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What dreams eyes: interpretation dream interpretation

The eyes reflect the mental and physical condition. According to their appearance in a dream, as well as their belonging, the circumstances of the vision, the actions of the characters and other characteristics, one can presumably interpret the development of personal relationships, predict well-being in the near future, important events.

A dream about eyes serves as a harbinger of news and changes in the most significant spheres of human life, reflects the desire of the sleeper to interest in himself and many other details.

Eyes in a dream — a warning symbol: for lovers — a sign of the appearance of a dangerous opponent; for a businessman — a message about competition. Unhealthy, blind, slanting eyes dream of trouble, setbacks, offenses.

Pleasant-looking, beautiful — to a great sense of well-being and joyful events.

The color of the iris is important: light shades foreshadow love experiences and positive feelings; dark — warn about adverse events and bad actions of people.

The warmth or coldness of the gaze is associated with the self-esteem of the dreamer. Concern in the view indicates psychological isolation, alienation.

Piercing, watchful eyes — to deception. Frightening pupils in a dream warn of the need for proper rest.

Damage or soreness of the organs of vision warns of harm to reputation. Such a plot speaks about someone’s doubts about the dignity of the dreamer.

What dreams eyes: interpretation dream interpretation

Pupil color and dream interpretation:

BlueGood news; symbol of deep affection; a period of responsible decisions that will change the fate
BlueFailures, errors; obtaining important information; recognition of people wanting to manipulate
GrayExcessive trust or flattery
BrownCheating, meanness
BlackPleasant pastime; false friendship
GreenPure, permanent relationship, harmony, mutual assistance; mutual feelings; as well as seduction, energy attack
RedDerogatory words address the dreamer; trouble with a familiar person; high risk of physical exhaustion; remuneration for work that is weakened
YellowAtmosphere unfavorable to the psyche of the dreamer; heartache
PurpleEnthusiasm; not always pure intentions
MulticoloredThe need to deal with a two-faced person. Other meanings of eyes of different colors — betrayal and delusion; adverse circumstances; flattery to put down vigilance; habit to act routinely, which will lead to an error; relationship under attack without apparent reason
WhitesWrong choice; dissatisfaction with himself, in which the dreamer does nothing to improve the situation; the desire to become irresistible in their environment. Small white eyes — the enemy is plotting evil
ColorlessJob loss rivalry
Last minuteInvitation to the reception, dinner party

The shape and other features of the eyes and the interpretation of sleep:

LargeHappiness; wealth
Little onesDifficulties in obtaining information
NarrowFailure, bad news, a warning that you should keep your secrets to yourself
SkewFinancial success
PoopedFight, badge of enemy control
Languorous, languishingCharming rival
MuddyUnkind sign
LifelessIncreased threat of domestic injuries
EvilDeceitful plans of ill-wishers; for lovers — the appearance of an opponent
BeautifulFidelity; harmonious life
Scary (see yourself)Complexes in reality
SadBad news

Interpretation of a dream by the presence of foreign objects or diseases:

With moteReproaches
With eyelashReluctance to do annoying work
With insects, wormsTrouble due to unresolved issues
With blood, bloodshotFighting for your interests, which will seriously exhaust
With a bruiseA warning that someone will speak openly against the dreamer, but one should maintain composure
With sandBad conscience
With thornCheating
Inflamed, festeringWarning: beware of rash actions
ReddenedUnfortunately with relatives, acquaintances
BarleyTo wealth
SwollenBetrayal by business partners. Council to comply with the law
SickFailure at work, in business; delusion
HealthySuccess, joy, luck

Interpretation of sleep depends on what happens to the eyes:

OmittedPangs of conscience, shame, love
ClosedGood news; but if the eyelids cannot be opened — misunderstandings
TrackingMisconduct before the law
Fast runningWell-being
BlinkingDamages; own fault
Baited by birdsVictory over enemies
Crying in tearsInsult; mercy, remorse
TearsDirty trick
KnottedSymbol of search and spiritual development; comprehension magic
Cut in the eyesTime to take control
Resulting from injuryPangs of conscience

What dreams eyes: interpretation dream interpretation

A conversation with a person who avoids a direct look — people will put in a difficult position. The dreamer should not try to figure out the hidden; need to forgive the old.

Protective cases that the person tried to attach in a dream, portend that something will come into life that they want to cherish. A stranger is trying to get attention — an unexpected acquaintance, a romantic date.

