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What dreams dream wash on dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

I wash in a dream: interpretation by different dream books

Washing is rather a traditional ritual for every person we face every day. Why dream of washing in night dreams? In most cases, the dream book interprets such a dream as a coming unexpected event in your life.

However, this is not the only interpretation of such a dream.

What dreams dream wash on dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

General interpretation of sleep

For a more correct interpretation of sleep, in which you have dreamed of washing, you should remember all the possible details:

  • to wash with clean water to a young man — for the upcoming meeting with a beautiful stranger who will win his heart forever;
  • to wash with clean water to an unmarried woman — to a pleasant date, which can continue with serious and warm relations in the future;
  • wash the sick person — to a speedy recovery and recuperation;
  • wash with clean water that becomes dirty in the eyes — a warning of possible slander or shame;
  • wash with clear and cool water — to positive changes in your destiny. They can be associated with both heartfelt affairs and professional changes;
  • wash with dirty water — for ailments and future diseases. For a girl, such a dream may indicate moral or emotional exhaustion. For a married woman, this story is about conflicts and misunderstandings with a partner. For businessmen, sleep predicts a great risk of suffering from the machinations of competitors and not getting the long-awaited profit from the project currently being developed;
  • to wash one’s hands — to remove some responsibility from oneself or to complete some important matter. Soon you will feel the real relief from the end of a stressful and difficult period in your life.

Washing your face well in dreams means ending the period of anxiety and sadness in your life. Soon your fate will present you all kinds of joys, riches and honors.

Perhaps you will get rid of something unnecessary that prevents you from realizing you as a person.

To wash in the dream of some other person is a symbol of the fact that lies and hypocrisy emanate from this person. Perhaps in this dream you are trying to wash the mask off the face of a particular person.

Your subconsciousness tells you about the correctness of your guesses and feelings about insincerity and lies. You should be more careful and completely trust your feelings.

If, in addition to washing, in a dream, you also combed your hair, then soon all the sadness and anxiety in your life will recede, a bright and happy band will come.

What dreams dream wash on dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

Washing in a river or a lake in night dreams means a huge amount of worries that may soon appear in your life and require a lot of effort from you: emotional and physical. If the water in the river was clear, then you will transfer everything with dignity and honor, if the water was turbid, then you should prepare for the ordeal and difficult decisions.

If you washed in a stormy pond (a raging sea or a mountain river), then you should beware of colds, because they can carry too heavy consequences.

Rinsing the face of a small child in a dream with water means that a bright band begins in your life, which will bring you only joy and immense happiness.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

In this dream book, a dream in which you washed means a possible robbery or loss of money, valuable things in the future.

To see how someone from your household washes — to the troubles in the family. To wash in the river with soap — to the need to pay any debts or fines in the near future.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

To wash in the river — to the bustle of money. In the near future you will have to pay old debts or penalties. Washing your face with soap and feeling that it doesn’t get clean means shame in reality.

If in a dream you were washing with water, which was getting dirtier and dirtier, then soon you can do a bad deed, the consequences of which will change the attitude of people around you.

To wash with water from a spring — fortunately. If at this time you managed to see the rising sun, then this happiness will have no limits.

To wash the face of a child in the nighttime dreams — to a successful undertaking that will bring long-awaited success.

If in a dream you were washing with blood, then soon you will face some situation in which you can experience real horror.

What dreams dream wash on dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

According to the dream book Hasse

To wash with clean and cold water in dreams — to change your life situation, and to wash with snow and feel an indescribable freshness after this procedure — to the joy that will soon replace your sad mood.

According to dreamo Longo

In this dream book, washing with help is a bad sign. You should beware of accidents and be as careful as possible.

If in a dream you were washing another person, then in reality you are tormented by physical passion and lust. If you had a chance to wash your clothes, then in real life you show excessive distrust and caution.

According to the modern dream book

Washing your face in a dream is a wonderful sign of the beginning of a new stage in your life and cleansing of unnecessary old emotions and experiences. If you happen to wash your face with water from a well or spring, then all your undertakings will be successful.

Without fear, take up any promising, in your opinion, business, because at this stage of life, luck is guaranteed to you.

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