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What dreams about the birth of a child according to the dream books of Longo, Vanga, Freud, Miller

Dreamed of having a baby — correct decoding of dream books

The birth of a baby is happiness for parents, which will radically change the life of the family, adding new cares, difficulties, and worries. But after such an event, laughter, joy and smiles will surely settle in the house.

What dreams of having a baby, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Having a baby is a frequent dream of pregnant women who are very worried about the upcoming event in their lives. Emotional instability and anxiety are deposited on the subconscious and reflected in the dream. Such a scenario foreshadows a completely successful resolution of the birth of the future mother.

The baby will grow strong and healthy.

What dreams about the birth of a child according to the dream books of Longo, Vanga, Freud, Miller

In other cases, the birth of a child in a dream symbolizes the inner rebirth of the individual. The events that will occur and involve the participation of the dreamer will radically change his attitudes, principles, attitudes.

After such a scenario, you can change your lifestyle, get carried away with something that you have never been attracted to before. You can visit the desire and inspiration for additional education, the development of a new profession.

To reveal the talent and show their creative abilities will turn out to those who had to participate with the appearance of the baby. You will reveal your potential and successfully realize all the ambitions accumulated over the years.

Positive and unique experience will be given to people who took birth in a dream without possessing any skills.

A business woman dreamed of having a son — in reality she is expected to receive large cash receipts, but on condition that she mobilizes all her strength, energy, and opportunities, she will become as active and effective as possible.

The birth of several babies marks the bright and impressive events in the life of the sleeper. The moment when you need to take the opportunity and implement all the plans.

Success will affect all spheres of life: work, family, friendships.

A man who is in search of his purpose, to see a woman in labor in a dream and to help a small crumble come into being — a sign of the birth of new ideas that will surely grow into promising projects that bring fabulous income. Material stability and well-being are expected in this case and the dreamer’s family.

What dreams about the birth of a child according to the dream books of Longo, Vanga, Freud, Miller

A married woman dreamed of giving birth — harmony in family life awaits her. You have done enough to ensure peace, tranquility, joy and happiness in your family.

What else means having a baby in a dream

  • a girl was born — there will be harmony and well-being in the family;
  • a boy was born — expect troubles that will certainly bring a lot of good and good things for the dreamer;
  • healthy baby — all life circumstances will be very positive;
  • a sickly child or with pathologies — a dream warns of the danger that threatens in the case of rash actions and actions of the sleeper;
  • premature — to unexpected profits from random lottery winnings, bonuses, salary increases.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A woman has dreamed how her childbirth was received — it means that a long-awaited pregnancy awaits her in the near future. A man dreaming about his pregnancy hints that there are children from his extramarital affairs, and they will soon come to him demanding the adoption of paternity.

Participate at the birth of a baby, help medical professionals — in reality, meet a person who will make you a perfect match. But your taste and the prevailing opinion of male beauty will not give the opportunity to immediately pay attention to this person.

Only after some time, thanks to the actions of the boyfriend, you will believe in a possible relationship.

What dreams about the birth of a child according to the dream books of Longo, Vanga, Freud, Miller

A man to observe how a woman gives birth, marks a profit, capital accumulation, the acquisition of large real estate. You will feel like a very wealthy and wealthy person, for whom it will not be difficult to drag your favorite beauty into bed. But sex will have a sporting interest for you.

At the moment you are not ready for a serious relationship and the conception of offspring.

The girl dreamed of giving birth to a boy — a good sign. This promises a quick marriage with a wealthy and powerful man.

Sex at the same time for you will not be of paramount importance, since your mercantile interests will be fully satisfied.

A difficult but prosperous childbirth was seen — a sign that we should expect difficulties along the way that you can successfully cope with. Events will be significant for you that you will definitely get rid of something by completely changing your existence.

You will be able to raise the standard of living to a higher one, attracting the attention of very influential persons who will want to support your undertakings.

Easy and quick birth of a child indicates that you will be able to shift a part of your duties and responsibilities onto other shoulders. Thus, you will have time to rest and self-education.

Dreamed own birth — a significant dream. This indicates internal rebirth. You will want to cultivate, discarding all obstacles and obstacles.

It will be possible to get rid of fear at the moment when you begin to succeed and you will see the result of transformation.

A nightmare that someone close to them dies during childbirth speaks of internal contradictions in the family. You will not be able to make peace with this person, on the contrary, the conflict will only intensify.

Taking birth from a neighbor in a dream — in reality, participating in events that, at first glance, will seem to you rather boring and mundane, but they will greatly affect your future.

Yuri Longo

To take a newly born baby in your arms means to shoulder a heavy burden of responsibility. The work for which you will undertake will be difficult, but worthy of your experience, knowledge and qualifications. Because, how much you show yourself, your future career and material well-being will depend.

The project may be new and very unusual for you, so the unique knowledge that you will receive in the process will make you known and in demand in your field of activity.

Gustov Miller

The birth of a baby in a dream marks the cash receipts of the dreamer. Seeing the birth of your own child suggests that circumstances will be folded for you in the best possible way.

For women, this scenario foreshadows a future pregnancy.

A young person to have a child in a dream is a sign that you need to take your own reputation more seriously and not give a reason for evil gossip and gossip.

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