Other non-standard parts:

StrangeFor lovers — disappointment in a partner
The third eye (to find at home, being away from home)Risk of getting lost
Three eyes (find at home)Warning: the dreamer can be robbed. For a woman, pregnancy; for a man — readiness for spiritual development, for the awakening of intuition
Another’s eye (see lying on the table)Fear of punishment, disclosure of secrets
Many eyesThe acquisition of knowledge; sometimes — the birth of long-awaited children. Many human eyes — to profit
The transformation of the pupils in the catWarning: should control instincts
Fish eyes on faceSymbol of inertia, irresponsibility
Disappearance of the pupilsThe habit of attaching great importance to detail, missing important
Orbits that are disproportionately largeMeaningful acquaintance
Own empty eye sockets in the mirrorEpiphany
Unusually sharp eyesightNon-standard solution
Bloody eye socketsThe presence of detractors among loved ones; injustice and suspicion; time to change priorities
Eyes without faceUnexpected business proposal
The human eye in a can of liquid in a containerJealousy, omissions, disassembly; shameful secrets will be revealed
  • one-eyed man — grief;
  • eyeless — loss of a loved one;
  • man with empty eye sockets — death of parents, bad luck;
  • blind — disease;
  • stranger — new information;
  • dead person with open eyes — late awareness of information; close his eyelids — to accept the loss.
  • open your eyes while you sleep — distrust of those who are trying to lull vigilance; barely open your eyes — poverty;
  • dreaming with eyes closed — confirmation of information received earlier;
  • stare — be amazed;
  • feel a kiss in the eyes — all things will get better, harmony will come in life;
  • feel the speck — point out errors;
  • feel that soret — to repentance;
  • cry out — to great joy;
  • quickly follow the eyes — to joy;
  • treat eyesight — dissatisfaction with life and the use of unusual methods to improve it;
  • to rub — propensity for masturbation;
  • pull out — false perceptions, misconceptions about the world;
  • scratching — unpleasant changes;
  • light one’s way with eyes — new perception of the world;
  • paint — the person of interest will do everything to conquer the dreamer;
  • use shadows — the probability of betrayal;
  • to let down — to hypocrisy, to be in a far-fetched way; to paint with others — to passion;
  • look after the centuries — claim your faith.

What dreams eyes: interpretation dream interpretation

The eyes of an animal symbolize envy, jealousy; selfishness of the sleeper; the influence of magic.

The eyes of the animal and the interpretation of sleep:

  • feline — warning of the need to be tactful in order to avoid scandal;
  • doggy — caring friends;
  • snake — control of a bad person;
  • lions — obtaining information that will be of great importance;
  • rat, especially, red — an indication of misconduct out of a sense of revenge and resentment;
  • fish — indifference.

Unusual episodes and interpretation:

  1. one. Escape from the animal that the dreamer is trying to eat, — be in trouble because of other people’s secrets.
  2. 2 Red-eyed wolf stared — conflicts will be settled peacefully.
  3. 3 Cat’s luminous red eyes — Someone from the household hides something from the family.
  4. four. Crow pecks out the eyes of a dead animal — dreamers are looking for lenders.

The eyes of the girl — to deceit, flattery, misinformation; women — to intrigue, the need to be careful. Blue — naivety and simplicity; Black — a warning that we must fear the perfidy of friends.

Loving mothers — a symbol of help or warning.

To see in a dream how a stranger puts on makeup to a woman means the risk of being under the influence of others. Independently decorate eyelids and eyelashes — get good news from friends.

Hidden make-up look dreams of lack of attention, which grieves the sleeper.

Makeup, created with taste, symbolize love and loyalty.

Blue eyes of a man — to the manifestation of tenderness. Sometimes — a symbol of excessive shyness.

Black — for a fun event. If they are intriguing — not the time to build a serious relationship.

Visual contact with your loved one — expect reciprocity; in reality he is hiding something; cooling of the senses is possible. Gaze husband — the dreamer is under his vigilant control; Guy — to the sympathy and interest in man, trust.

The evil look of a man is a sign of unconscious phobias. Beautiful eyes of a loved one — remorse of conscience due to abuse of his trust, as well as disappointment in him.

See how beautiful the guy squinted — to a happy marriage.

Good eyes of the child — to amazing discoveries, great news, love affection. The blue-eyed boy is the embodiment of unconditional love: the sleeper will bestow tenderness on his loved ones in reality.

Multi-colored eyes in children for parents — a warning signal: there may be a mistake in the past in parenting. A girl with eyes of different colors — there will be a reason for obtaining valuable knowledge; boy — dream promises idyll in a married couple.

A child’s eyes are clogged, pull out a speck — sleep means lost opportunities in upbringing.

A modern universal dream book treats a dream as follows:

  • are going to shoot blindfolded in a dream — unwillingness of the sleeper to see the truth, to learn the secret, as well as unusual events;
  • tie to another — hide something from their loved ones; rubbing bandage — losing sanity in reality, soft bandage — to a love affair;
  • the birds tried to peck — creditors onslaught;
  • look of a predator — hidden qualities of the dreamer himself, as well as the image of dark forces;
  • luminous and friendly — extraordinary luck;
  • own reflected inthe mirror — if expressive and beautiful — the happiness of having children; dull and unsightly — anxiety, trouble; bulging — callousness in relation to the outside world; one’s face without eyes is a sign of spiritual insight, intuition; burning in the mirror — a sign of the influence of dark forces, damage;
  • looking out of the crowd, out of the dark — the dreamer is observed: blue — failures due to excessive self-confidence; good — the tension of the subconscious, the search for answers;
  • in the sky — anger will manifest;
  • out of place — sleep promises eye disease.

