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What dreams about shoes on the dream books of Miller, Kananita, Prozorov

Treatment of shoes in dreams — explanations, meanings, predictions

Shoes can symbolize both the road, the journey and a simple walk, as well as the life course of a person, his fate. Therefore, her appearance in dreams can be interpreted in different ways, foreshadowing various events for a sleeping person or personifying a life situation at a given moment in time.

Dream Interpretation will help to find out what dream of shoes, explaining the dream in all its details.

General interpretation

A dream in which high heel shoes appear foreshadows a situation in which the dreamer will need to gather his will into a fist and gain courage. However, there is a more detailed interpretation of this dream, which depends on the type of heel:

  • If the heel of the dreamed shoes was large, heavy, the dreamer has tremendous strength of will and the ability to quickly respond to situations that arise, effectively and efficiently resolve them.
  • Shoes in a dream heels speak about the imperfect character of a sleeping person — there are not very pleasant personal qualities in him. However, these shortcomings are compensated by the excellent ability to avoid conflict situations and adapt to the temperament of any person, which is very much appreciated in our society.
  • If the heel was high, round and voluminous, one of the main qualities of the dreamer is stress resistance. He also knows how to avoid quarrels between people around him, to find compromises in any situations.
  • Shoes with broken heels symbolize longing for old friends, and if only one heel was broken, a sleeping person wants to restore broken relationships.

What dreams about shoes on the dream books of Miller, Kananita, Prozorov

Night vision, in which the sleeping man had a chance to see the shoes, just purchased in the store, foreshadows a significant event that will occur in the foreseeable future.

Dreamed of white shoes

A dream, in which white shoes appear, worn on the dreamer’s or dreamer’s feet, heralds an acquaintance with an interesting personality in real life. If the same shoes were on the girlfriend’s legs, one should expect lies from close people.

White high-heeled shoes foreshadow important business negotiations. The same shoes on the platform — a harbinger of great love, in which a sleeping person will plunge with his head.

If you dreamed of new shoes of white color, soiled in the dirt, — soon you will make a costly purchase or get an expensive gift. A dream in which you had to try on shoes of a small size promises professional growth and great achievements in the field of work.

Night vision, in which white shoes are too big for the dreamer, on the contrary, foreshadows problematic situations in the workplace.

Shoes, seen under the bed, foreshadows a successful marriage and material well-being in the future family. Night vision, in which a sleeping person had a chance to sell shoes, promises a search for a new job or a change of position at the current workplace.

White wedding shoes with high heels personify mutual, strong and strong feelings. If they were lacquered — many will be jealous of the marital happiness of the dreamer.

What dreams about shoes on the dream books of Miller, Kananita, Prozorov

Dreamed of red shoes

Shoes of red color, seen in a dream, most often symbolize the inner state of a sleeping person. The high heel in this case indicates that the dreamer is exhausting the feeling of guilt.

The low heel, on the contrary, represents the desire to stop mentally returning to past mistakes.

If such shoes were decorated with a gold buckle — in real life a sleeping person is in love. Shoes with lacing speak of an indulgent attitude towards those people whose words or actions offend and hurt the dreamer.

New shoes of red color with a zipper indicate that the dreamer is worried about his position in society. If a woman in her dream gets a red high-heeled sandals as a gift, she will soon have to think about her future.

A dream in which I had to try on shoes belonging to a friend, says that you have to look for a way out of a difficult situation. A dream in which you stumble while wearing red shoes foreshadows a meeting with a dear and close person.

If you see red shoes on your rival in night vision, you doubt the loyalty of your spouse. And if the dream shoes were on the windowsill — you are completely confident in it.

What dreams about shoes on the dream books of Miller, Kananita, Prozorov

Interpretation of the dreamer’s actions

A dream in which you had to find shoes, foreshadows a smile of fortune and a favorable set of circumstances, thanks to which you will be able to realize some idea. If the found shoes were new and beautiful, good luck will accompany all spheres of life, but if it was equal and old, someone will find out about the skeletons in the dreamer’s closet and will want to tell others about them.

If in a dream you give shoes to your friend — in real life you are supportive of this person, and over time he meets your expectations time after time. If you give shoes to strangers — in reality you are impulsive, which can lead to trouble.

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, shoes, if they were stained and torn, symbolize the risk of the appearance of detractors because of your tendency to criticize. Black shoes are a good sign, foreshadowing a bright streak in life and satisfaction from achievement. New shoes dream to change for the better.

Shoes with untied laces portend diseases, losses, conflicts.

The loss of shoes in a dream warns that some kind of waking relationship can break. The dream in which shoes were stolen from the dreamer, but he remained in his socks, says that he will also gain something in the upcoming loss.

If a girl in her dream admires shoes on her feet — in real life she should be careful in dealing with the opposite sex.

Dream Cananita

Shoes that belong to you symbolize sensible matrimony. To embroider them — for the pleasure, to buy — for unequal relations, to receive as a gift — to refuse in reality to someone.

If you walked in shoes — internally you are calm and peaceful. Torn shoes foreshadow disagreement between the spouses.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

Home shoes and sandals portend a comfortable journey. Trying on shoes — the journey will take place in the company of a pleasant gentleman.

Also, your loved ones sincerely rejoice for you after making this trip.

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