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What dreams about the loss of the interpretation of various dream books

What can mean the loss and search for values ​​in a dream?

Loss in a dream is one of the most widespread plots and belongs to the main plots of personal development — protest and flight, break, loss, way home, reunion with the base, finding. Consider the dream of a loss in the leading dream books.

Basic Values

By and large, it doesn’t matter what you have lost in your sleep, because in any case you have lost a part of yourself and are now wandering around, looking bewildered, inspecting various secret places.

In some cases, the dreamer himself does not remember exactly what exactly became a loss and firmly hopes to find out what he was looking for at the meeting. The period of search and loss is one of the darkest in the development of personality.

You will meet with all your children’s fears.

Please note that nightmares have grown up and have grown stronger during this time, have eaten well and gained new faces. Stock up on valerian.

With all the complexity and unpredictability of the plots, this is a necessary part of the formation of the personality. You will lose old dreams, unfaithful friends, lose old habitual ways of communication and achieving goals, stop unnecessary relationships.

Since the concept of loss is broad, we have combined the interpretation of dream books by semantic values.

What dreams about the loss of the interpretation of various dream books

Loss of babies or babies

If you have lost a child or children — a dream means parting with an obsolete relationship. It is possible that someone in the pair has somewhat reined in demanding that the union be sealed by the appearance of a new human unit and the imposition of family values.

Even a healthy and childless person in this case develops a nightmare associated with the appearance of children.

Often, the dreamer is crafty and he does not mind losing newborns or small children in the sleeping space, but then he catches himself and begins to look for them with incomprehensible longing, finds, is disappointed, and observes the transformation of the children into something small and little significant.

After such a dream, people, especially women, wake up in a cold sweat, with shaking hands, and run to a psychologist or psychotherapist. This is the right decision.

But in order not to be so scared on the way, let’s reveal the main secret — the children in this dream are not children at all and have never been children. These are dear to the heart thoughts, emotions, attitudes, feelings.

You have grown them carefully, cherishing all hopes.

But they were not useful at all, and it is insulting. You would like to preserve, perhaps even grow, but you understand perfectly well that this is impossible, they are flawed, voracious and often even stillborn. The loss of such creepy children in a dream is the most common occurrence.

Do not worry, you are not a monster. Your mind knows perfectly well that lost kids are not really kids at all.

Loss of transport

Losing a car, a motorcycle, a moped, any vehicle in a dream means that you are losing the usual way of moving to your dream. You are trapped and panicking.

Transportation is important. Perhaps a dream indicates that you should change the transport to a new one, change the rhythm and speed of movement.

Luggage, Wallet, Equipment

You have to travel through life lightly, without a depressing burden. In real life, sleep means the loss of significant property.

Most likely, physical losses will be accompanied by losses in business, in money, in assets. It just means that your business idea has exhausted itself.

It is urgent to think of a new one. Or, and this is the best option, try to retire for a while, planning and minimizing losses.

The loss of communication facilities or recorded numbers and addresses in the device’s memory means a break of old authorities, unwillingness to communicate. In real life, children in adolescence suffer from this.

They lose their phones, while quite expensive devices, with space speed. and quite sincerely wondering why everything is lost and in what joy the parents are so angry. Realizing the reluctance to communicate, you will save your real phone from the sad fate of being lost.


The loss of jewelry, jewelry in a dream means that for some time you actively fooled your head with desperate flattery. Now the spell is cleared. No, you are not the smartest, not the most beautiful and not the most talented person on the planet.

To feed and support you is not the greatest honor that can fall to a living being. Of course, the jewel from a dream is you.

But now it does not matter, because the diamonds crumbled and were swept along with other garbage.

What dreams about the loss of the interpretation of various dream books

Lose clothes and walk naked

You have long wanted to present yourself to the world without embellishment. You will have a wonderful opportunity to prove yourself. Perhaps you will be given your own project, an individual task.

Do not be surprised if you do not cause the expected delight. But it may well turn out that you will come out of a difficult situation as a winner.

Other losses

  • Lose something in the water. The situation in which you dropped something in the water and now you can not find in a dream is usually associated with betrayal and deceitful friends.
  • Something flew away with a gust of wind — parting with dreams and hopes. Sometimes — with the best dreams, hopes for human honesty, loyalty, dedication, sincerity. Alas. You will have to grow new hopes within you. The bitterness of disappointment is shocking, but this is a general picture, inevitable, like a fall, when a person learns to walk.
  • Losing small money, throwing it, scattering it is contempt. Large — to unplanned expenses.
  • Glasses, lenses — you missed an annoying mistake.
  • Keys — the ability to control your life, the inability to return to its original place.

What dreams about the loss of the interpretation of various dream books


A difficult period in which you will have to see losses in a dream is not forever. Everything will change, you will be able to find what you need and continue your journey.

The period is really difficult, but fascinating.

When you realize that losses in a dream are not entirely real, and are more likely related to the loss of illusions, the world should become more interesting. During the passage of this stage, excesses often occur, attempts to part with everyone at all, deleting the closest people, parents, brothers and sisters from their lives.

Over time, important relationships will be restored.

People with subtle intuition, realizing the need for change, are violently pushing everything out of their lives, without which, in their opinion, they can do. Keep yourself in hand and do not panic.

All will be well.

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