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What dreams are worms: interpretation by dream books

In most dream books, the worm symbolizes earth, death, decay, and low character traits: laziness, lack of principle, meanness, weakness. All-consuming worms are a sign of the fluidity of time and change. Since the symbol is negative, most often the dreamer is trapped by sad changes in life.

The main areas that affect this image are health, relationships, and material condition.

Worms symbolize the base manifestations of man, indicate his lack of will, dependence, obedience. The parasite is associated with a computer virus or program, the effect of which is hidden until then. To dream of worms — to be dejected by the intrigues of dishonest people.

Plots in which it was possible to use them as bait for catching fish and birds can be called positive.

In terms of relationships, living and dead parasites portend insincerity, disappointment, insecurity. If you consider flirting as a neutral value, then the union’s further development is not expected.

Often the dream of worms should be taken as advice to check your health. Sometimes the image directly indicates the presence of worms in the body.

But seeing them on the skin, in the body, is a sign that also characterizes the moral state. Crawling in their sleep under their feet, they call for more attention to be paid to current affairs that may be in jeopardy.

In terms of money, worms, depending on the details, can have a positive meaning.

What dreams are worms: interpretation by dream books

The color of parasites and the interpretation of sleep:

Color wormsValue of sleep
WhitesIf they are teeming with filth — conviction of treason, an unpleasant showdown; conflicts at work. Additionally — a sign of a threat to health, exacerbation of diseases; need for examination. Use fishing — a successful venture. If they are in a tank, the dream should be interpreted as someone’s desire to spoil. Small white — everyday chores, large — divorce, major problems
RedInsidious and powerful enemies, capable of secretly destroying plans; big red ones are serious trouble. Advice — to make a contribution to the relationship
GreenCash flow symbol; additionally — the possibility of fraud, which is to be feared
BlackSevere illness of a loved one

What dreams are worms: interpretation by dream books

Variety of parasites and the interpretation of sleep:

Name, type of wormsValue of sleep
RainMajor changes in relationships; easy road
WoodyHidden aspects
SilkFriendly help in difficulties
DungSerious difficulties in business; new information about colleagues
MaggotsA bad idea. It is recommended to be discreet in words, because the enemy plan in action. Problems that will take time to fix. Touch them with your hands — allow yourself dirty methods of struggle
Cadavers, gravesA conspiracy of enemies based on the dreamer’s past mistakes
WormsNew acquaintance, joy; vampirism; parasitic image
LargeGreedy people, relatives, intent on taking possession of the dreamer’s real estate. Do not trust the paper and make rash decisions
GiganticBeing in the midst of them is the dreamer’s voluptuous inclinations
LongLong-term financial well-being
ShortShort-term improvement in material conditions
DeadA large number of unnecessary trouble
LarvaeTerrible secrets, which want to tell everyone, but this should not be done to avoid problems

What dreams are worms: interpretation by dream books

A dream with a single worm speaks of the existence of a man who harbors unkind thoughts. A tangle of parasites — a symbol of open attack.

A lot of worms — to mental agony, doubts.

A large number on earth, around the dreamer — will be able to establish the identity of enemies, as well as — an indication of the presence of doubts and difficulties in his life. The nature of the problems will tell the size of the parasites.

The value of sleep depending on the action of the worms:

  • attacked a man — an unusual incident would surprise;
  • crawling on all sides — the danger;
  • bitten is a bad sign; reproaches and parting;
  • crawling out of the body — the need for spiritual or physical cleansing; the presence of serious diseases;
  • crawling into the body — can not do without considerable effort, cost of healing;
  • crawling out of the ground (rain) — material support of friends.

Interpretation based on location:

Worm locationValue of sleep
In the plate, if not eat themHuge profit
In the HouseWarning of a possible unpleasant incident
On the floorThe symbol of neglected cases; new position
In clothesHealth problems, stagnation
Worm-torn pieces of furnitureDissatisfaction with life, position
In the groundDetractors, enemies
On the grassEvil friends; advice — beware of frivolity
In waterChance to develop your hobby as a source of income

Worms in foods mean the following:

The product’s nameValue of sleep
MilkStrong evil eye
MeatDisease; sometimes foot diseases
A fishIn vain accusation of the dreamer, because of which you have to be very nervous
MushroomsTrap; deception; for women, sometimes — for pregnancy
The nutsTheft
An AppleA sign of frustration between spouses; intrigue from loved ones
PearSadness and loneliness
RaspberriesQuarrels with relatives
In food, in food of different typesA sign of spinning intrigue against the dreamer; deterioration of health
In refined productsHeavy financial problems
VegetablesUnexpected news
The drinksTroubles

Seeing how the worms are trying to crawl inside the dreamer’s body is a sign that it is necessary to rethink their behavior, give up some beliefs, change their way of life. There are worms — someone intends to profit at the expense of the sleeper.

To be covered with worms in a dream — in reality, to be among false people, to communicate with an unpleasant company. Patient plot predict the deterioration of physical condition.

Worms in humans and the interpretation of sleep:

Location of the parasiteValue of sleep
In the headAlarming thoughts do not give rest, the reason is an excess of negative information; creep out of my head — hopeless reflections
In hairDreamer can not let go of the past
In the earsIf they crawl out, they will soon have to hear bad news.
On the faceYou can not follow someone else’s advice, which will bring trouble
In eyesAttempts not to notice unpleasant people
In the mouthInability to behave in society; a sign that you should not slander and dissolve the rumor about people, watch your speech
In the teethCrawling out — the need to support close friends
In the noseDisplays hatred of the world
On the skinNeed to clear
Under the skinMental problem or dependence; great anxiety; a group of people who feed on the vital energy of the dreamer; visible movement under the skin — a sign of the dreamer’s bad thoughts, his fears of losing life or health
Under the nailsThere is a risk of magical damage.
In the legsThe symbol of a man who has gone astray; advice is to overcome obstinacy; on his feet — the wrong path is chosen
On handsDishonest type of earnings, for which you have to pay
In a stomachChildren absorb material savings
In the woundThe dreamer worries excessively about material, about money
In fecesThe sleeper will deal with the hangers-on; new source of income

Parasites crawling out of a human corpse — to frustration, depression, indisposition. Worms are dreaming on the body of animals — to be exposed to mortal danger in reality.

