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What dreams about the dream-book mouse — kind or biting?

What do we dream of mice: gray and black, one or many

When I first told my grandmother that I saw a mouse in my dream (and I was at that time already 20 years old), she was very upset, explaining: “You have a hidden enemy in your life trying to poison your life. Be careful with new friends. ” I always completely trust my grandmother, but over time I thought about it — is it really that the plot or the details of the dream do not affect the interpretation?

I started to buy dream books, compare their explanations, and I learned many interesting facts.

What dreams about the dream-book mouse - kind or biting?

What did your night visitor look like?

Size and quantity

  • Small mouse. She dreams of troubles, annoying troubles that will not poison life, but make it difficult. And these problems will literally come from everywhere.
  • Large. So big? The larger the mouse you dreamed, the more you fear a competitor or rival.
  • If the mouse was not a gigantic length or size, but it seemed to you oily (thick), you are too self-confident and constantly try to solve your problems on your own. So it will not work, sometime either the power will run out, or the knowledge / wisdom will not be enough. Teach yourself to rely on someone you trust, not scary.

What dreams about the dream-book mouse - kind or biting?

If the mice in the dream was lot, sleep promises many problems that will soon flood your life. Although they will be small, but because of the large number of deal with them will not be so easy.

Well, if all the mice were small, the dream hints: never lose sight of the details and trivia, sometimes they help to sort out even major troubles.

Wool color

  • Gray, ordinary. You may have a depression. You are depressed, constantly gnawing a sense of uselessness. In fact, you may be surrounded by loved ones who are ready to help. Look around, and if necessary, have a soothing drink and finally get some sleep.
  • Black. You will have problems. Not unsolvable (with time you will figure it out), but you still have to run.
  • White. This is a great sign — all your plans are realized as best as possible, nothing will stop you, and if life presents a surprise, it will certainly be pleasant. If there were many such mice in a female dream, this sign means loyalty to the husband. And if you catch a white creature, soon you will finally figure out the lingering problem or task.

What dreams about the dream-book mouse - kind or biting?

  • Red or Golden. You have a foe, and he is far from a fool. The appearance of a red mouse in a dream warns — this cunning man is preparing to strike.

Was she dead?

A dead mouse is not a good sign. Such dreams warn of impending financial problems, as well as difficulties associated with a lack of money.

A different interpretation has a dream in which dead mouse was disfigured: you jinxed or trying to jinx it. Perhaps a stranger will damage you. After such a dream, you need to think that you post it on the social network and what you are telling about there.

That is, do not brag and argue.

If you saw many dead mice, This means that at the moment your soul consists of continuous insults.

If the mouse sat / lay in a mousetrap, be careful not to become the same mouse in the mousetrap of your own enemies (and the more mice were trapped, the more likely that you will fall into enemy «networks»), while the empty mousetrap only warns of danger. You set a mousetrap yourself?

This is good — it means that due to your resourcefulness you will be able to leave all the enemies “with the nose”.

What did this animal do?

  • The mouse slept. If you have children, this is a good omen: no one offends babies, they are happy.
  • Fleeing from you: your enemies will also flee, unable to fight with you. If you dreamed that you caught and swallowed one of the runaway mice, competitors or enemies would “raise their legs” without a fight.
  • Simply ran past, without causing any emotion: in real life, you are facing a problem, but it will bypass you.

The mouse bit you

What dreams about the dream-book mouse - kind or biting?

This dream warns: quarrels can begin in family life.

It is also important where exactly rodent teeth are stuck:

  • bite in hand warns against any financial transactions and investments (even seemingly win-win);
  • a finger bite without a feeling of pain — an obstacle will appear on the way, but small;
  • bite in the finger and pain — something in your life will go wrong, as you planned.

If the dreamer — young girl, a mouse bite means: you behave badly, and your boyfriend (groom) does not like it. If you do not immediately think about your behavior, you can pay dearly in the future.

Your actions in a dream?

You strongly got scared: a period of change will soon begin in your life. You feel it and fear the unknown.