Actions and interpretation of the Modern Dream Book:

  • lose sight — to prosperity or to terrible misfortune;
  • lose your left eye — to the death of a son or brother; right — a friend or girlfriend;
  • go blind — betrayal is being prepared;
  • wear glasses — live to a ripe old age, others don — advice to control their property in order to avoid losses;
  • to visit the oculist — use a sophisticated way to achieve the goal;
  • insert contact lenses — to the loss of friends and good luck because of stupidity; dropping lenses — indecision will become an obstacle in business; colored lenses — a change in relationships with a loved one;
  • poke out a friendy — to enter into conflict with others;
  • tie to another — advice to convey experience to people; bandage dreams of a woman — danger;
  • to rub — the need for more information;
  • cut onions and constantly wipe — succumb to the opponent;
  • cry out — to spiritual cleansing;
  • spit in the eyes — to the prosecution;
  • stare — surprise and shock;
  • look in the eyes — to distrust, misunderstanding;
  • watch your eyes — period of information gathering and reflection;
  • see poorly — material damage;
  • good to see at night — successful implementation of plans.

Numerological dream book interprets the plot as follows:

  • burning — not aware of the presence of a serious opponent;
  • approaching — be caught in a cunning trap;
  • retiring — to expose the enemy, depriving him of his chances of winning;
  • face with big eyes — to disagreements and quarrels in the house;
  • one defective eye — to the need for a choice that is likely to be wrong;
  • more than two visual organs — financial difficulties are coming.

In Miller’s dream book, interpretation depends on the following details:

  • strangers — will have to confront enemies; for lovers — an insidious rival;
  • brown — face cunning and treachery;
  • blue — failure due to timidity;
  • gray — to deception, the influence of an unpleasant person;
  • sore — a series of troubles, disturbing events
  • one-eyed man — much to misfortune.

Interpretation of the Spouses Winter:

  • alien look — there is a person who is interested in the dreamer, a competitor or a fan;
  • side glance — cause suspicion in people;
  • with walnut glass — the dreamer’s actions are misinterpreted;
  • diseased organs of vision — survive the troubles of ill-wishers;
  • own diseased organs of vision — perceive the situation inadequately.

The interpretation of the dream interpretation of the 21st century:

  • to be blindfolded — to know the happiness of love;
  • move the eyeballs — success due to perseverance and enterprise;
  • see yourself with closed eyelids — love;
  • many eyes — to profit, values;
  • poor eyesight — material losses;
  • eye effluent — pangs of conscience;
  • go blind — to betrayal.

The treatment of other popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MedeaEyes mean close observation of the dreamer from the side or his own search. If it is the eyes of an animal, then ill-wishers are watching the man. Beautiful eyes — for love and happiness
FreudTo notice someone’s dream in a dream is a sign of exaggerated attention. Knocked out, damaged organ of vision — competition, conflict situation. Blindness — loss of interest in life, changing priorities
HasseHeavenly — passionate love. Blacks are fake friends; omitted — hidden feelings; closed — good news; crying — unfavorable future; gray shade — lowering the position; stupid — loss; be one-eyed — suspect anyone
AesopWalking down the street and noticing rubbish in the eyes of passersby is a sign of growing discontent with oneself, critics. To wander in darkness or to suspect a deterioration of vision — to self-doubt, indecision that will take by surprise
WangiThe alien closed eyelids are the dreamer’s strong affection. Watching a character with closed eyelids is intended to penetrate his secrets. Wide open — foreshadowing bright impressions
MeneghettiEye contact — magical effect with negative effect, manipulation
TsvetkovaWithout a face, strange — a change for the better; oblique — luck in money; beautiful — loyalty; large inheritance
SolomonClear — auspicious sign; patients — negative
GrishinaOne eye — unforeseen difficulties in solving the current issue; many eyes — jewels; glowing in the dark — possession of extrasensory abilities; wandering in the air — a symptom of a split personality; blindfold eyes — time to remove the mask; both — hiding important information
LoversBeautiful eyes were dreamed of in love — a cunning opponent will appear. Squint beloved — to the fall of reputation
Old RussianSquint — to profit. Faceless, weird — change for the better
EsotericBlue, point-blank — indecision as the cause of many lost opportunities. High probability of fateful dating
Dreaming taflfiHold in your hands — get a large sum, a chance to rectify the situation
AutumnTo admire your eyes in the mirror is to have excessive self-criticism. Looking at eyelashes — mutual love
LunarThe girl with blue eyes is the personification of loyalty and ardent passion; with brown — there is reason to fear deceit

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