Seeing them on a dog will manage to get out of the set traps.

For a woman to see how worms crawl over her body is a sign that her aspirations will not be higher than material. If she manages to get rid of them, she will be closer to the spiritual world.

White worms in a dream the girl dreams of parting with her beloved, the abolition of marriage. Their abundance on the body predicts a large number of sexual contacts.

From positive interpretations — the possibility of conception. There are wormy bakery products — a marriage of convenience.

In a man’s dream, the symbol hints at the fact that an unprincipled person is unable to withstand the pernicious influences of others and the habits that are in his power. Other meanings: the plot warns about the evil intentions of enemies who are trying to discredit him in the eyes of others.

These are also doubts about their sexual capabilities; popular with the opposite sex.

What do the actions with worms in a dream mean?

Dreamer’s actionInterpretation of sleep
DigRain — profit; the undertakings will be crowned with success; dig up a lot — do not worry about ways to get what you want, go ahead
TrampleExcessive jealousy, which will lead to a gap
Step over without touchingAvoiding trouble with one’s mind and forethought
Run awayEvading problem solving
Push downForetelling good luck; in addition — to try to do a lot for someone else
To killGetting rid of evil; kill the rain — grief, sadness
CatchWaste of resources
See on your bodySecret sorrow, unpleasant society
Pull out of the bodyUnreasonable doubts about the change of work. Advice — to accept a new post
Extrude from the dead bodyChanging jobs to the best
Get out of pocketFeeling retired
Fold white into the tankPlanned scam, thinking about action
there isGossip behind his back, sharp criticism; another meaning is to earn honors
Boil or fry themMystical events of a negative nature

The interpretation of the popular dream book visions of worms:

DreamValue of sleep
MillerWorms — conflicts with colleagues. Negative, which will arrange unpleasant people. Crawling worms in the body in a woman’s dream — her propensity for material benefits is higher than spirituality; if she shakes them off, she has the power to defeat her negative traits. Use them as bait — defeat enemies. In apples — a signal to take care of health
WangiDream of worms — to meet with evil spirits. To crush them is to deal with an envious person who can be dominated; crush your hands — get rid of the dark forces. Trying to fish with them is to discover unusual abilities with which responsibility should be handled. Tangle of worms — a call to prepare for stress, danger
FreudRain — relationships with loved ones will change to cool. Push them — act under the authority of jealousy. White — reluctance to accept the obsessive person
TsvetkovaSudden death; crawling away on the grass — the anger of friends; in apples — troubles that will be resolved
NostradamusWhite — trouble, loss in the relationship; floating in the water — a symbol of extinction of feelings
ModernThe sign of feelings and boredom; disappointment in love and marriage
LongoRain, crawling on the ground — to wealth. Entangled in the hair — to show pettiness. Tip: pay attention to what is happening before your eyes, leaving a minor. In pure water, auspicious changes; in the muddy — negative influences. In the swamp — dirty gossip
LofaA dream of people who secretly worry. There are worms — to build relationships. To fish with them is to eliminate detractors. White in the plate — to the negative in the family. Unwarranted hope
EsotericTo the road, collecting the way; to plant yields and animal fertility. There are them — envious people will interfere in their work.
MeneghettiHidden, elusive negative on the part of a man towards a woman
HasseCrawling — a sign of frivolous attitude to business. To eat a worm is to defeat an enemy who has been hindering for a long time. Crush your foot — show perseverance in achieving the goal
Russian oldFirst profit, profit
SlavicIn food — envious people try to harm critics. In the ground — to increase livestock, high yield
FrenchSilkworms — cope with the difficult task with the help of friends
AssyrianEat — get recognized, become a winner. If they crawl on the grass — the evil intentions of friends
IndianEarthy — there are enemies who intend to encroach on the dreamer’s property
GypsyTo dream of worms in a dream — soon to learn about an infectious disease in reality
ChineseGood luck for the villagers
IslamicSlanderers surrounded by a dreamer. See sticking to the body, in the house — to death. Another meaning: human worms are the children of the dreamer, their release from the body is a release from anxieties and worries. In the form of bait for fishing — a dream calls to change the style of clothing for the sake of the person you like. Crush the worm: woman — reject the courtship of an uninteresting and arrogant person; men — unfounded suspicions of treason regarding their partner
RommelWorms dream of death, material goods that bring evil
Simeon ProzorovRain — well-being and success; help friends in a difficult situation. Digging out of the ground — for big profits; use them as bait — for successful business
GrishinaThe place of accumulation of worms — inside a person a process of decay takes place, the outcome of which is purification with transformation or aggravation of the disease.
WandererSymbol of decomposition, decay, chronic diseases. Products affected by worms have a negative effect in their sleep.
FemaleSleep promises health problems. Worm apple — minor troubles, diseases. Small pink — to the misunderstanding of the spouses
UniversalFoods with worms are a breakdown. Seeing them crawling through the body, in the body — death, fear of death
NobleWarning about the presence of an infected patient nearby

Additional interpretation of dreams:

  • Fishing for worms is a symbol of good health and prosperity. Use them for fishing — use resourcefulness against enemies. Not being able to catch a fish is not getting support in difficulties.
  • Nauseous worms — to the release of burdening thoughts.

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