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What dreams dream brushing on dream

Why dream of brushing my teeth according to the dream book?

Why dream of brushing your teeth? The authors of most dream books believe that the teeth are a symbol of the state of health of a person and his close relatives.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to how your teeth in a dream were — white and healthy or yellow, with caries. Let’s try to understand the many existing interpretations.

What dreams dream brushing on dream

Teeth cleaning: interpretation of dream books

Recall, to the smallest detail, what you saw in a dream, and find a suitable prediction from our list:

  1. He dreams that you hold a toothbrush in your hands, but you never start brushing your teeth. Such a dream promises problems in relationships with loved ones. You are not satisfied with their behavior, or they commit some kind of misconduct, because of which there will be quarrels, conflicts. But if you are prudent, good relationships will be maintained.
  2. The authors of the psychological dream book believe that brushing your teeth in a dream is a sign that the dreamer is confident in himself. You clearly set goals and go to them, no matter what. In the near future, there will be no obstacles to the execution of your plans and desires; things will be extremely good.
  3. If your teeth in a dream were very dirty, yellow, and you tried hard to whiten them, it means that in real life your reputation is at stake. You have to save it with all your might. If in a dream it was possible to make the teeth white and clean, then in reality you will maintain authority in the eyes of society
  4. Do you dream that you are cleaning your already white teeth? This is a sign that you are a perfectionist in real life. You need everything to be perfect, trying to control everything around you, but never happy with the result. Stop — nothing is perfect, people have the right to make mistakes
  5. If such a dream is in love with a girl in love with a young man, this is an auspicious sign. In real life, the young man will respond to you in return, and an incredibly romantic date will soon take place. But do not take the first step — let him take the initiative

There are other interpretations that depend on what kind of brush you tried to brush your teeth.

What dreams dream brushing on dream

With what help did you brush your teeth in your sleep?

Remember the details of the dream and choose the necessary interpretation:

  1. It dreams that you make a hygienic procedure for the oral cavity with an alien toothbrush. This means that in real life there is some kind of authoritative and very influential person in your environment, with whose help you want to use. Are you sure he can solve all your problems
  2. But if someone else’s toothbrush in your dream turned out to be dirty, don’t wait for the help of the patron — you will have to solve the problems yourself. Even if an influential person offers her patronage, refuse, otherwise the payment for «good» will be too great
  3. Dream about brushing your teeth after dinner with a toothpick? This is an unfavorable sign. In your environment there is a detractor who is trying with all his might to harm you. He spreads dirty rumors, climbs into all your affairs, hiding behind a mask: «I just want to help.» You need to politely but firmly put it in place and stop all communication
  4. You dreamed that you clean your teeth with a toothpick, and at the same time get out huge pieces of food from your mouth? Despite the rather unpleasant feelings, the interpretation in this case is very favorable. In the near future, all your problems will be solved, including financial ones. Financial situation will be improved, good relations with close people will resume
  5. But if a toothpick in a dream did not help, and you continued to feel the remains of food stuck between the teeth, this is a bad sign. All the plans you have conceived will not be possible in the near future, regardless of how much effort you will put. Relax and wait until the losing streak ends
  6. Dreams of trying to brush your teeth with an old brush that literally falls apart before your eyes? This is a very auspicious dream that foreshadows good luck in all affairs and undertakings. Luck will accompany you in everything — do not miss this moment

See in the video, what dreams in the opinion of the author of the dream book Miller:

Other interpretations

Did not find a suitable interpretation in the previous sections? It does not matter — we have more. Read and choose your prediction:

  1. To brush your teeth in a dream, according to psychotherapists, is in real life to be preoccupied with the impression you make on others. You are extremely worried about your reputation, authority in the eyes of society. Try to think less about what “people think” and act based on your own desires.
  2. Dreaming about opening a tube of new toothpaste, and then starting to brush your teeth? This is a great sign that speaks of the dreamer’s excellent health. Either you will recover after a serious illness, or you can be sure — no pains will overcome you in the near future.
  3. Is it a dream that you clean and clean yellow dirty teeth for a long time, after which they become dazzling white, as if in an advertisement? Such a dream promises dizzying financial success. Wait for either an expensive gift, or a big win, or a sudden and very unexpected enrichment.
  4. If you dream you have an overwhelming desire to brush your teeth and quickly run to the bathroom, this means that a new acquaintance will happen in your life. But the person you recognize will be so unpleasant that you will feel disgusting after talking with him.

What dreams dream brushing on dream

In general, the meaning of a dream in which you brush your teeth is rather neutral. It may not be very favorable.

But in any case, the subconscious through sleep will indicate what you should pay special attention to, in which direction to go through life.

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