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What dreams about the dream of Miller, Nostradamus

You dreamed of teeth: what to expect from such a dream

Teeth dream a lot, and often act as objects of nightmares. Why dream loss, treatment of our «pearls», as the dream book looks at healthy or sick teeth?

General interpretation of your night vision

Some people believe that teeth in a dream — a bad omen, but in fact such dreams often carry positive information. Say, valuable advice, hint, often related to relationships with relatives or health, business.

And even if in a dream you felt the most negative emotions, the interpretation of a dream can be bright.

What dreams about the dream of Miller, Nostradamus

What were they like?

  • Ordinary — to communicate with the person who will cause you negative emotions.
  • Large: you are too attached to some person, because of what your business began to suffer.
  • Beautiful, white, perfect, and these were your own «pearls» — to the appearance of problems, but not critical. You have enough strength and internal resources to cope with them.
  • White, sharp fangs — a dream says that you are connected with otherworldly forces. Important: the gift that has opened up in you is better used for the benefit, otherwise it will not bring anything good.
  • Aliens: you will soon meet a very interesting person. Perhaps this is your betrothed.

They are not real!

  • Seeing the false jaw or denture is an alarming warning. Problems will soon begin in your life. But do not worry ahead of time — you decide them yourself.
  • What dreams of metal teeth, anyone — silver, gold, tin? Is there any sin behind your soul, an act for which you are ashamed? Soon everyone will know about this shameful secret, so if you don’t want your reputation to fall “below the baseboard,” try to fix everything before it’s too late.

Dental problems

What dreams about the dream of Miller, Nostradamus

  • Black, rotten, falling apart teeth can warn about the beginning of the disease. Also, a similar dream suggests that your inner forces are running out. Take a day off, or even better — a short vacation, and get some rest, otherwise you won’t get sick for long!
  • The teeth were yellow: to bad emotions. You may feel jealous because of the betrayal of a loved one, or hatred, envy of successful competitors.
  • Tartar or plaque — people with whom you are friends (you work, live, study together) can let you down. Sometimes a dream means that soon you will do business with such people. Do not shift the responsibility on them, always check everything personally — so you protect yourself from the bad consequences of their carelessness.
  • You looked in the mirror in a dream — but there are no teeth in the mouth? Your subconscious wants to remind you of health problems. Even if nothing hurts you, think about any ailments and examine yourself. Remember: any disease is easier to cure in the initial stage than in the acute stage!
  • See your teeth loose, in cracks, but not falling out of your mouth — your subconscious hints at problems with health or at work. It’s time to heal or put things in order.
  • Have you been to the dental master? Soon you will unravel the tangle of your problems, and maybe cure a boring illness. In the dream, the dentist cured your aching tooth? Well, it means your difficulties are almost over!
  • The doctor tore your tooth? This dream warns: a serious illness is coming on you. It may be unknown, or one that you have already encountered (meaning the exacerbation of a chronic disease). Beware, do not let the hospital take a long time.
  • Did you get a tooth inserted? This means that a higher power will help you solve problems.
  • Did you feel a toothache? In real life, you are waiting for good days, filled with fun, joyful emotions. You are young? Sleep can mean a meeting with a very interesting person.

Tooth loss

  • The teeth fell out on their own, white, clean, without blood: you will part with a person from your circle, perhaps forever.
  • Your teeth fell out with blood: some of your relatives may be seriously ill.
  • You spit out a tooth (whether with or without blood) — again, this dream is to a close relative’s disease.
  • In a fight you broke, knocked out a tooth — at work everything will not be as smooth as you hoped. Prepare for this.

What did you do in your dream?

  • They played with their teeth, sifted through them, laid them out in handfuls — to the surprise and unexpected joy.
  • You are a young mother, and you dreamed that the karapuz finally made it to the first tooth? Congratulations: in reality your baby will have excellent health, it will grow rapidly and will delight you with new achievements.
  • Did you brush your teeth? Dream warns: you will soon begin to be oppressed, and to defend your own, you will have to «turn on» your whole character. Uprite «horns» and do not hand over positions, everything will turn out!
  • In a dream, you got your jaw (or a single tooth), looked at it, then returned it to the place? One of your relatives or close friends is in danger. What did you feel in your dream? If there was no fear, pain and worries, sleep does not promise serious trouble.

The interpretation of the dream of Miller, Nostradamus

The first is the soothsayer, the second is the psychoanalyst. Do their visions differ in your dreams, or maybe they will complement a general interpretation based on national signs?

Nostradamus argued …

What dreams about the dream of Miller, Nostradamus

  1. “Toothy” dreams mean experiences, loss of vital energy.
  2. Did your teeth fall out? The subconscious says: you are too apathetic or unsure of yourself, because of what you lose a lot of opportunities.
  3. You snatched them — you are afraid that someone from your family will leave (including in a better world).
  4. Bad, bad teeth warn of diseases.
  5. You smiled in front of a mirror, and saw in the dentition a hole in the place of a dropped pearl? You spend too much mental energy, and it shortens your life. Perhaps you are not looking at your age, but older.
  6. Toothache — to the forced solution of personal problems.

Miller wrote …

  1. His well-known dream book treats his teeth as problems (meeting with an unpleasant person, illness).
  2. To lose a tooth is unfortunate (if a doctor snatches it out — to illness, knocked out in a fight — to the machinations of competitors or tricks of enemies). You spit it out — get sick (or your relative). Losing all your teeth is unfortunate.
  3. Brush your teeth: for your happiness you have to endure a serious struggle.
  4. Not real teeth: problems will come to you soon. Of course, you can handle it, but you have to fiddle with them.
  5. Unhealthy, gnawing teeth: you work too hard, «coffin» health. However, overwork and the results of the work affects not the best way.
  6. Curved, not perfect teeth — to misfortune, poverty, depression, illness.
  7. Your yellow teeth are white before your eyes: in real life you will recover, or your problems will finally end.

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