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What dreams about the circus on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

I dreamed of a circus — what can it mean by dream books

Many love the circus. Really fascinating is this holiday atmosphere, an enchanting show, the sparkle of spotlights and a live orchestra.

What dreams of a circus, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A circus in a dream marks a spectacular and unusual event in the life of a dreamer, if you were not a passive spectator, but a participant in the program. It reflects the activity, eccentricity, courage, the desire to go only forward and achieve the objectives.

Circus is an artificially created celebration, decorated with tinsel and lanterns. For the dreamer, it means fake, frivolous, pointless and frivolous.

Man is looking for easy ways of development and existence, evading worries, troubles, responsibility.

What dreams about the circus on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Watching trained animals in a dream that run in a circle around the arena — signifies fatigue from everyday working everyday life. This means that in life there are not enough new emotions, impressions, events, news.

The dreamer depresses the monotony and monotony of work, the lack of personal life. You strive not to lose the pace, so as not to appear a weak loser and remain out of work.

But such a life more and more disappoints you.

To see oneself among the participants of a traveling circus means, being a mature person, to have no ground under one’s feet. You are not interested in material goods, you do not want to have a stable job, family values ​​are alien to you. The main thing is freedom and independence.

Such views on life undermine the prospect of a lonely old age without means of livelihood.

Dreamed how cleverly you demonstrate risky stunts — in reality, to be a successful and accomplished person. Dream predicts a favorable period for risky transactions and large financial investments.

Fly on the uneven bars and enjoy it in a dream — personifies the rapid growth of career and material well-being.

What dreams about the circus on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

To present yourself in a dream as a circus artist is to be at the peak of sexual activity and maturity. Intimacy during this period brings the greatest pleasure to both the dreamer and his partner.

You feel your emancipation, openness, desire not only to receive, but also to deliver to your loved one a lot of pleasant moments.

Dreamed of training predators — this reflects your desire to suppress your other half. The more you dominate intimacy, the more satisfied.

But it is necessary to restrain your emotions and desires, as a partner may be afraid of your manifestation of violence and rudeness.

To ride a bicycle under the dome of the circus and not to experience this pleasure — to wake up you will get enough of the monotony of frivolous sexual relationships. Sex in this case satisfies your sporting interest. The desire to show their relevance and popularity among the opposite sex can prevent them from meeting with true love.

Stop this sexual marathon and try to refrain from one-time, non-binding, sexual contact.

During the intermission rush to the buffet and linger there — in reality, you are dominated by low-lying needs that you seek to satisfy in the first place. You do not know the tender feelings of love, and the lack of temperament will not lead to unbridled passion.

Classical poses and daily furnishings of the bedroom — this is what makes your life comfortable, stable and uniform.

Gustov Miller

Being under the dome of the circus and feeling thousands of frightened views on yourself — a dream suggests that there are a lot of caring people in your life. They seek to help and warn you against danger and senseless risk.

To see yourself as an acrobat in a dream is to sacrifice your carelessness and freedom for the sake of others. You will boldly take responsibility for someone, which will be binding on many things. Get ready for the difficulties and finding the right solutions to the pressing issues.

This period promises to end for you a sea of ​​applause and thanks from others.

I dreamed of a beautiful magician to a man — one should expect deceit and deception from a quirky person who has been trusted with her secrets for many years. Do not despair, the fact that you saw betrayal in time and removed this person will affect future success in all matters.

The dreamer to see herself as a tightrope walker is to be a bold and determined person. You have already held enough in this life and realized your talents and opportunities. But the desire to comprehend new heights is burning in you, you are not afraid of the dangers, obstacles and consequences of failure.

Your obsession, faith in victory delights and gives strength to those around you.

Yuri Longo

Circus arena symbolizes movement, activity, but at the same time, it can mean monotony, the cycle of events, the repetition of previous situations and errors. Buy tickets to the show — it means to show frivolity, levity, mediocrity, to miss the opportunity.

What dreams about the circus on the dream of Miller, Freud, Longo

Watching the circus as gymnasts hover in the air without insurance is a sign that you have been troubled for a long time by one problem for which you cannot find the right solution. Do not reject someone else’s opinion, listen to the advice of loved ones.

The answer to the difficult task will come completely unexpectedly, thanks to friends or relatives.

I dreamed of training on the stage of the circus without spectators — this means that in your life there has come a period of receiving new experience and accumulation of material resources. Good time for self-education, work on yourself, getting rid of bad habits and bad addictions. Great things are waiting for you ahead, but in order to comprehend them for the benefit of yourself, you need to carefully prepare.

Do not miss the opportunity to communicate with smart and interesting people, attend exhibitions, go to fashion shows and presentations. It is all possible to expand the horizons and push the scope of possible desires and perspectives.

It is impossible to perform an acrobatic exercise in a dream — not the most successful period for the implementation of new ideas. This is an allusion to the fact that you are not yet sufficiently prepared for something grand.

Show endurance, patience, diligence and perseverance, only so your goals will begin to be translated into reality.

Cleverly twist the hoops, throwing it from hand to hand — easily achieve everything you want. To see the positive emotions of the audience means to attract a lot of attention to your person. Not only your popularity, but also material well-being will soon increase.

This will contribute to those who love you and love.

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