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What dreams about the keys: interpretation of the dream

What dreams about the keys: the interpretation of dream books for women and men

According to the dream books, the keys in the dream are an ambiguous symbol. Decoding sleep depends on the details seen: the number, size, appearance of the keys and the actions of a sleeping person.

If there was a door in the night vision that we managed to open, this is a good sign. In real life, before the dreamer will open up new opportunities and broad prospects.

If none of the keychains fit and the door fails to open — such a dream foreshadows failure.

Interpreters give the following decoding of dreams in which the keys appeared:

Dream interpretationDecryption
MillerIn the life of the dreamer outlined global changes that will affect love, financial and work issues
FreudDesire for a sexual nature, desire for sexual intercourse
NostradamusA sleeping person is constantly looking for easy ways. Such a life stance will have a negative impact on the professional and love sphere.
TsvetkovaSleep means a quick solution to a long-standing problem, getting an answer to the main question
OrientalDreamer is waiting for success in all endeavors and happiness in the family
EnglishDream foreshadows the completion of the family. This may be the birth of a son or the arrival of distant relatives with children for a long time.
AmericanThis is a sign of the power and incredible potential of a sleeping person.
ImperialKeys — a symbol of new opportunities and advancement of the social ladder
LoveSleep foreshadows the emergence of a new fan or fan, depending on the sex of a sleeping person
NewestDreamer waiting for a secret date and romantic confessions
VelesovYou can make a bargain, the correct investment of money
PythagorasOne key symbolizes the limitation in the thinking of a sleeping person, and a lot — the joy and material reward of the transactions made.
PsychoanalyticIt is a symbol of overcoming obstacles, a certain internal barrier.
FamilySuch a dream promises unforeseen changes that will affect all spheres of life
RussianDreamer waiting for mutual love, happy relationship with his companion
SlavicA dream foreshadows adventures of a love nature, unbridled fun and frivolous behavior
ModernChange is coming. Their character depends on the details of sleep.
AzaraRestrictions in actions are possible, imprisonment
GrishinaA sleeping person will soon find out someone’s terrible secret, which was kept in the strictest confidence. It will happen randomly.
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaA dream foreshadows the release of a heavy burden, the completion of a complex work begun
Denise LynnBefore the dreamer open any doors. This concerns not only physical, but also spiritual opportunities.
LofaIt is a symbol of omnipotence, authority and power.
CutsDreamers await honor, glory and popularity
HealersA dream foreshadows the appearance of a friend with whom a sleeping person will be associated not only with platonic, but also with intimate relationships.
Simone CanaaniteSigning a profitable contract, making a profitable deal
FemaleLife will change for the better soon.
SolomonDreamer waiting for material wealth, financial independence, success in business affairs
The Wanderer SmirnovThe sleeping person will be able to find a way out of this situation.
FedorovskoySleep means bright expectations, vain hopes
UkrainianSoon everything will fall into place
GypsyThe plot means new knowledge, skills
EsotericSuch a dream personifies an intelligent and practical person.
EroticSuch a dream promises an acquaintance with a man who at first will be pleasant. But later it turns out that he is a swindler and a rogue

What dreams of the keys: interpretation of the dream

The sleeping person’s actions associated with the keys have the following meaning:

Hold the keys to your own home or apartmentDecoupling the situation is very close, you need to show restraint and collect all the forces
Open apartmentThe dreamer is waiting for the rapid development of events concerning the recently started cases
Forget the keys to work at homeSleep means dissatisfaction with their professional activities. If the dreamer is going to work every day as hard labor, the best solution would be to dismiss and search for a new occupation that will bring not only a steady income, but also moral satisfaction.
AskSomeone will rescue the dreamer when he gets into trouble
Give awayA sleeping person is always ready to help people who need him.
Pick upThe dreamer has a sharp mind and ingenuity. Thanks to these qualities, it easily adapts to any living conditions.
Open padlockDream foreshadows victory in a difficult fight, the correct use of its own resources
Buy key ringA sleeping person will soon make a noble deed, and close people will appreciate it.
Select the appropriateDreamer waiting hostile relationship with a member of the opposite sex, burning hatred
Get duplicate car keysThe dreamer’s happiness is only in his hands, he is the master of his life
SearchSleep means neglect of official duties.
See the stranger open the doorSomeone will take advantage of the opportunity given to a sleeping person.
To giveThe sleeper gives his happiness in the wrong hands
Receive as a giftDreamer should listen to the opinion of relatives, as they give wise advice
See your keys in the hands of another person.It is possible to interfere with the privacy of the sleeper.
Drop into the waterDream foreshadows bitter amorous disappointments
Take strangers without demandThe dreamer often interferes in the affairs of others, which is why he is not liked by others.
PocketingSleep means confidence in the future

What dreams about the keys: interpretation of the dream

If an unmarried girl dreams that she closes the door of her own apartment or house with a key, — such plot promises dreamer quick wedding. For a married woman, he foreshadows insurmountable differences in the family.

