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What dreams about moth, insects pests according to dream books

Why the mole dreamed: features of decoding by dream books

Let us find out what the mole dreams about — small butterflies, who prefer to live in cabinets and feed on those pitiful organics that have been preserved in woolen, fur and leather things. Moth larvae eats impressive holes in carpets, spoil tapestries.

Moth — a terrible pest, despite the harmless appearance.

Recently, even such a mole has appeared that eats polyethylene and products packed in polyethylene. A moth is the only butterfly that people usually do not rejoice with, they seek to destroy it by all means.

From clapping after flying away a butterfly, to delicious and nutritious toxic chemicals, which are allergic to the whole family.

In addition to the moth, which gnaws through the holes in the packages with chemicals, and with appetite, it tastes new tastes. The only thing that can kill the mole is cleanliness, airing, no dust, fragrant herbs. A moth in a dream is a sign of desolation, decay, poverty and mismanagement.

To see a mole in a dream means that you are greatly worried about the current situation, but at the moment your efforts to overcome it are not enough.

What dreams about moth, insects pests according to dream books

Basic meaning of a dream

  • The main meaning of what dreams of a mole is to ruin.
  • Catching the mole — to boredom, routine, meaningless monotonous actions. At the same time, while you are engaged in meaningless butterflies fishing, gluttonous larvae destroy your closets.
  • To kill a mole means to swear, grumble and make trouble over trifles and without a real reason. The point is not to kill a mole badly, the point is that in a dream you see a mole that eats away relationships and any values, without much distinction between material and moral.
  • A mole in a house is a sign of treason, lies, hidden hatred, calculation, betrayal.
  • You see a man around whom moths are circling. Be careful. He came to destroy your family, to destroy your life. Do not give pity — he will ask for shelter, do not believe a single word. Throw him away.
  • You go to the workplace and see a lot of moths — change jobs. This work will not bring you any money or success, but simply eat your life.
  • Many moths, whole clouds of butterflies mean unbearable atmosphere, to be in which is unpleasant and extremely unprofitable.
  • The insects flying around are dirty rumors, gossip that the closest people can spread about you.
  • Catching the mole — you are afraid of offending loved ones who harm you.
  • Insolent butterflies that sit on carpets or on clothing and are not going to fly away — parasites and parasites. They are quite comfortable to exist on full support. Remove from will not be easy.

What dreams about moth, insects pests according to dream books

What dreams about moth on dream-books

  • Dream Miller points out that the mole in a dream as a whole — to unpleasant problems. Flying mole — you have to spend much more time preparing the necessary documents than you expected. It is possible that by the time the paperwork is completed, it will no longer be relevant.
  • You have discovered a moth’s nest — to the disappointment of close people, serious quarrels. In fact, if you see someone’s clothes spent by a moth, you have found a source of trouble.
  • To poison the mole in a dream — you are trying to cope with problems. You will probably be relieved for a short time. But problems will return in the same amount. Need to get rid of the root of the problems.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation promises that if a mole in your closet in a dream has eaten the clothes of a loved one, you will have to part. And most likely, it will be his initiative, although he and you are comfortable enough. According to Freud’s dream book, buying insect repellent in a dream can even mean an unwanted pregnancy.
  • According to the dream book, the Wanderer, the mole is a sign of the vanity of the world, of fragility, of corruption. From a practical point of view, this means that things and skills that you do not use, your imaginary wealth, turn into nothing. Throw out extra rubbish and refresh skills. Otherwise everything will turn into the sweetest fluttering butterflies with dusty wings.
  • A female dream book assumes that a mole in a dream is a ghost of flaws, unresolved problems, self-doubt, complexes, and other minor unpleasant moments that haunt you. To finish all this is quite difficult, but necessary. At this point in your life reigns stagnation, boredom, you just waste it.

What dreams about moth, insects pests according to dream books


To dream of a mole is an unpleasant sign, parasites devour your life, which is extremely difficult to get rid of. In this case, the parasites that destroy your life successfully disguised as harmless butterflies. Look for pests and expel from your life.

You will have to show ruthlessness. Get ready, that in the eyes of society you will not look too wonderful.

The closest people will understand and support you.

Do not be lazy to understand the dream literally and scrape the old stuff out of the closets. Pay attention to people who will prevent you from throwing things that will never be useful to anyone in life. Specify why you need an old scarf and a set of plates for which skates are of the wrong size, who will ride wooden skis without fastenings.

If people are absolutely not ready to think and want to save the trash “and suddenly come in handy” — beware of them and try to leave or transform this place.

Even a bad warning is a good sign. You can react in time for the sign and eliminate trouble. Identify and eliminate pests.

Insect really can not do anything except eating things and supplies. A person who is comfortable and parasitic, with skillful pressure can change the direction of activity.

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