Most often such dreams are seen by people before their own wedding or engagement.

You were catching mice

  • If you just chased for Jerry, but never caught him, this is a great dream. Say, if you dreamed that a small creature ran through your room (apartment, house), and you tried to catch it, sleep promises to strengthen your financial position. Take up any business, it will “burn out”. And if a girl dreamed that she was catching a mouse with her hands, this is towards a marriage proposal.
  • Is your “hunt” a success? It is important that the means by which you caught the mouse. If you caught her with your bare hands, it’s to shame. You can disgrace, and in front of friends or relatives. And if you used a mousetrap or a trap, then on the contrary, you will cope with everything and come out the winner. The thing you want to start will end very well.
  • Mouse kill means your future victory over enemies. You may lose something on the way to victory, but it’s worth it. But still, in order not to encounter really big troubles, do not meddle yourself on the rampage and do not look for contact with unkind people.
  • If you crushed animal feet, it means: you have enemies whom you sincerely hate. Keep yourself in hand! If you “break wood,” you are right, not you, but they.
  • Poison the mice in a dream — to everyone’s attention. Soon you will find yourself «on horseback.» And for the good reason — say, because of their own achievement.
  • Stoke their — to the emergence in your life a strong contender. To cope with it, you will have to mobilize all your determination and determination.
  • Well, if you are her have eaten, in life you are destined to «mess up», and then settle it for a long time. In the next few weeks, do not start anything new and do not take responsibility for responsible matters, especially if you have low self-esteem.

Other sleep details


Rodents in your house in a dream — a warning that you may get sick soon. Do not run yourself, give up bad habits, and most importantly, do not bear the pain — as soon as something goes wrong, immediately give up the doctors and listen to their recommendations.

But sleep with mouse in the apartment has a different meaning: you will soon be called to the wedding. Get ready to buy a gift and prepare a toast for a loved one or friend.

Who else dreamed with the mouse?

What dreams about the dream-book mouse - kind or biting?

Cat. What did the animals do?

If played peacefully, sleep to wealth, as well as mutual understanding in the family of the dreamer.

If in a dream the cat grabbed the mouse, rejoice too: soon you will receive a profit that you did not even count on.

Kittens. Your enemies will have a lot of problems that they will have to urgently solve. Due to this, they will be forced to temporarily forget about your person.

Relax, but not completely, because soon they will return to your life again.

Hamster. On the one hand, you can easily bypass all the “rakes” that have been slipped by life.

But on the other hand, unreasonable greed will attack you and you will pull into your “mink” everything you can reach.

Rat. This is a bad sign: you can fall out of life, losing orientation in time and space.

And as a result, problems will arise both in the family and at work.

Cockroaches. In your life, everything goes according to plan, and you temporarily lose control over it.

By the way, the cause can be a serious illness, so do not ignore the first «bells» that the body sends you, and do not be lazy to visit a doctor.

Mice. Another bad sign: enemies are trying to spoil your reputation by spreading bad rumors about you.

What dreams about the dream-book mouse - kind or biting?

  • A regular gray house mouse (or traditional vole) is a dream as a warning about the onset of depression. True, this is not the worst dream, hinting that you are not alone and have the opportunity to get out of this negativity. But a lot of mice — this is a bad sign, promising a lot of problems. A bad omen is considered the appearance of a dead mouse.
  • Dreams with animals of original coloring have a different meaning. Yes, the red mouse is a sign of the appearance of the enemy, the black one is a warning about future problems, and the white one is a promise of good luck.
  • If you killed a mouse in a dream, it mostly speaks of a future victory over competitors or enemies. True, she herself does not fall into your hands, and will have to try to achieve it.
  • If in a dream the mouse bit you, your life can be ruined by quarrels, financial difficulties or matters that suddenly did not go according to plan.

But mice are different. What if you dreamed not ordinary, but only bat? The interpretation of this dream can be found in this video:

And if the closest relative of the mouse looked into your dream — rat, The explanation of this sign is here:

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