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What dreams amber from dream books of Freud, Miller, Catherine II

«Amber» dream: a short and detailed interpretation

Many of us rarely know the name of this or that gemstone — however, the majority still recognize amber at first sight. What dreams of this fossil pebble, obtained from the frozen resin of prehistoric trees?

Does the dream book consider amber beads a good picture, a picture of «cobblestones»?

What dreams amber from dream books of Freud, Miller, Catherine II

General explanation of this rare dream

  • Most often, interpreters assure: to see amber in a dream is a great success. This sign can promise the dreamer wealth, longevity, success (in any vital «field»), and even a short but passionate affair at the resort.
  • If it was a huge “cobblestone” (or just a very noticeable stone in any decoration), the dream promises you a prosperous life, as well as (possibly) a pleasant journey.
  • If the sun stones at your feet carried out the waves of the sea, it means: good luck itself will be chasing you. Let’s say you can get an unexpected inheritance from a foreign aunt.
  • If the dreamer is a woman, amber says: the long awaited time of love has arrived in your life. Perhaps, just tomorrow you will meet your betrothed.
  • If the dreamer is a man in years, such a dream promises him long years of life, as well as health.

He was set in the decoration?

  • What dreams amber in a silver pendant, ring, earring, bracelet? Soon you will be offered something tempting — however, the case will seem suspicious, and you can refuse it. In general, listen to your intuition!
  • Was it a heart shaped pendant that you (or another person) wore on your chest? Whatever you get sick, your body will be able to overcome the disease.
  • A golden pendant with an amber pebble in a dream of a young girl says: your future husband will earn a lot and spend a lot on you as well.
  • Ring with amber dreams for the wedding. If, in addition to the yellow pebble, it was decorated with other jewels, it means that the wedding will be unusually lush.
  • Thin beads (as well as a large number of stones) — this is a bad omen, promising you the disease. In order not to bring to extremes, just watch your health, be engaged in prevention — and you will be in good health!

What dreams amber from dream books of Freud, Miller, Catherine II

Or maybe you saw an amber work of art?

  • Was it a picture made from small grains of amber? Once at the crossroads, do not break between the dictates of the heart and rational thoughts, that is, the orders of the head. Listen to the heart — do not lose!
  • The picture was created from large fragments? In this case, the dream promises fun gatherings in a cozy company.
  • It was refined glasses, glasses, a decanter? Soon you will «buzz» on a noisy party.

Your actions in a dream

  • You received pebbles (and quite weighty ones) as a gift: you will soon get acquainted with the “powerful of the world,” and this person will greatly affect your life. If the dreamer is a young girl, such a dream says: you are destined to create a strong marriage and give birth to smart, healthy children.
  • The same meaning (successful marriage, faithful husband, beautiful children) has a dream in which a young girl is given amber beads or a bracelet.
  • You have found gold earrings with red pebbles: you will be carried away by the personality of some person, but having become acquainted with him more closely, you will understand that you want him physically.
  • Have you found a sophisticated amber statuette, rummaging through different trash? If any life situation is easier to treat, life will become much easier.
  • Have you been a jeweler and processed yellow pebbles? You love your friends and close relatives very much, and you want the best for them. Plan a family celebration, invite everyone! Yes, it will be expensive, and you will have to spend more than one day on your feet — but everyone (including you) will be happy!
  • Have you collected a picture of small grains of amber? In difficult situations, listen to your heart.
  • Have you been choosing jewelry with amber in the store for a long time? What did you choose? If a ring with a big pebble — visit a cardiologist. Most likely, you have nothing serious, but it is better to know for sure!
  • You bought a bracelet from amber for a gift: you are so healthy that you can even take a little risk. And soon your friends will offer you such a chance.
  • You bought a gold pendant with a pebble-drop for yourself: your health can be kindly envied.

Have there been any problems with the pebble?

  • Your beads broke, and you collected pebbles scattered in all directions? Your life will be filled with petty adversities and troubles.
  • You have lost a ring with amber: beware of a quarrel with your beloved.
  • The robber has broken earrings with pebbles the color of honey from your ears? You may get sick. Maybe it will be a seasonal virus, or an exacerbation of something chronic.
  • If in a dream you smashed an expensive work of art, also donated to your loved ones, beware of injury. Be extremely careful behind the wheel — you can get into an accident.

What do famous books write?

What dreams amber from dream books of Freud, Miller, Catherine II

The most successful interpreters were rightfully recognized by psychologists — Dr. Freud and Miller. Of course, these people know the secrets of the human soul better than others!

We quote from their books concerning amber — and for comparison, we also publish an excerpt from the dream book of the great Russian empress. Can he surprise you?

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Amber is a sign of a future spa romance.
  2. If a dream woman received a decoration with such a pebble as a gift, the dream promises: a man whom you have known for a long time and have not seen for a long time, will soon remember you.
  3. You yourself gave it: soon you will meet a young man worth attention! Do not miss it, the beginning of a relationship depends on you.

Dream Miller

  1. Amber in a dream was scattered on the seashore: in your life there will be an increase. Maybe it will be an increase in salary, and maybe in your family.
  2. If an old dreamer found amber, the dream promises a long life, as well as good health.
  3. If the same dream (with a find of decoration with this pebble, or just a piece of amber) is seen by a young guy or girl, it means that you will meet a person who can become the love of his (her) life.

Dream interpretation of Catherine II

  1. Amber dreams of people who will soon be lucky.
  2. If a girl (young woman) in a dream received a gift of beads or a necklace made of this stone, the dream promises her a caring husband.
  3. According to this ancient dream book, amber, which you found, promises you success in any business. If you have long dreamed of doing something difficult — right now you will be able to succeed!

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