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What dreams about the theater on the dream and interpretation of the basic values

What does theater mean in a dream and how to interpret a dream according to dream books

The theater is a wonderful temple of art, demonstrating a special view on the “ancient stories of deep”, and on classical works, and on interesting events of our time. Everyone knows that in theaters a special life rages, not always attractive, but rather curious.

Actually, the theater is an ersatz of reality. Theater in a dream — an attempt to compare the reality of the dreamer with objective reality. Strictly speaking — the illusion of illusion within the illusion of deception.

Consider why dream theater dream.

What dreams about the theater on the dream and interpretation of the basic values

Basic Values

  • Theater in a dream means a strong desire for change, a change of scenery. The smarter the theater, the higher your requirements for life. A dream shows you how you would like to see yourself — in the royal bed, diamonds, elegant manteau, surrounded by beautiful gentlemen, helpfully adding champagne and serving binoculars. In this case, you want ostentatious luxury.
  • Maybe you want drama, then you see yourself in a good drama theater, where passions and frantic feelings rage on a simple stage, secrets are revealed and different depths of depths are revealed. A dream helps to better understand yourself, your desires.
  • Variety or cabaret — save your money and do not believe the sweet speeches. Now you want a complete separation, risk, but in reality, the risk is not justified.
  • Academic, magnificent theater building — the dream of success. Climb the theatrical ladder
  • The main meaning of the theater is a lie. You probably feel some falsehood in real life. Maybe the lie lies in the appeals joyfully and selflessly to work for the good of the company, maybe the joys of family life began to seem somewhat exaggerated to you, and labor costs are incomparable with the result and expectations. You understand that you are playing a role, or roles, and a natural desire arises to see how it all works. Perhaps you want to change the role or try yourself as a director, lighting agent, prompter or even a working scene.
  • To applaud — be capricious, put forward impracticable requirements
  • Leaving in the middle of the performance is a risky game.
  • If you dream that you are an actor or actress, it is possible that your work is related to performances, presentations, sales, advertising. You would like more creativity and opportunities for self-development. It may seem to you that it is more interesting to talk about love in the foreground than to talk about the advantages of the company. If you really want this, sign up to an amateur theater or a corresponding club, adult club, acting classes. Dreams need to fulfill, it is quite real.
  • The desire to get behind the scenes of the theater or circus, interest in the scenery, lighting fixtures — you think about your own play and, perhaps, plan your own business.
  • Puppet theater in a dream, puppet theater — constraint in real life, doubts that it should be so, the desire to try yourself in the role of Carabas Barabas.
  • Finger theater in a dream — a tendency to manipulation. You do not need expensive scenes and scenery to arrange a show. You are absolutely confident in yourself and you will certainly success.
  • Shadow Theater — too many guesses and assumptions. However, it suits you at the moment. You like to play mystery and hide from rough reality.

What dreams about the theater on the dream and interpretation of the basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller warns that to see the theater in a dream means to indulge in dreams. Beware that dreams don’t take up too much of your life. By building castles in the air, you can ruin your life.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation interprets theatrical performance as the search for happy love, unusual desires, violent passion. Carefully choose a performance in which you agree to play for a long time.
  • A female dream book considers going to the theater a great success, promising profit. If you are behind the scenes — curiosity will not bring to the good. Opera — to pleasant acquaintances and generous fans.

What dreams about the theater on the dream and interpretation of the basic values


Theater in a dream often means lies and impracticable dreams. But on the other hand, dreams make life brighter, give motivation for success.

If your actions are real, not just fantasies about success and passionate monologues — you will be able to achieve what you want.

Without a dream, exalted desires, life is easier, but much more boring. A good performance always contains a fresh bright idea and an interesting story.

Why don’t you create a fascinating story of your own life? Sleep promises good luck and luck, but you will have to achieve success yourself.

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