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What dreams dream sweep on Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkova dream books

Sweep the floor or carpet — a different interpretation of the dream for several dream books

In dreams, we can not only observe bizarre and amazing images, but also perform some daily activities. Such dreams can be both a reflection of the fact that everyday life has penetrated deeply into our subconsciousness, as well as harbingers of future events.

Dream interpretation can help you figure out what dream about sweeping the floor or carpet, as well as other surfaces.

General interpretation

For a married woman, the dream in which she happened to sweep the floor in her own home will be very favorable. Such a dream promises her peace, well-being and understanding between family members. In the period after such a dream, both the children and the husband, as well as the dreamer herself, will be healthy and happy.

The hostess will be more appreciated and respected, because the comfort of home — her merit.

Sweeping the carpet in a dream, carefully ridding it of even the smallest garbage, is a symbol of the fact that in reality the dreamer seeks to change his place of residence, to move to another dwelling. A girl such a sign portends moving to the apartment to her lover in the near future.

What dreams dream sweep on Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkova dream books

If a sleeping person sweeps up in a strange house, this night vision personifies his excessive concentration on the problems of the people around him. Because of this, he cannot establish his own affairs, which affects not only his well-being, but also the happiness of all family members.

The dream, in which the dreamer was sweeping the yard, embodies his sense of security, suggests that he is able to withstand threats and dangers.

If you in your night vision had a chance to sweep the street — a dream symbolizes the opportunity to establish relationships with people around you, get rid of the feeling of guilt, allowing all unpleasant situations and get forgiveness for past grievances.

What had to sweep

In night visions you can sweep not only different surfaces, but also clean them from something specific. The interpretation of the dream will vary depending on exactly what turned out to be under your broom in the dream.

  • Night vision, in which a sleeping person swept sand, foreshadows a meeting with an old friend or a visit of unexpected guests. There is another interpretation of this dream — according to him, the dreamer will have to do things that will not bring any material income or emotional pleasure.
  • If a girl in her dream was sweeping the leaves — in real life she will have a very persistent admirer who will try with all her might to draw attention to herself. If she managed to clear the whole territory of leaves, she could easily get rid of his obsessive presence.
  • Brush off cropped curls — to get an opportunity to look at the situation from the other side, which will help to form a more correct idea about it. It is possible to change the dreamer’s opinion to the exact opposite.
  • Sweeping the snow with a broom is a good omen. It heralds a new round in a long faded relationship.
  • Sweeping paper bills scattered on the floor is a sign of a quick profit. However, if you had to sweep the little things — it is worth preparing for unexpected expenses or loss of finances.

What dreams dream sweep on Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkova dream books

Interpretation on other details

Night vision, in which a sleeping man has swept the dust into a scoop, symbolizes obsessive thoughts that haunt him in reality. If the dreamer sweeps the garbage out of the door of his home — in reality he says goodbye to the past without regret.

If in a dream you sweep a big broom in your apartment, you will be able to get rid of heavy load in reality.

If, in a dream, you swept the floor with a broom that suddenly broke, then you should be prepared for the fact that your rivals will plot for you. However, if you have finished cleaning the room with a broken broom, you will probably be able to bypass the prepared traps with a side.

The dream, in which the dreamer swept his yard with a broom, embodies the ability to convince others of their rightness and to defend their own opinions. If a broom consists of many rods — victory in a conflict is expected, and if it is thin and decrepit — you have to spend a lot of effort and get pretty nervous.

If in night vision you swept the yard or any room in the company of your neighbors — in real life you will soon take part in a mass event. If in your dream someone constantly prevented you from doing the cleaning — expect time-consuming, but profitable work.

If the dreamer in his dream is sweeping the entrance — in reality he should be wary of slander and gossip. If a sleeping man was sweeping the stairs, the intriguers and gossipers who poison his life can be successfully eliminated.

What dreams dream sweep on Miller, Vanga, Tsvetkova dream books

Dream Miller

If you rely on the interpretation, which leads this dream book, to sweep something in your dream — in general, a good omen. A dreamer awaits the light of life.

During this period, the likelihood of getting a promotion in the workplace or a change of residence to a more favorable option increases.

If the girl sweeping in her night vision has lost a broom, this dream symbolizes her disorganization and untidiness. Such a dreamer is not the best hostess, but she has every chance to work on herself and correct this circumstance.

Dream Vanga

The famous soothsayer interpreted this symbol from a positive point of view, explaining that he foreshadows upward advance, material well-being and prosperity. The dreamer will be increasingly strengthened in the role of an experienced specialist, the list of his achievements will be expanded.

However, at the same time, the predictor paid attention to the fact that the person who sees such a dream may not have enough ability to listen to others, accepting their opinions and beliefs. It deprives a person of peace of mind — it is worth being more tolerant of other people and their positions.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to this dream book, sweeping in a dream predicts to a sleeping person the speedy return of old debts. Also, in the period after such a dream, it may be necessary to urgently earn a large sum, in which the dreamer will be helped by his numerous connections and reserves, which will have to be used.

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