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What dreams cry crying in a dream?

What dreams cry crying in a dream?

Without emotions, it’s hard to imagine our world, because through them people’s reactions to events, life situations, etc. appear. Crying is one of the strongest and most eloquent manifestations of human emotions. The instinct to cry, as to the expression of emotions, was laid from infancy.

It can occur for various reasons, but mostly crying is associated with negative events.

Sometimes it is necessary to experience certain situations in a dream by crying. After restless «deplorable» dreams, the awakening occurs with relief that this did not happen in real life.

However, not everyone prefers to forget the vision, and many dreamers are concerned about the question: why do they cry crying in their dreams?

Dream Value

Dream Miller

The author connects the tears with a warning about upcoming conflicts and quarrels. But if you want, you can have time to prevent them.

A young girl after such a dream may have personal problems, most likely on a love front.

At the businessman — troubles in a professional field, misunderstanding with colleagues and conflicts with competitors, bankruptcy is possible.

Seeing a sobbing other person signifies a radically opposite meaning. Such a dream is interpreted as a favorable foreshadowing of conflict resolution, good news and reconciliation.

Dream Vanga

Crying soberly this dream book identifies with a good symbol. Moreover, the stronger the hysteria, the better the events await in life. Several tears symbolize the good news to the dreamer.

Tears stream predict a reason for joy and fun. Hysterical crying marks wedding chores in the family in the near future.

Esoteric dream book

A sob indicates a surplus of emotions. It can be emotions of a different nature.

Esoteric advise the dreamer to give free rein to emotions and feelings, not to keep them to himself. As the meaning of such a dream, opposite interpretations are possible — both scandals and quarrels, and uncontrollable laughter.

Dream loft

I cry bitterly, as such, the author does not find interpretation. But he offers to pay attention to the reason that caused the crying.

This occasion reflects the feelings and essence of the whole dream.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Crying soberly in a dream means the realization of all our plans, a worthy reward for work, many reasons for joy.

See someone crying — a negative sign, you can quarrel or offend a loved one.

Dream of Juno

This dream book prophesies good news to those who saw a “tearful” dream.

If you are not crying, reconciliation or restoration of communication with someone is coming.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

If a girl had a dream in which she cries, then in real life it is a sign of a desire to become a mother, and right now there has come a favorable period for this.

What dreams cry crying in a dream?

If a dream about sobbing has dreamed of a man, then it is a symbol of his rakish and frivolous way of life, his love for women.

What else can mean such a dream?

In addition to the symbolism that is inherent in the interpretations of all dream books, such dreams can be a reflection of your experiences in real life. That is, there is a place to be, the so-called psychological interpretation.

Dream sobs can arise from uncertain situations, conflicts, remorse, problems, troubles, etc. In this case, through a dream, something that is so desirable in reality — purification and liberation from all that is happening — takes place.

Such a dream seems to be pushing the dreamer to take action to resolve the conflict and solve the problem.

Treatment of sleep, depending on the person

There is a classification of the values ​​of sleep, depending on who exactly was crying:

What dreams cry crying in a dream?

  • Husband — reconciliation after a quarrel
  • Wife — unforeseen circumstances
  • Daughter — problems for daughter, pay attention
  • Son — the child’s need for moral support
  • Baby is Good News
  • Mom — feeling lonely
  • Dad — getting help
  • Grandmother — gratuitous charges
  • Grandpa — useless date
  • Sister — silly tiffs
  • Brother — gossip and machinations around the dreamer
  • Bride — Love Misfortunes
  • Groom — treason lover or beloved
  • Godfathers — unrest vain
  • Friends is good news
  • Colleague — career rise
  • Stranger — hypocrisy and deceit
  • Rivals or foes — efforts will not succeed.

Judging from the interpretations of different dream books about weeping without a doubt, we can conclude that they are not distinguished by unambiguous judgments and can be safely attributed to the category of shifters. Which trust in interpretation is your choice.

But the best outcome after such a heavy dream can be called awakening, the realization that this is just a vision, a siphoning and a smile to a new day.

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