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What dreams do you take the elevator to the dream books of Medea, Tsvetkov, Miller

Dream treatment in which you climbed in an elevator

The elevator is an ambiguous symbol. Some people have fears of various kinds — claustrophobia and fear of death due to its possible fall.

In dreams, this image does not appear just like that — it always carries with it a sacred meaning. To understand what dreams of going up the elevator, you should open the dream book and check your own night vision with its interpretations.

General interpretation

If we consider a dream in which a sleeping person was raised in an elevator, in detail, we will get a situation in which the dreamer rises up, but not independently, but with the help of this device. Therefore, such a dream is often interpreted as successfully overcoming difficult circumstances or rushing towards a goal, however, not only through our own efforts, but also thanks to outside help.

If the night vision with the elevator rushing to the upper floors was seen by a person who can be called a careerist, in real life he is really expected to be promoted.

What dreams do you take the elevator to the dream books of Medea, Tsvetkov, Miller

A dream in which the dreamer enters the elevator and rises to the top floor, heralds a situation in which you have to lie to close people, hiding the truth from them, so as not to harm them or make them worry once again.

If during the time you climbed the elevator in a dream, you are stuck in it, in real life you cannot sort out the situation, being in uncertainty.

If, when lifting the elevator, the booth suddenly stops moving, in reality, a sleeping person who sees such a picture is in grave danger. It should be vigilant and refrain from questionable activities.

Interpretation on other details

Many dreamers describe several more varieties of dreams of this nature — and for each of them there is an individual interpretation.

What dreams do you take the elevator to the dream books of Medea, Tsvetkov, Miller

  • A repulsive dream in which a sleeping person was in a dirty, stained and damaged elevator is a warning. It represents the wrong path chosen by the dreamer in reality. Perhaps he is not engaged in the business that he likes, or even went to the offense or crime. It is worth stopping and thinking about the correctness of their actions.
  • Riding in a cramped, stuffy elevator, in which it is difficult to both squeeze and breathe deeply, is a dream that personifies the situation. A person who has seen such an image is uncomfortable in his own life. This is especially true of business and work areas. The pressure from the people around you — that’s what prevents you from loosening up.
  • Night vision, in which a sleeping person gets stuck in an elevator in someone’s company, personifies relationships that are deadlocked in real life. It is worthwhile to be bold and take on a difficult decision, even if such a prospect frightens you. Any progress in this case will be better than a dead center.
  • An incredible dream in which the dreamer drives an elevator with only his own power of thought, choosing his direction and speed of movement, is a wonderful omen. It foreshadows the success and success in the field of work, business and business, the emergence of new ideas and the possibility of realizing their talents.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to the interpretation that the famous pastor included in his dream book, taking the elevator up is a good omen. It foreshadows a sleeping man who sees him, new achievements, a smile of fortune, success and happy moments.

If the dreamed elevator progressed slowly, things in real life will go unexpectedly quickly. If this device itself moved with high speed — expect obstacles and difficulties.

What dreams do you take the elevator to the dream books of Medea, Tsvetkov, Miller

Dream Medea

The elevator, seen in a dream, embodies the desire to move further in their own life path, to achieve greater prestige among the people around them, to raise their social status. If in your night vision you took the elevator up — the goals will be achieved, but you will have to wait for the cherished moment.

Dream Miller

Getting up on the elevator is a good omen, after which an improvement in the financial situation is expected, and a promotion will be received. The elevator that has stopped will foreshadow a difficult situation or a threat hanging over the dreamer.

It is necessary to exercise caution and vigilance.

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