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What dreams dead mother alive

What dreams of a dead mother alive: the interpretation of dream books

Mom is a key figure in the life of almost every person; therefore, having lost it, people often have dreams about their parents, who warn about imminent danger or can mean positive events. In order to properly decipher such a dream, one should pay attention to the behavior of the mother, her actions and emotions.

The actions of a sleeping person, his feelings, the environment, the appearance of the deceased and other details are also important. If a mother dreamed a few months or days after death, such a dream only reflects the emotional state of the dreamer and does not carry a secret meaning.

The interpretation of dreams about the deceased mother in various dream books:

Dream TitleDecryption
MillerThe interpretation of the dream depends on the emotions and state of the deceased:

  • Dreamed of a cheerful and healthy late mother — fortunately.
  • Sick and sad — to problems
FreudThe dreamer is invisibly connected with the deceased parent, and she wants to warn him of wrong actions.
AstromeridianIn real life, a person needs help and maternal care. He really misses her wise counsel.
ModernIf a dead mother dies alive, while the dreamer wakes up in a good mood and feels joy in his heart, this is a good sign. Wake up with tears in their eyes — to trouble
LofaThe dreamer suffers and feels a greater burden on his soul from an irreparable loss, but one must continue to live on.
WangiTo the perfidy of a close relative or friend. You need to be vigilant towards people from close surroundings.
FemaleA person will be able to solve the accumulated problems alone and change life for the better.

What dreams dead mother alive

The appearance of the deceased and her emotional state are also of great importance:

  • Naked — to psychological problems and ill health.
  • Bald — unforeseen circumstances will prevent the dreamer’s intentions and plans from being realized.
  • Drunk — the mother, who came in a dream while in a drunken state, warns of family troubles and mistrust in relationships with a loved one.
  • Cheerful and smiling — to good.
  • Well dressed — to the money.
  • In rags, dirty and miserable — to problems of a financial nature, up to complete lack of money and ruin.
  • Sleeping — need patience, as the problems are temporary.
  • Pregnant — to big shocks in real life. If the deceased gave birth, cardinal changes will soon occur in the life of the dreamer.
  • Silent — if a mother who has died long ago is always silent in her dreams, a series of unpleasant incidents is coming. The dreamer behaves incorrectly, neglects close people and his family, but soon he will be in their place.

If the deceased is crying and asking for something from her child, the words spoken by the deceased in a dream are extremely important. You need to listen to them, because the parent wants her child only good.

If the hands of the deceased mother dreamed, the person must believe in himself and continue to act in the same spirit.

What dreams dead mother alive

The interpretation of the actions of the daughter in relation to the deceased parent is presented in the table:

ActionsDecoding actions
SwearTo such a development in real life. If the deceased comes to the house, and the daughter begins to quarrel with her, such a dream promises a grandiose scandal with the household, which will have dire consequences for the dreamer
HugThe girl remembers her mom and wants to hug her in reality
To eat with my motherIt is necessary to remember a relative and go to her grave. If your soul is hard after such a dream, you should visit the church and talk to the priest
To helpSomeone needs the help and care of a dreamer, but she does not notice this in everyday life and routine matters.
SpeakAn important conversation will take place. The conversation can be both business and personal
Kiss handsDaughter regrets her actions and apologizes to the deceased

What dreams dead mother alive

If the daughter dreams that the parent dies, — to a change in the weather. A dream has a similar meaning, in which the deceased lies in a coffin.

If the deceased came to life, and then suddenly disappeared, — fate will present the dreamer many surprises, but not all of them will be pleasant.

To wash, shoe, or see a shod deceased in a dream — to a severe illness that can turn into a death for the dreamer. The dream in which the late mother of the husband calls the dreamer to herself or leads the woman by the hand has the same meaning.

If a daughter constantly dreams of a strange dream about her deceased mother, who first dies and then comes to the dreamer’s house, and the daughter wakes up at night in cold sweat, after awakening you need to wash with holy water and pray for the rest of the soul of the parent. It is also recommended to visit the temple and put a candle for the rest of my mother.

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