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What dreams about the dream of dream and basic values

What do teeth mean in dreams and how to interpret the meaning

Teeth in human consciousness are extremely important. No wonder there are sayings about «putting teeth on the shelf.»

A weak-willed, passive person is called toothless. Aggressive — toothy.

It is easy to understand that the quality and presence of teeth determines the active life position. In communication, the quality of teeth usually indicates the state of a person and his attitude towards himself.

In the case of extreme poverty, a person cannot take care of the good condition of the teeth and sparkle a tooth-white smile. Accordingly, a person with bad teeth rarely holds a high position in society.

If a wealthy person does not watch his teeth — this is a sign of depression, despair, lack of interest in himself.

Such a person may be devoted to his family, business, idea, but does not consider his life a significant value and a great value. Let us see what the teeth mean according to the dream books and what the dream in which you had a chance to see the teeth says.

What dreams about the dream of dream and basic values

Basic values ​​of teeth in a dream

In a dream, your own teeth in your mouth most often mean a family. The closer the relationship, the more visible and closer to the smile line the teeth. Upper front teeth usually mean relationships with parents. “Two” shows the relationship in his own family — with her husband, wife.

Fangs — relationship with children, children’s health. Molars usually indicate a general climate in the house. Wisdom teeth can indicate unresolved deep problems.

The second meaning of what dreams about the teeth is the real problems with the teeth. The teeth are very sensitive and if there is a risk of caries, which you will not notice, the body will try to give you a signal in a dream.

  • Loose and damaged teeth mean problems.
  • To clean — to build relationships, to bring thoughts in order, to take care of yourself, to demand respect for yourself.
  • Dreadful dreams of converging teeth, which are about to crack you in half — it’s just a sign to immediately visit the dentist. Perhaps the teeth can mean the trap of a man who crept into trust.
  • Baby teeth in a dream mean children’s judgment. If you have a tooth fell out in a dream, but you see that it is milky — you will have to part with some kind of childish delusion. Buy yourself an ice cream as a consolation.
  • To repair, treat teeth in a dream usually means to recover from injury, painful blow, betrayal. You do not intend to indulge in sadness, and you can fix everything.
  • New teeth are growing — you will be able to overcome any difficulties and get renewed, with new wisdom.
  • To insert new prostheses — for money, profit, great luck.

What dreams about the dream of dream and basic values

Teeth nightmares

The teeth fall out without pain and blood, but with a sense of panic — to serious, but quite natural quarrels, partings, changes in the status of relationships. This is especially true for relationships within the family — children grow up, parents lose credibility.

If blood comes out of your teeth, it hurts you — strong quarrels and painful scandals in the family, loss of a friend are very likely.

You find yourself in the chair of a dentist — a sadist, you can not escape and you understand that the terrible will happen now. From panic horror you wake up.

The fear of dentists and the nightmare usually has its roots in children’s fears and in a complex relationship within the family. If a child was lonely in childhood — he is guaranteed to be in panic fear of dentists in adulthood, even realizing that there is nothing to be afraid of.

If you want to get rid of this fear — go to a good psychoanalyst and work with him on children’s injuries. It is possible, in addition to relieving the fear of dentists, you will learn how to cry again, which is very useful for the nervous system.

What dreams about the dream of dream and basic values

Values ​​for dream books

  • Aesop dream book directly connects the state of the teeth with health. Strong teeth — good health, everything is good in the family. Rotten teeth — illness, adversity, unhappiness. Extraction of a tooth that caused severe pain is a difficult but necessary decision.
  • Female dream book pays great attention to the destruction of teeth in a dream. Such a dream means over-exertion, ruthlessness towards oneself, self-destruction. If you keep up the good work, nothing is left of you. And those people who do not appreciate you at all will leave you helpless, sick and broken. Put yourself in order, give up part of the obligations, cancel reliability and demand assistance in all matters. Beautiful white teeth dream of luck in love.
  • The dream interpretation of Menengetti binds the teeth and the symbol of death. Losing a tooth can mean losing someone close to you.
  • The dream book Wanderer draws attention to the fangs growing in his sleep, like a vampire. It probably seems to you that you have mastered the secret knowledge. In reality, most likely, it is not. You need protection and are trying to express aggression in accessible ways. Try to leave a place where you are so uncomfortable, or find a way to negotiate with other people.
  • The dream of Miller largely agrees with other dream books, that dropped teeth mean severe illness and loss, decaying — exorbitant loads. Miller highlights the story of a lost tooth, which miraculously turns up again in the mouth. This means that you will be able to find secret pleasures for yourself without the slightest loss, even though you were ready to pay a high price. Keep it a secret to keep the source of joy. Miller treats yellowing teeth as a lie and flattery, which you are ready to give in to.

What dreams about the dream of dream and basic values


To see teeth in a dream is an alarming sign, you should pay attention to your family, pay attention to health. If you all have time on time, trouble with most of your own will be prevented.

Inevitable moments, such as parting with grown children, will not be prevented, but you will be able to properly prepare and find the right words in advance.

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