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What dreams about shoes on the interpretation of dream books and common meanings

What dreams and what means shoes in a dream — interpretation by dream books

Shoes in a dream plays a crucial role, as in real life. A person is really appreciated at first glance by the way his clothes are sitting on him, and then by his shoes, by the look of which the final conclusion is made. We will understand what dreams shoes.

Let us find out what it means to see shoes in a dream by dream-book.

What dreams about shoes on the interpretation of dream books and common meanings

Basic Values

If you see a respected person, but his shoes leave much to be desired, full of holes, torn, dirty — this is a sign of your contempt. In reality, you do not respect this person at all, and maybe even wish him trouble.

Elegant, expensive, fair and beautiful footwear, combined with a suit, means success and respect, financial well-being, charm of a person. If you like in a dream, as a person is shod — they are also sympathetic to you.

If you would like the same shoes — you are ready to copy manners and even envy.

If the shoes are of good quality, but not combined with clothes — excellent cross-country or roller skates at the ball, felt boots in combination with a tail coat, English oxfords or fords on a rural tractor driver — the person is not who he pretends to be. You feel a trick, it is displayed in your mind as a shoe mismatch.

The same applies to hidden inconsistencies — squeaky shoes or unnecessarily loudly high heels — a signal that something is wrong with a person.

  • The true meaning of the dream is always read by what the character is shod with. Not on a hat and not on a suit. An aristocrat in beach spanking or barefoot with dirty feet is a disguised plebeian.
  • A modest office worker in chic strip slippers on a platform with a heel — the secret queen of sex and the local ruler of hearts. Such a girl may be the wife of a general or friend embedded in a collective for general control.
  • A beggar in expensive shoes is an acting rich man. In a dream, the most incredible combinations are possible, demonstrating your real look at a person’s personality. Be attentive, and you will be able to understand much from your own sleep.
  • Choose, buy a new shoe — to the possible change of the sexual partner. At least you are ready to consider this possibility. At the moment, your partner does not match your temperament at all.
  • A large shoe store filled with high-quality shoes, boots — you love to flirt and have a substantial choice. If shoes are cheap, literally “at one time”, this reflects your lack of standard and pragmatism in heart issues.
  • Sneakers, sneakers, shining novelty — you’re on the rise and plan an incredible career takeoff. Sports shoes can be considered as a means of speeding up the career ladder.
  • High heels or platform shoes signal high ambitions. You do not mind pretending to be higher than it actually is. There is nothing wrong with that.
  • Ripped shoes, leaking, dirty — you are not letting yourself careless, do not consider yourself a worthy person, and this is the reason for your failures. In order to reverse the sequence of bad luck, change your attitude to shoes in real life. You will be surprised, but with the help of a change of shoes you can seriously improve self-esteem.
  • Shoes that are tight — awkwardness, constraint, testing. It is possible that you donned narrow shoes because you dislike the people around you, shy, but must complete some work.
  • Someone is trying to borrow your shoes, wear, take without asking — envy, ill will, trying to try on your destiny. In a number of languages, the saying “try on other people’s shoes” means the same thing as “being in someone else’s skin”.

What dreams about shoes on the interpretation of dream books and common meanings

Interpretation of authoritative sources

  • Freud’s dream interpretation directly ties shoes in a dream with sexuality. Gentle leather or suede boots and shoes show voluptuousness. Bright, defiant color — aggression in sex, claim to the leading role. But do not be deceived by those who believe that in the arms of a person in bright shoes you can dutifully relax and indulge in lazy inaction, while the owner or possessor of shoes with lively interest and enthusiasm will be engaged in sexual research. In the absence of activity, bright shoes immediately reduce the pressure and lose interest. In fact, each person is primarily interested only in himself, and if you do not make up a decent pair of activities, do not expect to keep curiosity.
  • Rough shoes means a bad temper. You dislike a man in coarse shoes. On the other hand, no one forces you to communicate. Probably something holding you up, your own benefit.
  • Dream Miller assures that trying on a new thing in a dream is sure to luck in all your endeavors. If you dream that you are staring at some model, but refuse to purchase because of the high price — there are problems with self-esteem and the fallacy that any issue can be solved with the help of money.
  • Dream Vanga believes that a new shoe in a dream almost always means treason. Remove shoes in a dream — to change places.

What dreams about shoes on the interpretation of dream books and common meanings


To dream of shoes means to get a chance to look into the true intentions of people. In the shoes in a dream or in reality, you can read no less than in the face of a person.

Are there characteristic wrinkles that testify to haste and negligence, a layer of dust, dirt with a head give out a slob, worn-out heels — helicopter and vagabond.

Broken heel — failure due to its own awkwardness. Tag on the repair on the stand — deceit and greed. In this case, other people’s shoes will sit as bad as someone else’s costume.

Now that you know what shoes mean in a dream, it will be easier for you to understand your own dreams.

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