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What dreams about guests on the traditional dream-book

In the dream came the guests: how to interpret for various popular dream books

To understand why guests dream, it is worth figuring out what guests in real life mean to you. The appearance of guests in a dream has many meanings.

Most often, after you had a chance to see guests in a dream, they will come and really. Not necessarily guests in a dream match in composition and quantity with real ones.

What dreams about guests on the traditional dream-book

Values ​​of sleep with the arrival of guests

  • Maybe a noisy crowd will destroy everything in its path, destroy supplies, break expensive items for you and rush off into the distance, scolding you for poor hospitality. Perhaps, a dear person will come to you, whose visit is extremely important and pleasant. Maybe you will see native people. But most often the visit of the guests is a kind of motley and inexorable power of completely different people, gathered together, wanting attention. People who are very difficult to please and someone in any case will be unhappy. And yet, the guests — it is expensive.
  • Sleeping with relatives and guests always has a benevolent meaning, regardless of whether you love this relative or hate it. even a dream about the arrival of mother-in-law or mother-in-law is a good sign. Deep down, older relatives want to be proud of you. Get organized in the shower and in the house and get ready to show the goods face. All the best. The freshest ideas, the most delicious cakes, no secrets in plain sight or in direct access. Make your facade a front door and let you admire. Find something to brag about. No dull states. You must be cheerful, sweet, friendly and charming.
  • Strangers in a dream — to the big expenses, trouble. Such guests mean a large number of ill-wishers. If you dream that other people’s children run around the house and smash everything up — even your career may collapse for reasons beyond your control. Most likely, somewhere you have committed a serious injustice. Do not cry on fate, take it in your hands. Bake a basket of delicious crusty cakes and hand out in the playground, school or kindergarten, if appropriate. Call a friend or girlfriend with the children. Try to treat something delicious to the maximum number of people, and you will manage to rectify the situation.
  • If you dream that you set the table and wait for the guests — you are waiting for new prospects, good money offers. Possible promotion.
  • Despite all the problems, people love to receive guests. The motley crowd brings with it a fresh breeze, news that can be discussed between its own. There are interesting ideas that you can learn or share your own. In general, guests, this is not only a devastating invasion, but also a path to renewal. If you dream of guests in the house — this is fortunately.

What dreams about guests on the traditional dream-book

What does it mean if you go to visit

  • To see that you are visiting, especially at a family celebration or at a wedding is a tremendously good sign, promising well-being, prosperity, peace in the soul, perhaps after a violent quarrel.
  • To be at a foreign wedding in a dream — to a quick family life. The more honorable your position at the wedding is, the sooner the marriage will come, which promises to be successful and quite prosperous. Mad passions will not, but understanding, love and respect — it is a worthy substitute for seething feelings.
  • An exception would be if during your visit you were injured, poisoned or felt bad at a party.
  • To get injured limbs, especially to twist the leg — someone hates you greatly. Cut your finger — sharp tongues are actively working behind your back. Going away at a party in a dream — someone hates you a lot.
  • Oddly enough, if you dream that you have been killed at a party, and someone familiar has done so, this is a good sign. Some forgotten insult will break through and you will be able to restore peace. You offended someone significant to you. You will have to put a lot of effort and tact to pay off the offense. But this is a feasible task.
  • If you are visiting in a dream, and on the table only water and bread or tea — to emotional cooling. Or on the contrary, to focus on your feelings and thoughts. You need time to understand yourself.

Dream interpretation

The classic dream book says that to see guests in a dream is to a new turn of life. A certain stage has ended, a new one has begun. You need to be receptive to fresh ideas if you want to succeed and keep moving forward.

Old ideas are no longer relevant. This is a great time to learn new things.

The female and English dream-book are in agreement that seeing guests in a dream leads to ruin. Not entirely to hopeless poverty, but to considerable expenses. What can you do, you often have to pay for new impressions.

Just in case, study a couple of books on how to save money. Many extra expenses are due to poor financial management.

What dreams about guests on the traditional dream-book

Dream Vanga warns that to see unwanted and unwanted guests in a dream — it means to receive important news from the ill-wisher. Take this news seriously and think about the consequences.

This will help you avoid trouble.


If you do not like guests in a dream, you can follow the tactics of a dream come true and invite a couple of friends for an evening with pizza and beer. You can play a board game or even cards.

From the offer to play whist in the evening or learn the rules of the game under the pizza with beer, few people refuse. Thus, you can nullify the value of a dream by its actual performance.

Guests dreamed about guests.

Do not try to knock with a spoon on the edge of the table, after dropping it on the floor, to prevent guests from visiting. Those who do this are begging poverty and quarrels into the house. Ping matters.

By chasing away the guests and the fun, you invite not at all friendly elements. Although the guests really, most likely will not come.

And it will be completely bad.

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