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What dreams about the height of the interpretation of dream and experts

Dreamed of high altitude — which symbolizes the dreamland

Quite an interesting dream that can say a lot about the dreamer. As a rule, the subconscious tells its owner about the impossibility of achieving the goal.

However, a dream with a similar plot can tell the dreamer a lot about his future.

It is necessary to recall the basic details of sleep in order to distinguish, for example, a dream about a jump from a large building from a dream in which you just looked into the distance from a height of a huge building. So why dream of height?

What dreams about the height of the interpretation of dream and experts

Interpretation of sleep on certain subjects

Dreams with a similar plot are not terrible, even if you are afraid of falling from a height. They are trying to open your eyes to the true causes of failures, troubles in family life.

You will be able to overcome yourself if you listen to your subconscious mind, which lets you know about problems through signs traced in the plot.

Try to remember the whole story, which did not give you peace of mind in a dream. Pretending to fall, fell for real, or just saw a tall building? We propose to put together this whole puzzle, and using this information below to interpret your dream literally at home, it is not as easy as it seems:

  • In your dreams you fall from a great height for a very long time. Such a dream indicates that you want a greater shake, the goal to which you are going is no longer a motivation for you. Either you should make more efforts to achieve, or change the goal and think about a more real achievement;
  • The height in the dream frightens you. The dream symbolizes the criticism that the environment or you yourself bring to yourself. You put too much on your shoulders and now you cannot bear the load, but you just have to set your priorities and the insight will come by itself, foreshadow the dream books;
  • You just fell to the ground, no matter how high. Excellent vision, which is interpreted by the majority of dream books is positive. Seeing your fall on a hard surface from a great height means that in real life you will succeed, reach your goals and jump over all obstacles in your path;
  • If the initiative came from you and you tried to jump off a tall building. Not the most favorable dream, in some cases it portends self-development, but otherwise you can change your lifestyle, for example, only after a divorce from your other half. One thing is invariable — your usual life will become another, you will change;
  • You are flying a plane and looking at the ground. The subconscious signals your habit of constantly dreaming and not doing anything to fulfill your unrealistic dreams. Try to soar in the clouds less and do your work more diligently, otherwise you may lose all motivation and get used to sitting idle;
  • We stood on a high tower and looked down. In life, you expect a rapid increase, possible promotion in the post, increasing material well-being or meeting with a loved one, the birth of a child is not excluded too;
  • Jumped in his dream with a parachute. Full of adrenaline sleep, maybe not everyone will like it. Perhaps, in real life, you strongly lack feelings, strong emotions that could overwhelm you. Stop doing the routine, engage yourself, encourages dream books, show yourself an interesting life, from which you do not want to sleep;
  • The dreamer looked down from a large building, experiencing pleasure. The dream is treated in the overwhelming majority of cases positively; you will experience a higher feeling of love that will not let the reader go. Promotion is not excluded, well-being, in general, the usual way of life will be pleasantly disturbed;
  • You calmly look in a dream at someone’s fall from a great height. Another signal of the subconscious — in real life, you feel envy, or simply would like to repeat the experience of your colleague or someone from the environment;
  • In your dream you are vehemently afraid of heights, terribly you don’t want to jump or fall. A clear sign that in life, doubt and fear prevent you from developing, it only slows you down the path to the heights, you could achieve more, but exchange your strength for different things. You need to get together and try to reach your goal without a shadow of a doubt;
  • You dropped a child in a dream from a great height. Extremely adverse sleep, predicts danger, disaster and misfortune. In real life, you are likely to be offered something to deceive and get all the wealth into your own hands, do not believe the scammers, and be sure to look at your surroundings while searching for energy parasites;
  • From a great height you look into your past, being in the future. In the near future, you have to get into the hands of what you so long wanted, should only not relax at the end of the road. It is necessary to reassess the values, otherwise the goal obtained in the hands may simply not justify the desires, and you will remain with a dummy in your hands;

What dreams about the height of the interpretation of dream and experts

Interpretation of dreams by famous personalities and dream books

  1. According to Miller. The psychologist warns — in real life, you try to appear to be who you really are not, and this factor is ruining you. It is necessary to forget for a while about your idols and live your life, your achievements and your interests;
  2. Dream Yogi. For this dream book, height symbolizes raising the career ladder and the transition to a more favorable existence. Obstacles on your way are waiting for you, but in the end you will climb to the very top and be able to conquer it;
  3. According to the autumn dream book. The autumn dream book projects this plot, given by the subconscious, as the fear of oneself and one’s ambitions. You are not ready to climb higher, laziness, uncertainty and your own lack of initiative interfere with you;
  4. Spring dream book. According to the spring dream book, height symbolizes your strength, you can achieve a goal only by applying your efforts, you have the necessary internal strength, core and abilities, but it is impossible to find any use of them until you finally take control of yourself;
  5. Summer dream book. But according to this dream book, the achievement of goals will not interfere with anything, you are still capable of much, your colleagues are counting on you and only you will succeed in taking that post, role, or get so much attention as a result of some kind of event. Now you are at the peak of your opportunities, take advantage of this factor;

Other dream books warn you that after a dream in which you fell or other troubles occurred at a great height, you should beware of unpleasant factors, do not engage in adventures and do not engage in strange projects.

What dreams about the height of the interpretation of dream and experts

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