If a dream in which the keys appeared appears to a man on the eve of the signing of an important contract or a major purchase, this is a good sign of the correctness of his decision. For businessmen, the story of the keychain promises a solid monetary investment, which will result in a huge profit.

What dreams about the keys: interpretation of the dream

Interpreters claim that dreams about finding keys are a favorable sign and foreshadow good for a person:

  1. 1. Such a plot prophesies valuable finds in real life.
  2. 2. The dream is a sign of family well-being and a pleasant homely atmosphere.
  3. 3. The dreamer will soon be able to correct mistakes made in the past, and will significantly improve his financial situation.
  4. 4. The plot promises a peaceful state and harmony with the outside world.
  5. 5. Sleep means self-affirmation, the development of new heights.

Find someone else’s keys to the apartment and not give them to the rightful owner — to the problems with justice. A sleeping person is not honest and wants to make money using illegal methods.

If the dreamer found the key, but could not use it, he will miss the fateful chance. Another interpretation of a similar plot — a sleeping person will not be able to achieve the goal.

Popular interpreters claim that the loss of keys in a dream threatens with reality waking:

  1. 1. The sleeping person will be robbed soon. This may be a robbery of an apartment or theft of a wallet in public transport. After such a dream, you need to be more vigilant and not succumb to other people’s provocations.
  2. 2. Begins a black stripe, which the dreamer seems endless.
  3. 3. There may be squabbles in the house and conflicts with the authorities.
  4. 4. The dream of lost keys foreshadows an unexpected turn of events, due to which the sleeper will be in an awkward position.
  5. 5. Possible loss of self-control, valuable deprivation.
  6. 6. Plans will fail at the most inopportune moment.

If a man gives the keys to his beloved woman, and she loses them, these relations are doomed to failure. The dreamer and his lover have too different views on life and no common hobbies, which will cause their parting.

Losing the keys to the car or home — to the strong feelings and fear of loss of property.

If you dream that someone takes the keys by force — the dreamer is surrounded by skilled manipulators. These people are doing everything they can to obey their will.

Dream interpretation provides several interpretations of sleep with keys, depending on the material from which they were made:

  1. one. Golden Key — man is waiting for phenomenal luck and incredible luck in all endeavors. Such a dream also means the fulfillment of a secret desire that will come true in the coming days. Time and effort will not be wasted. The dreamer will have an influential and rich patron who will make his life happier.
  2. 2 Silver keys — such a dream indicates the need for spiritual cleansing and reassessment of priorities. The sleeper is too focused on material goods, and often forgets about the development of the soul.
  3. 3 Bunch of wooden keys — the dreamer needs the protection and support of people from close surroundings.
  4. four. Paper keys — sleep means instability and confusion.
  5. five. Stone key — such a dream indicates the magical effect of a negative nature on a sleeping person. You need to make a talisman or charm, which protects against impure forces and will not allow anyone to direct the dreamer to the evil eye, damage, love spell.

New keys symbolize a modern view of things, and old ones testify to conservatism and unwillingness to change something in their lives. The dreamer does not want to change, not because everything suits him.

He is afraid of any changes and prefers not to risk.

If a person dreamed of broken or rusty keys, then, according to the dream books, this is a bad sign. Such a dream foreshadows irrecoverable loss and separation forever with a man whom the sleeper loves with all his heart, due to circumstances beyond his control.

This may occur due to the death of the beloved.

The following interpretation options are possible:

  1. one. Rustykey — sleep symbolizes stagnation in business and a spoiled reputation.
  2. 2 The situation in which I had to break the key, trying to open the door, — conceived not destined to come true.
  3. 3 Lots of broken and rusty keys — such a dream spells natural disasters.
  4. four. Spoiledkey the plot foreshadows suspicions that may be not unreasonable.

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