situation without losing the strength of spirit and self-confidence.
  • Beautiful fingers with well-groomed nails indicate that the dreamer will soon meet the person destined for him by Destiny.
  • Sores and cuts on the fingers — a sign that the sleeper should watch his behavior instead of taking an active part in someone else’s life
  • A young girl dream indicates the danger of being seduced by a dishonest man.
  • To admire your knees in a dream — to the success of the opposite sex. Will be able to meet an interesting person and adjust their personal lives
  • Slender hips dream of luck on the love front. For a girl who has a young man, sleep is a harbinger of a happy marriage in the future.
  • Thick thighs, which sleeps admiring in a dream, indicate the imminent changes in life, to which she has long sought.
  • The bruises on the hips indicate the loneliness of the sleeper. Such a plot can also be dreamed of by a person who does not feel the support of close people and is forced to cope with all the difficulties in his own life.

The table shows the popular scenes of the dream.

Warm feetWarm wet feet around the fire — to the onset of the long-awaited peace after a quarrel with a loved one. In the future, the dream book recommends the dreamer to think about the consequences of his frivolous actions and harsh statements that cause pain to people whom he values.
Stand upIf the dreamer fell and immediately rose to his feet, he is waiting "white" band, he will be able to realize all his plans
Pumping musclesIf a person rocked his muscles on a professional simulator in the gym, then in reality he will succeed thanks to his own efforts, not from outside help. The sleeper must learn to rely only on himself and stop counting on the help of relatives and influential friends.
Hold the person by the feetTo hold by the feet of a person hanging over the abyss is a reflection of the fear of the future, peculiar to people who have fallen into a difficult life situation. In no case can not give up and give up. The sleeper must remember that his relatives and friends are always ready to come to his aid.
Get hurtIf the wound is covered with blood and sore badly, this is a warning about the illness of the dreamer or someone from his immediate environment.
Stepping on someone’s footA sign that a person is ready to do much to achieve his goals. In his aspirations, he does not stop at nothing, so competitors consider him a dangerous adversary and try to avoid open confrontation with him.
Amputate the legIf the dreamer does not obey the leg and he is forced to amputate it on the operating table, the dream promises the loss of friends and the loss of good relations with loved ones. If a person self-cut himself without the help of qualified medical personnel, the reason for the break in relations will be his behavior.

A rotten foot indicates that in seeking to help someone, the dreamer will unwittingly harm himself. Dream interpretation warns the person that, before taking any action, you should think about the consequences.

Patients with swollen limbs — warning the subconscious that the sleeper should pay more attention to their health. Harmful habits, lack of physical activity and fatty food adversely affect a person’s well-being, reducing his performance.

In the future, such a lifestyle can lead to serious health problems.

Worms in the legs symbolize the irrepressible craving for material goods. Dream interpretation thus tries to remind that there are many interesting free things that the sleeper ignores.

Anger on the leg dreams to achieve the desired goal. The position of the dreamer will soon be consolidated, and he will be able to afford what he has long refused.

Legs symbolize the stability of a person in life and his faith in himself. If in the realm of Morpheus, the sleeper saw himself without lower limbs, then in reality he would face insurmountable difficulties. Also, the dream indicates that a person wants to substitute competitors or detractors who envy his success.

You must be vigilant and not allow anyone to hurt yourself.

If the dreamer walks with prostheses, then in reality he will have to be disappointed because of the unsuccessful attempt to realize his dream.

Helping a cripple is a sign that a person has lost faith in the fact that one day his life will change for the better. However, despite the seeming hopelessness, the situation will soon improve, and life will give the sleeping person a surprise.

Caring for a disabled person with care is a reflection of the dreamer’s determination and determination. He has a dream, for the sake of which he is ready to make any sacrifices.

Soon he will receive what he awaited with such trepidation and impatience.

The table provides interpretations of the dreams in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
  • Big leg with a swollen limb — to the loss of money and health problems.
  • Washing the dirty soles of the feet is a sign that an event will soon happen in the dreamer’s life that will upset him.
  • To break a leg — to problems in private life. Reciprocal reproaches will be the cause of a major quarrel between lovers, after which it will be difficult to return to the previous trusting relationship.
  • If in a dream the legs failed and the dreamer fails to get up and move independently, then in reality there will be major troubles in various areas of life.
  • A wooden leg indicates that the dreamer will be in an ugly position in front of friends. His behavior will alienate his close people and cause trouble in his personal life.
  • Thick, swollen legs are a harbinger of shame and humiliation.
  • Bare legs indicate that a person does not apply enough effort to make his dreams come true.
  • Hairy female legs — a reflection of a strong, domineering character sleeping. She used to dominate relationships, so she has difficulty in communicating with the opposite sex
  • Slender, pumped legs indicate that the sleeper has strong sexual energy and is in excellent physical shape.
  • Lame leg reflects the subconscious desire of a person to sophisticated sexual affection.
  • Skinny legs in the mud warn of problems with the genitals. If a person has previously been disturbed by anxious symptoms, a medical examination is necessary to prevent the development of the disease in a timely manner.
  • To dream a lot of beautiful well-groomed legs — a sign that the sleeper leads an active sex life
  • If the dreamer kisses someone’s feet, the dream indicates humility and reverence in real life.
  • Lean limbs foreshadow treachery. The sleeper must be careful. The traitor will try to take advantage of his frivolity and inattention. Alternative interpretation: problems in the family, which can be managed thanks to the diplomacy of the dreamer.
  • To get in a dream a serious injury — to problems at work. Possible loss of profitable prospects in the professional field.
  • To dream of your crooked legs is an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing material difficulties.
  • Feet of others are dreaming of getting into a life-threatening extreme situation.
  • In Tsvetkov’s dream book, beautiful white legs are the personification of good luck and success in business. A favorable time has come for positive changes in life.
  • To break or injure a leg — to the loss of a friend or problems at work.
  • To wash the feet in clean water — to cure diseases and improve the general physical and emotional state. Alternative interpretation: an exciting journey, thanks to which new perspectives will open up before the dreamer

The values ​​of sleep in famous dream books often differ, so a person should choose an interpretation that most fully reflects the events that occur in his real life.

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