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What dreams extinguish the fire: the interpretation of the dream book

To extinguish a fire in a dream: interpretation of a dream according to dream books

The fire element has a powerful energy potential. Dreams, in which the sleeping extinguishes a fire or watches the work of the fire brigade from the side, indicate events awaiting it in the near future.

Particular attention in the interpretation of sleep should be given to human emotions.

To experience fear at the sight of a fire — to failure in any endeavors. For some time, you should postpone all plans and analyze your actions to identify the causes of failures. Enchanted to watch the fire and not to attempt to extinguish it — a reflection of the dreamer’s hidden desires, of which he is ashamed.

Resolutely heading into the burning building and start extinguishing the fire without anxiety and fear for your life is a favorable sign. Through hard work and determination, the dreamer will realize his dream and achieve great success in life.

When interpreting a dream, it is important to recall the actions of a sleeper in the realm of Morpheus, as well as details of the process of fighting fire.

If the dreamer himself put out the fire, in reality he seeks to control his feelings in order not to experience disappointment in the relationship. As a rule, such dreams are seen by people who in the past have been the victim of betrayal and betrayal of a loved one.

It is hard for them to open their heart again and trust someone, as they fear that the situation will happen again.

Ways to extinguish a fire:

  • To extinguish with water is a sign that the dreamer in reality will act as an intermediary in resolving the conflict. Thanks to his tactfulness and diplomacy, it will be possible to normalize relations between the two parties and prevent a fierce quarrel.
  • Defeating fire with a fire extinguisher — to success in business.
  • Cover with snow — to joyful events and pleasant surprises.
  • To extinguish the fire with their feet — in real life, a person will commit a rash act, which he soon repents.

If in a dream the fireman was the main character, and the sleeper only watched his work from the outside, then in reality he would be changed in life. It may be a change of residence, obtaining a profitable job offer or meeting an interesting person.

It is important to remember that changes will come only when the dreamer is ready for them, so do not rush things.

What dreams extinguish the fire: the interpretation of the dream book

Interpretation of sleep depending on where the fire occurred:

A placeInterpretation
  • A fire in a dreamer’s house dreams of unforeseen expenses. Before you buy any thing, you should think about the feasibility of the purchase and consider possible alternatives.
  • If a house or apartment of neighbors is burning, this is a favorable sign. All problems will soon be resolved, and it will be possible to realize long-planned plans. An alternative interpretation indicates that the sleeper is imbued with someone else’s misfortune and will provide all possible assistance to people in a difficult situation.
  • Independently extinguish a fire in the basement is a sign that it will be possible to find an answer to a question that has long troubled the dreamer.
  • To be locked in a room during a fire is a reflection of a person’s internal fears that impede the harmonious development of his personality.
  • If the animals were saved and no one was injured in a fire, the dream book heralds minor, minor chores around the housework.
  • The death of animals dreams of financial losses and health problems.
  • Because of the large amount of work for a while, the dreamer will have to forget about rest and devote himself entirely to work. The reward for his work will be a good monetary reward.
  • The dream in which the dreamer was in the midst of a fire and remained unharmed symbolizes his attachment to the past and unwillingness to live in the present. You need to learn to appreciate every day and enjoy the little things

If the burning car belonged to the sleeper, then the dream book predicts quarrels with close people, the cause of which will be emotional stress. To prevent conflict, the dreamer must throw out emotions. Dream interpretation recommends a person to play sports, go to karaoke or dance

What dreams extinguish the fire: the interpretation of the dream book

When interpreting a dream, it is important to remember what the flame was.

A small-scale fire foreshadows quarrels in the family.

The big flame is a symbol of the dream come true. There will be happy changes in his life: a period of happiness and peace will come in relations with a loved one, you will be able to show yourself well at work and improve your well-being.

To see a strong fire and to feel the suffocating smell of smoke is a sign that in real life the sleeper will become a victim of gossip and intrigue of ill-wishers.

What dreams extinguish the fire: the interpretation of the dream book

The meaning of a dream in which the sleeper has become the culprit of the fire indicates that he should reflect on his waking behavior. Chances are high that the dreamer’s actions lead to errors for which he blames his surroundings.

Such behavior in the future will lead to the fact that a person will no longer bear responsibility for their actions and completely lose control over their lives.

If the dreamer is firmly convinced that he is not involved in a fire, then the dream reflects its inner strength and determination. He is confidently moving towards his goal and is not afraid of difficulties.

Soon, in the life of a sleeper, a situation will arise in which he will have to show independence and prove his independence from the opinions of others. If he manages to adequately show himself, he will gain even greater self-confidence and win the respect of influential people.

The table provides interpretations of dreams in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
  • A big fire without human victims is a harbinger of positive changes in life.
  • Independently extinguish the fire — to obtain large profits.
  • A bad omen promising illness and quarrels with friends is a dream in which a person died in a fire
  • A forest fire foreshadows dry and hot weather, which will lead to a poor harvest.
  • To feel suffocated by smoke is a sign that the dreamer’s ill-wishers are plotting intrigues behind his back.
  • To be at the epicenter of the fire that swept the dreamer’s house is a change that will bring diversity to the life of man
  • Putting out a fire in a dream is a reflection of unsatisfied sexual desire.
  • The fire in the room of the dreamer symbolizes the betrayal and betrayal of a loved one.
  • To extinguish a person whose clothes are enveloped in flames — to the difficulties that the sleeper will be able to cope with due to his resourcefulness

A dream in which a person successfully put out a fire, indicates that he will soon spend a fun evening in the company of close friends. A little rest will help the dreamer relieve emotional stress and escape from work.

Small Velesov
  • Trying to extinguish a huge fire spreading at high speed — to health problems.
  • A dream in which a person managed to extinguish a fire on his own, prophesies love, happiness and material wealth. If the fire could not be managed, disputes with relatives and colleagues, household chores and quarrels with their second half are coming.
  • Watch from the side as the house burns — to receive good news

In most dream books, extinguishing a fire is a harbinger of change in the dreamer’s life. If the fire could be extinguished without sacrifices, they will be favorable.

Otherwise, the sleeper must take care of his health and preserve his reputation.

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