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What dreams about the dream-book and interpretations of the authorities

What does a shirt mean in a dream and how to understand the real meaning of dream books

Until recently, the shirt was just underwear, the one closest to the body. A shirt in a dream has that very meaning.

Washing, in the absence of automatic washing machines and powder, was performed not too often, and therefore shirts were not as faceless as modern T-shirts that wear half a day or one gym visit.

The appearance and condition of the shirt could tell a lot about the person. The shirt absorbed sweat, perfume, odors. The middle class changed a shirt once a month, aristocrats once a week.

Let’s figure out what the dream shirt for dream.

What dreams about the dream-book and interpretations of the authorities

Basic Values

  • Wear a shirt — to defend. To invent excuses for the outside world, to dress your actions in a decent form. Perhaps invent excuses for self-deception. Hide motives, hiding behind decent forms.
  • Choose — you have good skills, you can take in intelligence or in the diplomatic corps. For everything, you have more than one explanation, but several ready-made and well thought-out options that are perfectly tuned to the target audience. For family, for superiors, for employees, for subordinates, friends and for yourself — you have your own convincing version. Or are you on your way to creating such a complex scheme? You are probably a vulnerable person, convinced that no one will fall in love with you just like that, although nobody needs you, you need to provide the most convenient version for everyone. It works, but you run the risk of losing yourself in a variety of versions, becoming an interpreter, who doesn’t trust himself too much.
  • Wash your shirt in a dream — destroy evidence, traces of your presence, get rid of bad memories.
  • A dirty shirt has the same meaning as dirty laundry — gossip, rumors about you or other people. Shake up — happy to repeat the rumors. Rinse in the water — to improvise on the subject of the existing rumors, to come up with new variations. Hiding, sticking in a dark corner or in the basket — to hide the ugly truth.
  • New shirt — fortunately and a sign of excellent health. It is not necessary to unpack the store packaging and tear off the label. If a shirt in a dream looks fresh, clean — it is new.
  • Dreams of putting things inside out — you go bust because of a blank misstep. Be careful not to fall for the traps and provocations. Learn to keep quiet and not show your incompetence.

What dreams about the dream-book and interpretations of the authorities

What does the shirt shape in a dream

  • Comfortable home shirt, which is worn on you — you are quite happy with life and are not going to change anything. If your shirt is on another person — there is reason to be alarmed. Someone is plotting evil.
  • For a girl dreaming that she is in the guy’s shirt — the struggle for power in the family, you win with a huge margin.
  • Nightie — there could be a terrific erotic dream at this place that would give you great pleasure. But you are ashamed of your desires and are not ready to consider the details at the moment.
  • Office shirt says that work among white-collar workers you are very tired. You are disappointed and, perhaps, look after an inexpensive woodworking machine — for a hobby.
  • You are trying to put on your old or children’s shirt and you understand that it is small to you — your views have changed. Those things that delighted you in childhood do not bring the same pleasure. Indeed, you can buy at least 10 chocolates or servings of ice cream, but it will not deliver much joy. Some people try to replace sweets with beer and alcohol, buying them with packages, but this is not quite that.
  • You fit your children’s favorite shirt — yes, it would be nice to return to childhood. Nothing needs to be done, minimum requirements, but everyone is praised, they rejoice at your existence and sweet smile. To cause a wave of emotion, it was enough to show the heel from under the blanket. Now, in order for everyone to be touched — how clever and glorious you are — you will have to get the Nobel Prize and make a touching speech.
  • A torn, washed-up shirt means that your lies are cracking at the seams. Maybe not a lie, but simply a life stance loses its relevance and can no longer serve as a defense and a comfortable refuge for you.

What dreams about the dream-book and interpretations of the authorities

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller treats putting on a shirt as a sign of discord in the family, adultery and excuses.
  • A girl who dreams that she puts on a guy’s shirt can gain rather strange, inexplicable and almost unlimited power over him.
  • If a man tries on different shirts in his sleep, he will be fond of several women at the same time.
  • Aesop’s dream interpretation interprets the choice and purchase of a shirt as a difficult choice of several evils. In real life, you have to sacrifice something significant.
  • A female dream book treats people in clean expensive shirts, which you see as envy. They seem to you more competent, smarter and luckier than you. Try on a shirt — to the choice of line of conduct. Sew a shirt in a dream — to how your future life. Surprisingly, sticking in all directions of the thread, the curve of the seam means a long happy, eventful life. This means that you think about each step and make the right choice. Smooth perfect seam — to smooth lies and failures on a personal front.

What dreams about the dream-book and interpretations of the authorities


A shirt in a dream is a sign of human security from an external hostile environment. Her appearance shows which mask you prefer to wear to the outside world.

If you see several shirts, you either have a very busy life that requires several images, or you are entangled in a lie.

Sleep warns of possible dangers of wrong choice, warns against errors. Quite possibly, options that seem like the perfect solution to suit everyone will in fact lead to total confusion, and your dirty laundry will be rinsed at every corner.

Not always a quick and comfortable solution is the most correct.

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