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What dreams about the land of Miller’s dream, Vanga, Medea the sorceress

What to expect if the earth dreamed — explanations on authoritative dream books

Earth — the basis of human activity. She gives man everything. Food, housing, enjoyment of beauty.

Most sources explain these visions positively. Circumstances and other nuances of sleep will also be important.

More accurate decoding can be found by reading the following opinions.

Deciphering various sources

What dreams about the land of Miller’s dream, Vanga, Medea the sorceress

Old Russian dream book

  • The ground of dark color is discouragement, grief.
  • Seeing her blooming, immersed in green promises you a surprise, unexpected income.
  • Plowing or harrowing it promises prosperity.

Spring dream book

  • Carry it foreshadows bad news, illness.
  • Chernozem — predicts to be at the funeral.
  • Seeing a vegetable garden or another piece of land alerts you to a disturbing event.

Autumn dream

  • The soil prepared for sowing promises a generous harvest.
  • To see the black soil — your hopes are not destined to turn into reality.

Summer dream

  • Dig it — to the funeral rite.
  • Chernozem — to the disappearance of valuable things from your home.
  • A plot of land — for a long life.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • It was fruitful — a symbol with a positive color.
  • Tidy and barren soil — to the difficulties and chagrin.
  • The excavated soil in the garden spells prosperity and prosperity for your home.
  • To soil clothes — to the probable change of residence. The cause may be unforeseen events.

Small Veles dream

  • Chernozem foreshadows disaster.
  • Light and yellow earth — to well-being.
  • Overgrown — wait for the arrival of guests, fun, wealth, a rich wedding.
  • Sniff her — approaching demise.
  • Fall on her — to poverty, hurt.

Dream book writer Aesop

  • Sat or lay on it — a warning about the upcoming unexpected and difficult case. You need to ask for help from God.
  • To dig it — in reality you are a practical person. Conceived projects can now safely implement. You will succeed.
  • To plant something in it — entrepreneurship in agriculture can bring you a solid profit.
  • Eat it — to a profitable business, possibly inheritance.

Family Dream

  • Soil shoes promises excellent progress in your endeavors.
  • Plowing it is the start of a new project. He will bring you the respect and glory of an excellent specialist.
  • Soil clothes in the ground — many business meetings at work will temporarily force you to move away from relatives

Opinion of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

  • To see her in the green — to the long-awaited and rich wedding.
  • Dig — for a quick funeral.
  • To lie on it — small efforts.
  • Dig it — to the rapid completion of your plans.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • The field prepared for sowing promises financial dilemma to the dreamer.
  • Abandoned land foretells poverty.
  • Thawed out after winter frosts — to luck.
  • Careless — to problems.
  • Going through it and exploring its flowability — your next project can be a dubious undertaking.
  • Watch as they plow her, or do it yourself — wait for the offer to take a new position with a higher income.
  • Work on the ground itself portends profits in the financial sector, wealth in the house.
  • To see her in the cracks — promises future family differences, quarrels over trifles.
  • Seeing your allotment of land predicts a decent job with a good salary. She will give you pleasure.
  • Alien plot dreams of thoughtless cash costs.

What dreams about the land of Miller’s dream, Vanga, Medea the sorceress

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • Land cracked and dry foreshadows poverty, loss, disease.
  • Flowering land, flower bed promises wealth and a good marriage.
  • Plowed — fruitful work.
  • Wet and dug up — herald someone’s demise.
  • Dig it — to hard work or death.
  • To fall under the ground — predicts a cloudless life filled with prosperity.

French dream book

  • Seeing the earth and the vegetables growing on it is despair and sadness.
  • Fertile soil predicts you a beautiful bride.
  • Barren and uncultivated land — a warning that your spouse will be grumbling.
  • See the vast expanses of the earth — a harbinger of wealth.
  • The land with growing bread personifies the work that will bring you triumph.
  • Kissing her is a date with an insincere persona.

Opinion sorceress Medea

The land is dry, stony promises unhappiness.

Explanations of the psychologist G. Miller

  • During a cruise on the sea, you notice the land in the distance. This is a precursor to unexpected projects for the future.
  • Seeing recently dug up the soil in the garden prophesies a decent life.
  • Clothes stained with earth — a warning that you have to leave your house. The reasons may be unexpected for you.

Assyrian dream book

  • Sit on it — to respect and honor.
  • Eat her — to hunger.

Muslim dream book

To see the earth is to power.

Bible dream book azar

She dreams of insults and shame.

Explanation Vanga

  • To see a fertile soil — to a decent life and a great harvest.
  • She deserted — to drought and famine.
  • See it in the cracks — perhaps a powerful earthquake.
  • The land covered with ice — to the onset of a long and cold winter. Our planet will freeze for several years.

Esoteric dream book

  • The solid surface of the earth confirms that you have chosen the right path.
  • If it is loose — barriers are possible.
  • Dips under the feet — obstacles with government bodies. (Tax Inspectorate, management company and others).
  • Fall under the ground predicts disease.
  • Dig it — do not give too much attention to detail, focus on the main thing.
  • Collect it in something promises a cold winter.
  • Take it in your hands or sprinkle — a warning that your friend will be a worthless person. Think about who it might be.
  • You have been sprinkled with earth — you are pedantic, sometimes you find fault on trifles.
  • To see the Earth (our planet) reports that you are consumed with everyday worries.

Dream Dream Prince Zhou — Guna

  • Watch the movement of the earth promises a change of place of work, a happy future.
  • To see cracks in the ground — a sign with a negative color, a warning about illness or grief.
  • Beautiful landscape, rural fields — foreshadow a decent life.
  • Hills, turning into flat fields, predict a deterioration in health.
  • Sweeping her, sweeping garbage from the yard, promises trouble and the collapse of the family.
  • Seeing a mountain of land with manure promises an excellent financial situation.

What dreams about the land of Miller’s dream, Vanga, Medea the sorceress

Dream of the Apostle Kananita

  1. Fall on her — to experience shame.
  2. To lie on it is a small problem.
  3. Beautiful and blooming lands promise a profit, a luxurious wedding.
  4. Dig it — attend the funeral.

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