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What dreams ax in a dream for various dream books

What foreshadows the ax in a dream to the dreamer — correct decoding

You had a rather ambiguous dream in which you had to somehow contact this interesting tool of manual labor. As a rule, dreams with a similar plot foreshadow unthinkable changes in your life, you will be amazed at the changes in your life.

So, what is the dream of the ax in a dream?

Try to focus and recognize all the important details of your recent dream, what exactly did you dream? As soon as you are ready to provide all your memories, we will be able to clearly determine whether a dream is a foreshadowing of good luck in all undertakings or as a simple harbinger of the next sad act.

Interpretation of dreams for individual subjects and circumstances

So, try to synchronize with your subconscious. As soon as you manage to recreate the full picture of your dream and build the correct narration, mentioning all the details, we can begin the interpretation.

Try not to think out the details, as this will only interfere with the interpretation of your dreams.

What dreams ax in a dream for various dream books

We can begin the interpretation, first of all try to relax and enter the space of your mind, visit its palaces and not leave them until we finish the interpretation. Our site provides all the necessary information for home interpretation, the dreamer only needs to relate his memories to the options:

  • Threw an ax, as if playing with it. Such “games” both in dreams and in reality could cause a lot of complications and dangerous situations, but since you had no bad outcome in your dream, the dreams with this plot symbolize unity and harmony in which you have been with your surroundings;
  • If you somehow hurt yourself when throwing up this tool. But a dream with a similar plot already symbolizes complete detachment from society. it is quite difficult for you to make independent decisions and you always rely on either your soulmate or friends. It comes to complete dependence on them;
  • You used the ax for your needs, you did not play with it. The working application of this planer indicates your diligence and organization, even in a dream you did not forget the purpose of the tool given to you and used it correctly, but you shouldn’t immediately relax, successful events in the near future will require complete feedback from the reader;
  • It seems like they worked with an ax, but under the strict supervision of someone. Working as a lumberjack and being under someone’s supervision means that you have been trying to adjust yourself to the right mood for quite a long time and cannot cope with your own feelings. In the near future, you will experience the injustice of life;
  • If you tried to stab a person’s plane. Playing the role of Raskolnikov in your dream means that blind hatred rules you for quite a long time in your life. You have to understand yourself and set priorities, otherwise you risk to remain under the control of a hated fate for a long time;
  • You placed the tools without using them. In life you are a very organized, but melancholic person. In the near future, you will have to take part in social activities, no matter how much you want it, or in some interesting adventure, so you can get to know yourself better;
  • Just walked along with the tool, did not even act as a woodcutter. A dream with a similar plot symbolizes your search for your own ideal, whether it be a style of dressing or a simple change of speech style, everything can happen to you. Natural, self-development is worth every member of society. but do not bend;
  • This ax handle flew directly at you. If you have seen how a huge ax was flying at you, then beware — a potential enemy or rival has wound up in your society, at least a detractor will visit your life for sure, therefore you should check your surroundings for the presence of these parasites that can poison life;
  • They themselves threw a sharp object at someone. If you acted as a giant throwing axes, then this is a precursor of luck and strength, of life’s accomplishments. You know what you want and you will not be very upset because of failures; on the contrary, each failure will become an additional engine for you to achieve your own goal, never look at others;
  • If you could find your own tool in a bunch of completely different ones. Such a dream symbolizes unity, in the near future you can find, if not a soul mate, then certainly a person who can understand all aspects of your soul, you will be comfortable with him;
  • As soon as you put the ax, it was impossible to lift it back. If you dreamed of a kind of “ax of Thor”, then you should pay attention to your normal life activity, most likely you just try to seem like a good and diligent member of society, but you want a completely different one. Trying to achieve the goals of others, you forget about your own;
  • You felt the power of the new instrument, you did not want to part with it. If you got the “ax of strength”, then you should be on your guard — most likely you spend too much energy on your project and forget about other dreams and responsibilities, trying to fulfill this particular order;

Interpretation by famous personalities, dream books and experts

What dreams ax in a dream for various dream books

  1. According to Vanga. The Bulgarian seer unambiguously interprets the dream; the sharp tool of the woodcutter is a sign of the strength and perseverance of the dreamer; in the near future you will be able to conquer all the peaks that you have set yourself, although you may also lack the support of your surroundings;
  2. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud looks at the root and declares that the ax is a symbol of your perfection, in all plans. You know yourself and your body exactly, you know how to control it, especially it manifests itself in sexual terms. He also foreshadows in the near future grand events related to the second half, right up to the birth of the child;
  3. According to the Miller dream book. Henry Miller says that you shouldn’t trust your surroundings, because in his opinion, the toporishche is a harbinger of betrayal, bad acquaintances and terribly mean surroundings;
  4. Modern dream book. A modern dream book interprets this tool a little differently. If you look into it, you will find that the woodcutter’s tool itself is a good sign, but it foreshadows only curses and other scandals in the real life of the reader, so it’s worth trusting but checking.

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