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What dreams about the table on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

What can the table dream of and what does it mean by dream books

The table itself is the basis of family life. Food, festive cakes and casual dinners are put on the table, letters are written and conversations are held at the table.

Not in vain the kitchen, in which the most important table stands, is rightly considered the heart of the house. Psychoanalysts compare the table with the home altar, the mystical center of the family.

What is located on the table shows the level of well-being, attitude to the present and prospects for the near future. In the dream, the table shows your relationship to family, wealth, food. For example, flowers mean hope for the best.

Beautiful and tasty food — cheerfulness and pleasure. Forgotten salt shaker, dirt, untidy crumbs, dirty dishes — the most sad and joyless prospects for the future.

Consider the dream of the dream table.

What dreams about the table on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

Basic Values

  • Dreamed of sitting at the table with friends — to peace and restore friendship.
  • Many diverse festive food — will be a reason to celebrate a pleasant, meaningful event.
  • The most favorable table in dreams is massive, strong, wooden, absolutely reliable and stable. Such a dream means that you have someone to count on on good days and in difficult times. Tablecloth, a vase of flowers give melancholy of home comfort. Placed cutlery — to the news, not always pleasant. But if there is grilled meat on the table, a bowl of fruit, expect good news. Salads in bowls and in vases on a table — an invasion of relatives is coming.
  • Try to remember if there are any signs of the holidays — Christmas and pine branches, flower wreaths, painted eggs. If there is — then you remember the holiday and significant event. Cake usually means birthday, bustle, turmoil, a crowd of restless children. You may well miss the boring family celebrations in the home circle. To dispel melancholy, it is enough to visit some kind of family holiday and get a good little bored at the common table.
  • If there is no tablecloth, the table is simple, cheap, with a plastic coating — perhaps to the poverty of poverty and the desire to change the situation.
  • Lean food means a prolonged period of poverty, from which you see no way out.
  • Garden table, lined with seedlings — you love gardening and reflect on plans for next season. Perhaps you are planning a new technique or want to try new plant varieties.
  • Table for small things in the hallway — you forgot something.
  • The coffee table is a boredom, deferred cases, perhaps a little affair.
  • Bedside table — you care about your appearance.
  • Empty table, falling apart, broken — family disarray, problems with friends.
  • If you sit in a place of honor — position yourself as the master, the head. Hurry behind the backs of those sitting — you like to think that everything depends on you. You did not find your place, you are watching from the outside — you feel like a stranger.
  • The shape of the table in a dream matters. Round shape — you dream of friendship and peace in the house. Rectangular shape speaks of practicality. The presence of boxes for devices or for other purposes indicates the possible presence of secrets. Additional shelves give impracticality. It is assumed that the opposite, but usually on extra shelves, as in the closet, accumulates unnecessary trash. Folding planes, which are displayed extremely rarely, betray the optimism of the owners and the general lack of attention at home. The glass surfaces of the tabletop give the overall coolness of a homely atmosphere.
  • The state of the table itself shows how carefully people living in the house treat their family. Crumbs and dirt betray negligence and licentiousness. Militant purity — stealth and greed.
  • If you come to a laid table, and he runs away, moves away from you, that means the greed of the owners of the house, who will be punished by poverty.

What dreams about the table on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • The English dream book assures that the dreamed desk with the drawers means curiosity and the desire to learn the secrets of others. Maybe you are worried about the safety of their own secrets. In this case, keeping the documents in plain sight or in places where anyone can get free access is not very reasonable.
  • A female dream book says that the table, especially well-decorated, dreams before an important event. White tablecloths — for the wedding. Flowers, embroidered on the tablecloth — for the birth of a child, christening. Maybe the color of the jewelry will be able to guess the sex of the child. Roses or peonies — girl. Cornflowers, irises — a boy.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse promises a long and not too pleasant road, if in a dream you saw an empty table with a plastic coating.
  • The dream of Veles claims that the table is a dream to joy. If the legs of the table are thick and strong — you are satisfied with life, everything is going well. Thin and unreliable legs — to the troubles and problems.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation says that the table shows your attitude to family life in general. If you dream of a laid beautiful table with flowers, you hope for the best and dream of a good family, a cozy home in which you will be well and comfortably. A naked table shows aversion to family life or a willingness to leave the family. To remedy the situation, try to start taking care of the table in your home. Learn to cook beautifully and tasty, take care of the flowers. First of all, this applies to men, because it is for married men that the family prolongs life by a couple of decades.

What dreams about the table on the interpretation of dream books and basic values


To dream of a table means to worry about family life, your status in the house. Perhaps you do not think about how much depends on you, your efforts and efforts.

Of course, if you are not allowed to the sacrament of cooking, filling the refrigerator, housework, you have your own priestesses for the hearth, you may have a feeling of desolation, even at a full table. Think about what you can change and whether it is worth your effort.

What dreams about the table on the interpretation of dream books and basic values

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