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What dreams about the hand of the famous old and modern dream?

The value of the dream in which you dream about the hand — the nuances of decoding

The hand is a symbol of action. This may be your own action, as well as the impact on you by another person. This is how psychologists most often consider the meaning of sleep, in which you pay close attention to this part of the body.

Let’s see what dreams the hand of the most authoritative dream books.

Another’s hand — other people’s problems

If in a dream you carefully examine your hands, it means that you are focused on your own problems, on your tasks. This is a good sign, especially if the dream is generally positive, and you view your hands with interest.

If you are focused on other people’s hands, consider their appearance, features, then it means that in reality you are not focused on your tasks, but strive to help others. Not the fact that it is good.

Another opinion is that other people’s hands may dream if someone you know needs your help in the near future. There is also an opinion that someone’s palm can foreshadow envy, an encroachment on your property.

So be careful!

A girl dreams of the hand of her beloved, if in reality he is really ready to help her in everything. That means you can rely on your man!

Do you hold hands? This is a great sign, it speaks of the strength of your union and the sincerity of the relationship.

The kind of blood on other people’s palms looks rather sinister, but its interpretation is not so bloodthirsty — it is most likely that someone will try to slander you, ruin your reputation. Some experts believe that in this case conflicts are also possible.

What dreams about the hand of the famous old and modern dream?

Different appearance

If your own hand in a dream looks long, then it means great opportunities. In that case, if the palm was unexpectedly small, then it can warn about the lack of strength, deterioration of health. A hand that looks very beautiful, warns you that you are completely confident in your abilities, you have a lot of energy, your business is likely to go well.

Big palms mean that you have everything at work, good communication, respect in society.

In rare cases, a hand can dream about it separately from the body. This is a negative symbol, it says that you have stopped in its development.

Sometimes we can talk about degradation, problems at the soul level. A hand that grabs something, any object, in a dream speaks of the fear of death.

Dirt on the fingers is a bad sign, it says that your second half is wrong for you. If a businessman dreams of such a dream, then it may be that his partners are plotting something evil against him.

What dreams about the hand of the famous old and modern dream?

What do ancient dream books say

According to old dream-books, a severed hand speaks of the death of a servant. Since there are no servants now, experts explain this dream as a prediction of losing a job, a friend, or some kind of financial opportunity.

Also in the old dream books it says that a woman who dreamed a similar dream could, in reality, lose a husband or a loved one. If in a dream the palms are covered with wool, then this may be a prediction of imprisonment.

Washing hands is associated with troubles, anxiety, petty experiences.

Swollen fingers are a good sign, such a dream promises benefits. Beautiful appearance of fingers, sleek palms report the end of some great hassle. Also, such a dream is associated with success in love affairs, success in financial fraud.

Hands shorter than usual — the possibility of betrayal. Some ancient sources associate the image of the hand with sycophancy, the danger of flattery, insincerity on the part of subordinates.

In addition, you can lose a friend — he will either go to another city, or you will seriously quarrel.

What dreams about the hand of the famous old and modern dream?

Modern dream books

Modern dream specialists believe that such a dream most likely tells you that your friends will always support you, even in the most difficult moment. A broken arm indicates that a disease is possible. Both you and your relatives can become ill.

The severed hand foreshadows misfortune, as well as financial problems. Dirt on the brush tells about the infidelity of your partner.

From the point of view of psychologists, beautiful hands with neatly painted nails indicate success at work. Perhaps you will find fame, you will become a respected expert in your field of expertise.

Blood on the fingers foreshadows quarrels with friends, conflicts with a marriage partner.

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